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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE THIRTY-FOUR                            August 24th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

          -             Upcoming Calendar of Events                  -

                               NEWS & REPORTS
          -                 The Immortal Report                      -
          -             About Being an Evil Character                -
          -                RP Plots -- Editorial                     -
          -       Catch Someone Being Good, and Tell the World       -

          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                  Silent Night...                         - 
          -       Forsaken Soul: The Elven Menace, Part 2            -
          -             The Tale of Lujan, Part 3                    - 
          -           Who?  - CLeo interviews Nestor                 -
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                  <--*--< <--*--< August >--*--> >--*-->

Thursday, August 26,     7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium

            -<*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*September*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*>-
Thursday, September  2,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, September  9,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report


Sandra talked to players, gave out some warnings. Some help files for new
code and typos. She also did the general online stuff - desc, restrings,
strings, pkenabling.

Chocorua had a slow week, but did some online stuff, including turning down a
few string requests. Wraith went through boards, updated help files and gave
a lot of warnings for some harassment and language issues that cropped up.


Rufus did mostly department head related stuff and worked on reviewing

Charity did typo/bug stuff in the Abbey, fixed two trans quests so the mob
won't disappear after the first member of a group has gone thru, and did some
testing on Crusades. Cheyla did more work on quests, fixed some problems Kae
found, did the usual strings/restrings, and kept up with boards and email.
Chimera did a bunch of the framework for Cheyenne this week, including a
bunch of rooms and a few objects and mobs. He did some serious beta testing
on Malta, and is going to start on Alaska soon. He also helped LA track down
a few little problems in Crusades and also with the RAGE flag bug.  Joule
worked with the desert for her area and did some planning for housing

Kae did strings and restrings, and fixed more bugs in Malta, courtesy of
Charity, Rufus, Stile, Chimera, Cheyla, Oandlig and others. She took
another walk around Crusades and Alaska, and sent in commends to their
respective builders. LadyAce worked more on Klein mobs, and got some comments
from Kae, Charity, and Rufus on crusades. This led her to new acts, new
descs, and optimizations of old acts -- thanks, guys!  Rusalka answered
various questions and requests and did some work on her expansion.  Sandra
tested mobs in Greece and sent comments to Croaker. She also added in a new
housing option in Pittsburgh, helped LadyAce test some mob difficulty in
Crusades, she added on to acts in France and Silk Road, and fixed bugs in
Salem and Boston. Wraith worked on some acts for an industrial expansion, and
made a lot of progress with them.


Ea! fixed lots of bugs, with vials, fishing, clans, and rage. Discussed
various balance changes. Added in currency for shopkeepers and added the new
information to each area file..

Chocorua continued to work on changing the areas command. Rufus started some
optimization work, rewriting how ifs are handled in acts.


LadyAce did a variety of strings, restrings & descriptions, talked with
players, and ran a Q & A. She put together the LT, and worked on some new
items for the prize machine. She also ran a 2 on 2 pk tourney with the help
of Ea! & support from Charity, Stile, and Sandra.

Chimera did about three weeks worth of buglotto stuff, registered a few descs
and did a few strings too. Joule did some strings and restrings, and worked
some on a new game. Spencer did some strings, some restrings and archiving.
Stile has been doing a ton of strings and restrings as usual, along with
running a flag hunt and answering some questions from new players and helped
with the pk tourney. He's also updating the newbie guide for the Legend
website and developing a new game.

                       -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                      About Being an Evil Character 
                               by Nestor

Well, what is being Evil on this mud? As a Grendel, I try to be a cool jerk,
meaning that I'm both an evil dude and a good friend according to my

The world is ruled by laws. Our laws are dictated by the immortals of
Legend:  no multiplay, no harassment of players, no use of multikills to win
illegal xp, etc ... (you know them all I'm sure). Others so-called 'laws' are
dictated by players to other players : no wolfpack, no multikills, only duels
( yes, you hate being jumped while talking to your best friend resting at the
Royal Stag). These rules are more a code of conduct and respecting them is
showing the community that you behave as a good char. Here's my point of
being evil: never to respect the laws dictated by other players, being an
legal outlaw.  I was told many times that this behavior kills the fun of
other people and reduces the size of the pkill community. I still think they
are wrong. Indeed some people tried to make this 'players code of conduct'
like it was 'immort's rules'. As long as it's not illegal to jump or wolfpack
someone, I don't feel like "cheating" doing it, like I've been told many

And no, the reducing size of the pkill community is not the fault of a small
community of players. I have to point out that this small community of
characters (aka Craven, Infidel, Ruby, Semper, Dusk, Darkheart, Gaidal,
Nosferatu, Zeppelin and others Raskolnikov) is composed by the players that
animated the pk scene the last 4 years.  There's no ego manifestation saying
that, it's a fact. Don't come telling me now that this small community (I
insist on "small") is responsible of pkill being boring nowadays. And, while
I'm getting pissed, let me tell you the profile on the two types of
character/players that are ruining pkill:

Player A leveled a character to 15 before realizing after 2 weeks of gaming
that his character 1 sucks. He then creates character 2 and enables him. He
dies at his first fight, yells to an imm that he was attacked while sleeping
in the stag and gets pissed because he won't be reimbursed of the xp loss
(which is worth 6 mobs btw). As the imms realized a long time ago that they'd
better not deal with pk problems, this kind of player then deletes his
character, and build another one swearing he'll never be pk again.

Player B has spent a lot of time on Legend, has like 2/3 level 50 unclanned
alts and now decides to build his first pkiller. He is sure he's mastered the
game mechanics quite well (he can solo the Laibon!) and he's proud of this
neat combo of stats he's going to build his pkiller with. Player B is sure to
be the new Hack'n'Slash pkiller, he never did any fight.  Of course, imagine
his surprise when his first prey, equipped more wisely (yes, no herne's horns
and brine rings at level 17!), killed him in a 5 rounds wfw.  Player B is now
obsessed by leveling. He runs for level 50 the quickest he can (yes, like
his previous chars, he can hit L50 on 80hours!). Alas, another pkiller jumped
him and he's now in a xp hole!!  (6 mobs again). At least he hits level 50
after many frustrations (was not funny at all, renting every time Grendel A
or Minister B was on) and keeps dying to level 50 pkillers. He then decides
that his chars sucks but he's bored about making another one : damn pkill

So, Pleaaaaaaaaase! Imagine that your next pkill char will be the more
exciting Legend experience you never had! Being jumped is fun and very
exciting (you ever had your hands shivering when fighting Big Jim??), being
wolfpacked makes you gather a bunch of friends and plan some thrilling tactics
to give the bad dudes their payback, you have been looted? Dammit, declare a
war! Gather friends and invade the thief's hall.

A pk death never puts you in a xp hole, you will never be multied if you
don't deserve it, even the nastiest Grendels don't jump you twice in a
lifetime unless you came after them for a payback, most of the people that
you ask to be left alone will leave you alone! SO, COME ON, clan a character,
shiver, run, wake up your whole family with a 'YEEEEHHAA' when you killed
your opponent with 20hps left at 4am, Be pissed about other characters (not
players!), make up friends, enemies, gather buddies to build up a new pk
clan...try it with wisdom and patient and you'll see it so much fun.

And, to put it in a nutshell, be sure you'll die like 10 times before winning
your first pkill fight, accept it, learn from your deaths, a pk char is long
to level and it's hard to hit 50 quickly, so don't do it! Take your time,
observe, and you'll soon realize that you spend 80% of your time on this
character, because he can do exactly what unclanned chars can do, and there's
no benefit for your fun to play an unclanned char just because you don't want
to play a clanned one.

Yours Friendly,
Nestor Gentle

                       -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

                           RP Plots -- Editorial 
                                 by Ronnie

Alright, I'm dusting off my soapbox to discuss a issue thats been bugging me
for awhile now. Mainly, large scale RP plots. It seems to me that people
would rather complain about how plots only happen with groups of 3 or 4
people and never anyone else. Yet when I try to put together a plot that
everyone can join in on and play a part in, the majority of people shrug it

I can understand the complaint of "Why should I believe it when you didn't
explain it?" But it fails to hold much weight when the set up for a plot is
at least a week running. It makes me wonder why I even bother trying to think
up something big and mysterious to try and get interest, only to find the same
group of people actually joining in and the rest of the 'RPers' sitting back
and yawning. So far as i've seen, there have been two people who have even
/tried/ to build a RP plot off of the main one thats been running, the Dark
Invasion plot. I had the end scheduled this week, but I don't much feel like
going through with it due to lack of interest. Next week it will go through
out of a obligatory need to wrap things up, but I digress.

Why do people whine for RP, complain for RP, and beg for more RP, but when
something comes along, they ignore it and pretend it isn't happening. So I ask
you, please, mudmail me with what YOU think could be improved, or why you
don't wish to participate. I'm trying to make things better for you, people, but
I need reader response and all.

Ronnie the character and his player

                       -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-  -|-

             Catch Someone Being Good, and Tell the World

This week...

Dear Legendary Times,

This week I caught Praetor and Demitri being GREAT! I was killed violently in
a Death Trap and over auction requested money, to buy new eq. I said I didn't
want to be too much of a burden, and that they only need lend me 10K or
less.  I was amazed when Demitri and Praetor both came to me and gave me 130K
together. This is an amazing act of generosity and I wish to say thanks to

(((((((((((THANKS DEMITRI AND PRAETOR)))))))))))))

From DarkAngel

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  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


Nietzsche has reached 100 million experience!


Having chosen to follow the path of the light, after seeing through the lies
and false promises of the Dark Lord, Flea has left behind his career as a
highwayman and gunman with the Anti-Paladins and has become a Knight of
Legend. He will now appear with a befitting description:

Long Description:
A veteran knight in a weathered travelling cloak pauses from his journeys.
Short Description:
A veteran knight


This week, the Pirates of the Caribbean clan was formed, as was FLIRT: The
First Emergency Lust Team. More information about these clans can be viewed
by typing clans carib or clans flirt.

This week also saw the sad departure of a long-standing tradition -- the
Mercenaries pk clan was disbanded. An RP clan with the same name was formed
subsequently. SoMart Inc., once of Legend's original official RP clans, was
also disbanded this week.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                          Silent night...

I, commonly called Marcel Alexander, waited quietly in the cold darkness for
the mistress of the Hermetic Order, savoring the stillness. When Ishtar
arrived, she brought her aide Larnoc with her; they don't trust me anymore
than I trust anyone. 'I must thank you for this offer to help me manufacture
starsilver,' Ishtar opened up neutrally. I assured her it would be my
pleasure to do so, and she smiled. 'Call me paranoid, but for some reason I
don't really trust this one,' Larnoc said to her. And Ishtar added, 'Although
Larnoc has suggested that perhaps there is some sinister side to this

I allowed myself a small smile. 'Larnoc isn't as stupid as you'd think
for a scholar who keeps no books,' I said. Larnoc snorted; he always does
when I bring that up. 'Larnoc reads in our library,' Ishtar defended him.

'I'll gladly reveal the process, whether you chose to use it is your own
choice,' I answered the question, letting the subject of empty libraries
drop. 'For a fallen angel you're decidedly un-angelic,' Larnoc said quietly
to me.

'Is the process itself immortal?' Ishtar asked. 'Not to me,' I replied,
drawing a few dry smiles.  'I cannot guarantee that this is indeed the
substance that the lady Gallowglass spoke about, however.'

'But what, to you, is immoral?' Ishtar mused. 'Killing children?' I

'She spoke of a substance which has great channeling properties, enhancing
the power of magic.' Ishtar returned to the subject at hand. 'It is
manufactured by a process which involves the use of souls.'

I nodded. 'That description at least fits.' 'You seem to regard the
manipulation of souls as a little more blase than we,' Larnoc inserted. I
replied, 'Souls, to me, are just another tool, scholar.' He flinched.

I drew in my breath for the lecture. I glanced at Ishtar. 'When I've done so,
I'll consider my debt regarding the emerald tablets closed, whether you
decide to utilize this tool or not.'

Putting on my best professor-to-audience voice I proceeded to explain the
nature of starsilver. 'Some philosophers would argue that the brightest
shining light in all of creation is the pure, untarnished human soul. This
substance, whether you consider it tool or consciousness, remains the
brightest substance next to which even the stars themselves pale. Most souls
obviously do not remain untarnished, as their owners go on with their lives,
sinning in one way or another. Everything a human being does leaves a mark on
the soul, causing it to shine brighter, or causing its light to dim. Thus,
when you look to create yourself such a tool, you'll have to seek a soul that
suits your purpose. Any or other wretched ghost will not suffice. For
example, my chief portfolio is that of misery. Ergo, I make my tools from
this substance, from souls that have lead miserable, haunted lives.' I
absentmindedly stroked the almost tangible radiance of human misery that
tends to surround me when I'm not cautiously keeping it in check. My one dead
give-away, actually.

'He's really not very nice, is he,' Larnoc said to Ishtar, shuddering as he
glanced at me. Again, I ignored him. 'The point at which I expect the two of
you to back out is obviously that in the creation process, the soul itself is
destroyed,' I finished. Quite expectedly, Ishtar paled. 'I hate to say I told
you so,' Larnoc muttered.

I paused, then explained further: 'Therefore, if the lady Gallowglass has
rendered herself immune to all but starsilver, she's actually woven a spell
that will protect her from most moral people.'

'But nothing in the cosmos can be destroyed,' Ishtar argued. 'False,' said I.
'Nothing in the cosmos can be removed, but it can certainly be changed, and
in doing so, it will lose the properties of eternal existence and sentience.'

'Changed, yes,' Ishtar agreed. 'Transformed. But not destroyed.' 'Which in
this respect is th same but for the technicality, in that the soul itself
will cease to exist,  barring its owner sentience, not to mention access to
Heaven or Hell,' I noted. 'Or access to reincarnation, if that is your
belief, it does not matter. God did not make the human soul the most valuable
substance in the multiverse for no reason.' Ishtar looked as if she wanted to
comment, but kept her silence.

'Now, to create this substance, starsilver, I have to assume that she calls
it so because it shines brighter than the stars. To do so, it would have to
be an untarnished soul. I recommend an infant or a truly saintly person for
the task at hand,' I finished my lecture of the day.

'Some things are best left unlearned, mayhap?' Larnoc asked his mentor who
nodded. I must admit I rather enjoyed his being so uncomfortable in my
presence. 'I'm beginning to think so...,' Ishtar said. 'But let's hear it
out, anyway.' I said to Larnoc, 'She asked, I merely provide the information
she requires. Whether she decides to use it or not is not my choice.' Turning
to Ishtar again, I said, 'I assume you do know how to capture a soul from its
proper owner?'

'Indeed, I do not,' Ishtar said. 'I would be willing to assist you in doing
so,' I offered. 'If for nothing else, then to see the lady Ishtar lower
herself thus.' She flinched. I loved it. 'The refining process is simple
enough: The soul is but a substance like any other, and can be chemically
treated like one.'

'I would hear how to do it, but I would not do it if it is immoral,' Ishtar
noted. 'If you can refine quicksilver, you can refine souls. The trick of
capturing the soul is a bit more complicated and less easy to explain. I'm
inclined to say that if you are not of otherworldly descent it'll be
difficult. Therefore, I offer my aid in doing so, if you find the need to
indeed do so.'

'I think that to do so would be immoral,' Ishtar replied. 'However, I make
that offer at a price,' I said. 'I will not harm an infant, so you'll have to
find some truly saintly person. That is your choice.'

'Although some saintly people are rather intolerant...', Ishtar said

'Intolerance is a sin, no go,' I smirked. 'Not many souls qualify in this
respect. The real challenge will be finding the proper vessel. Imbuing the
refined soul, the so labeled 'starsilver' with a magical effect is a far
more complicated story, but I gather you do not need to do so.'

Ishtar looked as if a cold wind was running up and down her spine but said,
'Do we not?'

'Did the lady not claim it was the substance itself that could harm her?' I
asked rhetorically. 'Have I answered your questions - whether you liked the
answers or not? If not, ask, and I will try to elaborate.' I hesitated, then
decided to play nice. 'Oh, and I figure that I should add that the
destruction of a soul obviously is an insult to God, the Goddess, and just
about any other deity in creation.'

'What exactly do you mean by a saintly soul?' Larnoc inquired.  'The more
pure the soul, the more pure the substance,' I replied. 'One that is free of
evil or selfish traits.'

'Well, that rules out of most humanity,' he grumbled. I told him, 'There is a
reason this substance Gallowglass protects herself from is quite high in
demand, and quite priceless, eh?' How I love to see that boy's face twist in
anger, abhorration and the desire to *know*. 'I must say she has been rather
wise if she has indeed made it so that only this can harm her,' I added. 'Or
else, we're wrong in assuming that this is what she means by 'starsilver'.'

'What if it's made from a more... evil soul?' Larnoc asked.  'Then it becomes
an efficient tool as well, merely for another purpose,' I replied.  'You
could make a quite efficient murder weapon that way.'

'But it will still be the same substance?' he asked. 'It will still be a
refined soul,' I said. 'But it will not be pure enough to deserve the label
'starsilver'. Maybe it'll work on her. I recommend you try, just in case. I
have never made this - this starsilver, myself, I prefer to remain within my
own field of expertise. Misery and thievery is my trade, not purity.'

'That much is obvious,' Larnoc pointed out. I smiled at him. 'I suspect I
should add that depending on what soul you do use, you'll find the proper
maintainer of that field of humanity to get quite annoyed.'

'Would a more malevolent soul still make the same substance, though, and
still hurt her?' Larnoc inquired. 'And what do you mean, maintainer?'

'A more malevolent soul would make a more malevolent tool,' I said.  'Whether
that would harm her there is only one way to find out. By maintainer I mean
the angel in charge of that aspect of humanity. For example, misery would be

Ishtar glanced at me. 'You have a soul, I take it?' I smiled, shaking my
head. 'The angels have no souls. That is indeed the cause of our revolt
against God.' I grinned. 'You don't really think I would tell you this if I
had a soul, do you?'

Ishtar smirked. 'Well, my thoughts were moving along the lines of what could
be made from your soul, if you had one.' I quite expected that, so I merely

'I have to leave you now,' Larnoc said. 'My hands are freezing.' Ishtar said,
'Mine too.' They really were turning quite blue; the icy winds of the nether
hells aren't as pleasant to everyone as they are to me.

She thanked me for the information I had provided, though she obviously had
reservations about whether she'd find it immoral to use this tool. I smiled
as I watched them depart. It's not every day you get the chance to poke at
the very core of morality in such well-meaning, moral people.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

             Forsaken Soul: The Elven Menace, part 2

Gallowglass woke with a gasping breath.  The last thing she remembered was
plane shifting to a new realm in hopes of finding her husband. There were
holes in her memory and newly healed scar adorned her forehead. Bandages
wrapped her abdomen, still blood-soaked.

The place was dark and smelled slightly of decaying flesh.  She shifted
slightly; pain permeated throughout her body.  A small candle glowed near

Gallowglass twitched her Elven ears, listening for the sounds.  Water 
trickled somewhere.

The door creaked quietly as it was opened from the other side.  A dark clad
figure strode in, bearing a small lantern.

Gallowglass forced herself to sit upright.  Immense pain washed over her.  
"Lie still," the figure commanded.  The voice was that of a woman.  The 
figure removed its cowl and knelt next to Gallowglass.  "You are lucky 
enough to be alive, my Queen."

"Who art thee?  Where is this place?" Gallowglass asked, her voice raspy and 
her throat raw.

"You don't remember, do you?"  The figure, now revealing itself to be a 
woman, chuckled.  "That blow to the head did enough damage, let alone being 
run through by a starsilver sword."  The woman sat on her heels and began 
checking the wound on Gallowglass' stomach.  "Still not healed, even after 
two weeks," she mumbled.

"What hast happened?" Gallowglass demanded.  She shifted again, feeling a 
small amount of blood trickled from the wound in her stomach.

"To be frank, you were nearly killed, my Queen."  The medic sighed and 
peered  at Gallowglass.  "What do you remember?"

"Only that of which when I plane shifted to this realm."

"That was. . . about a year ago this month.  You have no recollection of 
what's happened?"

"No.  If I knew, would I ask?  Gallowglass peered again.  "Somehow. . . you 
look vaguely familiar.  Were we friends or enemies?"

The medic sighed.  "Friends, my Lady.  We adventured together.  I believe 
that I should tell you what commenced two weeks ago:

"You were reading reports while demanding from Lord Tyson, Duke of the Bayen 
Province, why his people had not paid their taxes.  He told you that there 
were none left in Centrali to pay.  Immediately, your advisor, Serene, 
suspected it to be Lord Valthalas and his Dark Minions.

"You then called forth a messenger and the Captain of the Imperial Guards.  
Your Majesty sent the messenger with a message of surrender to Lord 
Valthalas and his Minions, then you instructed Captain Vandervecken to ready 
his troops in the shadows and await for your nod.

"Lord Valthalas entered, hand on his sword and gloating.  You greeted him 
cordially and offered surrender.  He then proceeded to insult you.  At that 
point, you gave the signal for attack.

"The battle only lasted five minutes, but Lord Valthalas ran you through 
with a starsilver sword and clubbed you with the hilt.  I came behind him 
and got him with poison, rendering him helpless.  His troops were fought 
back and they took him with them.

"By that time, we lost nearly fifty percent of the Guard and Captain 
Vandervecken died while trying to defend you.  I hurried to save you, but 
you kept insisting you were fine until you passed out.  For the first week, 
your Highness spouted nonsense, things called Calculus 2, the secret to 
immortality, and names."

Gallowglass looked numbed and confused.  "I. . . nearly died from
starsilver?"  She was quiet.  Another form stepped in, wearing dark clothes.
The pale face looked composed of marble.

"She's awake?" the voice asked callously.

"Awake and inquiring."  The medic stood.  "I'm not sure she knows what has 
happened since she came.  I've only told her of the battle two weeks ago.  I 
cannot tell her what has commenced over the year.  She does not need to hear 
what has happened."  The medic shrugged and left the room.

"Gallowglass, I am Lilian, a friend if you can remember."  She sat on her 
heels near Gallowglass.  "Let me tell you what's happened over the year. . 

-- Gallowglass Alexandria Rael syn-Dara sus-el'Sadia, Everliving Queen of 

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                  The Tale of Lujan, Episode Three

    Chaos ruled supreme on this day, the tenth since our release. Hunters
rushed to the garrison preparing arms and armor, the soldiers and bodyguards
that the island had, had set of at a brisk run twenty minutes earlier. Now
people dashed all about us, heating oil in huge black pots, and carry large
stones to the palace it's self.

    Clandol, the sogati warlord approached us, his face a mask of barely
controlled fury 'you there, what are you doing! standing there! we are under
seige, MOVE!.' that was enough, Lujan and myself as one dashed to the
garrison he picked a long hunting knife and a long bow, I myself gathered
some bandages, a scalpel, and a thick ash staff. we gathered in the soldiers
commons with the soldiers for our briefing. I had seen this sort of thing
before, but to Lujan it was all new and I am ashamed to say the thoughts of
battle seemed to have a stirring affect upon him.

    Clandol arrived and explained our position, raiders from god knows where
had arrived in three ships, they out numbered the people of the island two to
one and they would soon reach the outer holdings. They had already defeated
half the trained men on the island, but at great cost.

    Lujan and myself were given a post over the palace gates, Lujan quick-eye
spotted the first of them as they came towards us, he notched an arrow and
let fly, It caught the first raider square on the knee cap, shattering it.
Still they advanced, numbering over fifty they came closer and closer, fixing
bolts to there crossbows they fired, a man beside me fell from the wall
clutching at his throat in a bid for life. I rushed down the stairs and placed
myself beside him staunching the flow of blood and cutting out the arrow
head, I did not believe he would live, for his pulse was weak and hard as i
tried all i could do was stop the blood until I had more time.

    When I returned to Lujan, I noticed he had adopted a trick the sogati
used, he was dipping his arrows in glass vials before firing, the people he
hit fell within seconds, either dead of unconscious, it matter little. within
twenty minutes the last of the raiders had turned and fled, servants
gathering the dead of both friend and foe. The raiders were buried without
honor, and all the dead sogati were burned in a huge fire, so as their
spirits would return to the sun, I wished them well.

Marador - tutor and adviser to the Trinar family.

         /                                                            \
        /    __  __  __   __  __   ______    WHY?          WHERE?     /
       /    / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /          WHEN?             /
      /    / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  WHAT?           WITH?     /
     /    / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /                            /
    /    /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /   We've got the answers!   /
   /     \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/                            /
  /                                     - By the angel CLeo -   /

Hello people!

This week, Nestor was reading a copy of the LT and suddenly bumped into me.
Enjoy the reading!

Name: Nestor Gentle
Occupation: Sir of Moulinsart and Nice Grendel

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'  
A - 'Escalope Cordon Bleu, with mushrooms and potatoes in a French mustard
with a topping made out of dumb newbie brain cells.'

Q - 'What would be the perfect scenery for you?'
A - 'Hmm. High peaks, covered by snows with sun beams reflecting in a pool of
hot springs...' Nestor says condescendingly.

Q - 'If you could go back in time and change an event, what would it be?'
A - 'I'd try to prevent Magda, Howard and Quetzalcoatl from leaving LegendMud
for good.'

Q - 'What would you say irritates you the most?'
A - 'I hate when people with little power overuse it because they can't do
much more.'

Q - 'If you could create a new word, what would it be and what would it
A - 'It would be Tistoo meaning 'Don't think that you think you are right
because you probably are not.''

Q - 'If you could compare yourself to a weapon, what would you be?'
A - 'A nunchaku, could always flip back to the face of the guy that is
blindly trusting in me. Trust is like respect, you have to deserve it.'

Q - 'What is one of the best dreams you ever had?'
A - 'I dreamt that I was in a spa with a dozen of nifty girls massaging me.
Not very original but darn you feel very disappointed when you wake up!'

Q - 'What would you say was the worst nightmare you ever had?'
A - 'Bah worst nightmare was when I found a tree with coupons as fruits, the
tree was in my clan hall and coupons where owned... Wait! Maybe its not a
dream after all! *dash*.'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'I'd like new PK clans to appear with lots of people believing that they
can both PKill and RolePlay with the same char.'

Q - 'A few last words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'Yeah, be your own ship, sail where you want to and always believe in
your own experience before rumors.'

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