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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE THIRTY-FIVE                            August 29th, 1999

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                              NEWS & REPORTS
          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -            Legend Meet '99, Detroit Michigan             - 
          -           A Response to Nestor's PK Editorial            -
          -                 Caught Being Good                        -

          -                    Announcements                         -
          -                   Pkill Newsflash!                       -
          -                Beneath the Date Palm                     -
          -                 The McDougan Report                      -
          -                     The  Hunter                          -
          -                     Diary Entry                          -
          -               The Elven Menace, Part 3                   -    
          -             Who? - CLeo Interviews Sandra                -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

            -<*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*September*>- -<*>- -<*>- -<*>-

Thursday, September  2,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, September  9,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, September 16,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Thursday, September 26,  7:00 pm             Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Saturday, September 28,  2:00 pm             Stock C(h)ar Pkill Tourney

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                          The Immortal Report      


Zandy had a slow first week. He made a few final rulings and dealt with a few
cheating incidents, did some restrings, and a string.

Chocorua had a pretty busy RL week around, but had time to talk to a few
players and look up some passwords which people had forgotten.  Flagg has had
some computer system/login type troubles and hasn't been able to do anything
online for a while, but will probably be able to log on more now.


Sandra finished up the final review on Crusades. She did a few updates to
Mongols and Anasazi, and fixed some bugs/typos in Salem, Ireland/expansion,
Boston. She helped Kae with a few minor things in Malta, fixed a few small
things in Cheyenne for Chimera to help him get it to load, and helped Rusalka
find a problem with one of her mobs. She talked with various people regarding
their upcoming areas and the progress on them, updated some of the docs. She
also put in a few last minute things to Pittsburgh, and put the etheric
archer spellbook item into the game.

Charity did some more fixes to acts, and did some thinking on a new quest.
Cheyla did a walkthrough of Alaska with Kae, did a walkthrough of Malta with
Kae & gave feedback. She fixed 95% of the problems found in Alaska on the
walkthrough (the rest concern the unfinished quests and totem poles). She
did a number of restrings, zip strings and answered questions.

Chimera looked at Greece for a while, visited Malta for a bit to help Kae
figure out mob difficulty. He asked Kae and Cheyla and Sandra a lot of newbie
builder questions, and worked a lot on his area, fixing lots of bugs.
Croaker was out of town and/or busy for the last while, but put in some time
on Hades. Joule finished remapping the desert providing some places for
housing and volunteered to help Rus out with her area update.

Kae did testing for Malta and Alaska, making tweaks and fixes as she found
them in Malta, and assessing the newbie experience in Malta.  Kheldar
reviewed requirements and ideas for completing his Mediterranean Trade area
and did a fair sized bug fix for Romania.  LadyAce did more testing on
Crusades, preparing it for install. She also did some initial work on housing
for Klein, some new rooms and new mob descriptions.  Rusalka made lots of
progress on her Tudor update, checking and doublechecking her acts and adding
new ones. She also added a new quest and got most of the way through it.


Ea! made it so tools that are on the ground can be used even if they're
takeable, made it so that players couldn't quit in housing, as it didn't deal
with ownership properly, fixed a few bugs, went to Legendmeet (where he
answered many questions, and discovered various bugs), and had a few
discussions with Rufus about trees.

Chocorua got back into working on the areas command, but didn't finish.
Rufus read over all the information available for sktrees stuff, read through
the old skilltrees code, talked with Larry, Kaige and Ptah extensively about
the system, and set our code up to handle both skilltrees and regular
development in the same code base. He also did some code cleanup and bug
fixing, implemented spellbooks and made some tweaks to the spell system.
Sandra coded and tested a few new commands for builders to allow the fixing
of a few bugs that have cropped up.


LadyAce did the normal online stuff -- strings, restrings, descriptions --
and a Q & A. She had less time than normal due to LegendMeet and her area
getting ready to go in.

Chimera did a lot of strings and restrings, especially restrings.  He did a
few descs, helped out quite a few people (newbies and oldbies alike) who were
having problems with various things (not being able to find their corpses,
the repair bug, etc) and I ran a really cool question for token.
Joule did the usual strings and restrings. Archived a couple of people and
unarchived a couple of others. She also worked on her new rally game.

Spencer ran a game that consisted of 20 questions which players had
approximately 1 hr to answer. There were 29 entrants, all but 2 won at least
a token, and 1 player (Lightning) won a coupon for getting them all correct.
Questions and later answers, were posted on the welcome board. He also did
some strings and restrings.  Stile mostly did a bunch of the usual fare,
strings/restrings and some (un)archiving. He also worked a bit on updating
the newbie guide on the Legend website.

                  <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*-->

                     Legend Meet '99, Detroit Michigan

This last week members of our Mud community converged on the peaceful little
town of Detroit, and its surrounding areas.  These misfits have left the city
in a shambles, with a reputation that is sure to be left with the once quiet
city for years to come! How will the peace loving citizens of Detroit ever
cope with the trauma done to there town?

For those of you that couldn't make it to the Michigan meet, we have posted a
series of pictures of the events of this last weekend,  from the pre-meet at
Huggy's house, to the engagement of Huggy and Harkon at the Ren. Fest.  You can
see everyone and what all we did at "" then just
follow the links in there.  We even got some of the roaming mobs of legend to
come out for a few pictures!  I hope you all enjoy viewing the pictures as we
had taking them, and heres to another great meet somewhere in the world next
year! *cheers!*

       - Harkon, back in the HoL and trying to break back out!

                  <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*-->

                     A Response to Nestor's PK Editorial         
                                 by Diamond

I would like to make a few comments on Nestor's article in the previous LT. I
tend to disagree a lot with him, so I will just comment on it section by

First of all you write that you have been told that this behaviour (never
obeying rules dictated by players) ruins the fun for others, but you don't
believe that. Well, if someone says that something you do ruin their fun, I
am quite certain it ruins their fun, why should they lie about it. Agree or
disagree with them about what you did as you like, but obviously what you did
ruined their fun.

Secondly, you name a group of people that have animated the group err, the
scene of pkill (sorry, typo) for the last 4 years. I can agree with that,
these (and their alts probably) are active pkillers. Amazingly, quite a few
of those names are also those I often hear when people say why they don't
enable. But of course, if the US went bankrupt, it wouldn't be the fault of
the government, would it? :) If you feel these people have animated pkill for
the last 4 years, and it is going downhill, shouldn't you ask those people
(and yourself) what they could be doing wrong?`Pkill won't go downhill by
itself, it takes idiots who ruins the fun for others.

You mention 2 types of people that ruin pkill. How can they do that?  They
whine, they are bored, they are probably annoying. But how can that ruin
pkill? How can that affect others, except annoy them when the above listed
types whine on and on. No, there is one type who ruins pkill. And it can be
explained quite simply. The person who shows absolutely no regard for others,
and cares not if they find what he/she ruins other's fun. These people, who
righteously claim that people should be prepared to be
multied/looted/permaed, since they clanned themselves are the ones who ruin
pkill. I have seen people take enjoyment in looting newbie pkillers, "just
for the fun of it".

Where is the fun in that for the newbie pkiller?

Pkill is destroyed by those who are only interested in having a good
time, never caring whether he ruins the fun for others. Simple fact.

The next one is even more fun to see :) "You never get multi'ed unless you
deserve it". I agree to that. But I don't think we agree on what is meant
there. Those who multi will always feel that the victim deserves it. End of
that discussion.

But look at it from the victim's view for a change. I have heard reasons like
"You disagreed with me on the news board, therefore I multi you". The
multi'er feels the victim deserves it, but I think most sane people would say
the victim don't deserve it. If people can't handle being disagreed with,
they shouldn't express their views in any public forum, be that chat or
boards on legend, or anywhere else.

On a more personal note, I like your statement that "Even the nastiest of
Grendels don't jump you twice in a lifetime unless you came after them for a
payback. I think I have met 3 or so Grendels who hasn't multied me. I
declared war, yes, and that stands. And though I don't whine about it, I am
quite sick and tired of being multi'ed, and see people being multi'ed.

It is a bit amusing to see a Grendel write about how you have to deal with a
few pkill deaths. I don't think I have ever seen a Grendel get beaten without
him/her hurrying to get back along with a few friends, to be sure to win that

All in all, try to respect others, even in pkill. Some people choose to
become pkill-enabled because they like to jump people and getting jumped
back. That is great, the main purpose of pkill is to have fun. But not at the
expense of others.  Some people joined pkill to use it as an addition to
roleplay, or just to see what it was, or maybe for an entirely different
reason. That is also great. But when people who became enabled for one reason
don't respect any other reasons for people to become pkill-enabled, then the
fun gradually ends, and pkill starts going down the hill, as you said it


                  <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*--> <--*-->

                             Caught Being Good!

Typhoid-Mary totally shocked me with the teddy bear I received in the mail.
The message was to notify me the she had picked up a string belonging to me,
and was eager to return it. I noticed several people had lost strings and
never got them returned, thats why i thought what Typhoid-Mary did was
extremely kind-hearted and what LegendMud is all about.


            /                        \     
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



The Shotokai were disbanded this week.

     *           *           *

The First Emergency Lust Team, otherwise known as Flirts, is sponsoring a
Competition of Charm! Show up and be charming! Write a poem, a song, play
music, whatever. Just be charming, and be there. Prizes will be given out
according to skill, style, and difficulty

King of the Flirts
-Ronnie Valthalas


Vendetta will now appear as:
Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code'

I have been in Klein since my birth and recently I went to Klein, to become a
Knight. I succeeded and now being a loyal Knight of Legend I need a title by
which I shall be recognized.  My faith to the 'Old Code' of the Knights is
strong and I will do my best to uphold that code.

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                        Beneath the Date Palm

I am of the fire and heat of the open reaches, I am sand and dry, hot air,
and I travel my realm as a free spirit. Allahu Akbar, he made me a daughter
of the desert wind, intangible like the breeze, unseen and unheard like an
Ismaili initiate. And so it came to be I laid down to rest beneath the date
palm that night, the distant stars still-quiet and ever lonely overhead.

Came the hyenas' laughter then, the song of death on the night wind,
ill-boding and mournful. Blasts of lightning set the horizon ablaze with
cold, blue fire - and I cowered, sensing the presence of efrit, entities of a
power that by far surpasses mine of making the wind whisper secrets. The
night breeze went aflame with the spicy scent of demonic blood, so sweet, so
alluring, so dreadfully deadly. I hovered closer, a breeze on a breeze,
unseen and unheard. Someday, curiosity will be my undoing.

The form of a man lay in the sand, barely moving. The scent of power was
thick around him, and the night air was slowly thickening with the stench of
roast flesh; around me, the hyenas' corpses lay in various stages of
consumption by heavenly fire. Curious, I hovered; what mortal creature might
hurt the efrit so? What might render it so weak that a mere desert dog might
threaten it?

Footsteps, quiet on the softly creaking sand of the rolling dunes alerted me
that others had seen the fire light the once so blackened night sky to blue
irridescence. The frail form of a young woman descended to the scene, leaning
against the date palm briefly as she edged closer to the fallen efrit.
Kneeling beside the broken form, she quickly examined him. I edged as close
as I dared, still unnoticed like a gentle breeze.

Words were whispered between the two, in a language I did not understand;
they were not desert born, their words reminded me more of the bubbling
porridge language of the knights from overseas. Yet to judge from her looks,
the girl was of Egyptian descent - and he, I do not know, what remained on
his frame was torn by flame and predator teeth. They did not seem previously

The dark haired girl bent, and with a flowing motion she tore her plated
linen dress from her body, revealing a young, lithe body that would surely
make a more earthly creature than I lick its lips in delight. It brought to
my mind the tune,

Across the river lives a girl,
Her eyes are like almonds,
Her breasts are like peaches,
But alas, I cannot swim.

She ripped the cloth into strips with tender, skilled hands, and proceeded to
dress the fallen form's wounds. Her hands were a gentle caress, so loving of
all that requires love that I wished ever so instantly I had form, that I
might go bleed at her feet for such attention.

I rested on the southernly breeze that morning, floating gently across the
dunes and basking in the first ray of the sun to warm the scorched land, and
I wondered at the precious gemstone of memory I had obtained. O, to have
form! O, to bleed, and be found by merciful hands! O, to know gratitude, to
know the compassion of a maiden strange to the realm. And I whispered her
name to myself over and over that I may forever treasure its sound and
breathe its rhythm: Kella-Iella...

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                         The McDougan Report       
                             (printed sic)

This week'sh donnart ponce:
Vengeance, wha' said Scots should be killed.  Humiliate at every oppurtunity.

McDougan o' the week:
Thalgenael, becaushe I'm writing th' report, and can name m'self if I want.

Mcdougan News:
Attempts tae get the clan taegether in the last week failed, and thus ye a
all deshervesh a kick in the kilt. Haw can we get offishial recognition wioot
meeting up?  Beshidesh, I hae nae sheen mosht o' ye for agesh.

Scottish News:
Still nae way tae get to Scotland through normal means in this world.  Nes
Nesheshary tae gae tae the world of Irl tae get theer.  Proteshtsh

Thush endsh the firsht inshtitution o' the McDougan report, which will noo
appear weekly.  Thoo I may  ashk for help wi' the nesht one tae make it mair

-McDougan (Thalgenael), Clan Patriarch and Spirits (whishkey, rum, vodka) of
the McDougan clan

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                             The Hunter

"... guh gam rudh ...!"

Quietly chanting, silver skin and onyx hair fades into thin air.  Having
vanished from sight, the youth carefully opens a vial and applies its
contents on his arrows, which hiss slightly as the liquid coats the
arrowhead.  Although invisible from view and far beyond the distance normal
people can hear, he still silently and carefully knocks the arrow and aims.

Focusing first on the bow, then the arrow, and finally his target, he is
one with all of them.  It is only a matter of letting the arrow go after
having established this connection -- a moment he can never quite get used
to.  He enjoys the silent tension the connection creates, the tugging of
his bow, bowstring and his arm.  Mentally sighing, the arrow is loose, and
he feels the severing of the link as the target falls.

[ Info ] :  Larnoc killed by Darkheart.

Longing for a time when he could enjoy the afterglow of having slain his
prey, he knows better than to sit and wait.  His spell wore off -- no spell
can withstand the death-aura that emanates upon intent to kill -- and soon
the place will be full of fireflies trying to make a name for themselves.

Darkheart Harkzael, name given to him in hatred and a surname he has given
himself, has been quite the tempting target to any that seek fame.  Never
known for heartiness, his body could not take much beating, and his soul
tired easily, not being able to keep up chanting.

Thus there was an endless supply of self-named heroes that came after him,
especially when they thought him tired.  Sheathing his dagger and carefully
packing his bow, Darkheart left the scene.  Fleeing more from his infamity
than those who pursued him.

"...  meue dyn bhu ...!"

As his self-given surname implies, he is of the wind.  Harkzael, which
roughly translates to 'the wind of the Inferno,' or the 'wind of death,' he
has given himself in a rare moment of self-pity.  Like the wind, he would
run, and like the wind, he'd appear in front of his prey.  A sad smirk
always accompanied him when he uttered his name, which was soon followed by
a devilish grin.

"... vid gam bhu ... "

Borrowing the knowledge of the earth, he decided to hunt new prey.  Offense
was his only defense, and he knew it well.  Again he faded into thin air,
following his target.  A smarter one or simply one more paranoid, his new
prey would not cease moving.  Sighing he set aside his bow and waited for a
moment to surprise him.   Such a luxury he didn't have, as he realized his
prey was running towards a sanctuary.

"... meue lak vant ...!"

Taking away the power of sight, he set his prey panicking.  Quickly
following and stabbing his prey in the back, he thought it a won battle.
It was never a challenge fighting prey who would panic and run when blind.
Smirking he decided to leisurely pursue his target, but his prey had
vanished.  Three possibilities presented itself -- one, the prey fled into
a different era; two, the prey is hiding; three, the prey has run to an inn
and locked himself in.  The possibilities soon narrowed into the latter two
as its presence could no longer be felt.  Chanting yet another spell, he
found his prey to be hiding.  Chortling with amusement and always liking to
overdo things when victory was near, he again faded himself and followed
his prey.  Not knowing that he was being followed, his prey slowly began to
move towards the sanctuary.

How sad, Darkheart thought to himself as he followed the unwitting prey
only a few rooms away from sanctuary.  Thinking it'd rob him of too much
joy to have his prey reach sanctuary, he placed his dagger in the prey's
back.  He had named his dagger the heart of darkness, as it was his main
way of expressing himself.  True to its name, it had robbed many of their
lives and bravery, and today it would do what Darkheart liked best.  Render
the prey utterly helpless.

Watching his prey go numb with pain, many thoughts crossed his mind.  I
could run and stab him at least one more time, one side of him said.  Or I
could set him ablaze by flinging infernal flames at him.  Harkzael, wind of
the Inferno, what should I do?  In the end, it was his desire to watch his
prey burn that won out.  Chanting his most ferocious spell, he watched his
prey burn to ashes.

[ Info ] :  STR killed by Darkheart.

As the ashes scattered in the wind, Darkheart Harkzael's silver skin and
onyx hair seemed to scatter as well. Fading yet again into thin air, it
could have been simply silliness to have thought you saw his golden eyes
stare through you. No, it cannot be, you say to yourself, trying to push
away the feeling of a connection being made. You, him, his arrow, and his
                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

                             Diary Entry

(found this week on a street in Klein, written on purple-scented

Dearest Diary,

Such a strangely amazing day it has been. It started with an expedition to
retrieve my corpse from the towers of the Assassins, where it had pleased
the Goddess to leave my corpse the night before. Fortunately, none of our
present party joined the piles of corpses littered hither skither, and yon.
Marcel swears that it took him hours to scrape my Purple Eyeshadow off the
Assassin wearing it, but he must have been exaggerating since we spend barely
an hour there (silly man...I kept telling him to use Ponds' Cold Cream

So we made it back, and I was happily wandering through Lower Turkey,
reveling in my re-found Purple Eyeshadow, when Marcel, that dear fellow that
I've told you about in the past, that gallantly evil man, proposed to me. In
public no less.

Now Diary Dearest, you know how badly marriage has gone for me in the past.
Twice is an accident, thrice is absurd. And of course, you know of all the
great strides that my psychoanalyst and I have made this past century (this
year, she thinks it is a Latent Repressed Oedipal-Artemial Complex, an
exceedingly rare condition).

I explained all this to Marcel, and I do believe that he understood every
word. Well, except for the Latent bit. It is indeed amazing how men have
progressed in the last few hundred years!

So we made a Pact of Friendship and he gave me the loveliest bauble, a
friendship band (I am reminded of the Friendship Pins that we used to
exchange in Adept School).

Of course, Marcel is a very fortunate man, although he may not realize it.
Officially, in order to gain my hand, he would have to a) request permission
from my father and/or the head of my clan b) request permission from the
Goddess. Given that he can't even get a date with her, that might prove

must dash off
ta ta!

- Mitra 

                       {*} {*} {*} {*} {*} {*}

Forsaken Soul:  The Elven Menace
Scene 3:  A deserted Castle

The lightning crashed against the purple sky, casting a pale light through
the corridors of the castle. Footsteps echoed on the stone floor.  A glowing
orb of light danced over the figure's hand. She waited for the footsteps to
find her.

Sitting in the middle of a chalk white circle, Gallowglass smiled evilly to
herself. Lilian had told her what transpired in her past. Things were not as
bad as they were made out to be. An icy wind blew through the corridors of
the deserted castle and the haunted shrieks of the long dead followed the

A shadow crossed into the room and stood at the edge of the circle. It
kneeled before Gallowglass and quivered in fear. The icy wind calmed to a
slight breeze. Things became darker as Gallowglass smiled. 'You bring me news
from the Nether Regions, spy?' She watched the shadow continue to quiver in
fear. 'Yes, Lady el'Sadia. Lady Ishtar sought out the Lord Marcel Alexander
for information of starsilver. He has told them the elementary knowledge of
it, yet he did not make any.'

'So the Hermetic Order seeks to hasten my end with starsilver?  How
fascinating indeed. I know that Lady Ishtar will not take the life of one to
obtain a soul, and she will not seek out to find a soul for her use. Things
are definitely to my advantage.' Steepling her fingers in thought,
Gallowglass looked at the shadow spy. 'Have you any more information?'

'Lady Ishtar was accompanied by her assistant, the young Larnoc. Both of
them know the properties of starsilver and how to obtain the soul, yet they
know not how to fashion it. That is all I know. Please release me from your
control.' The shadow spy was desperate to leave this plane.

'You are still in my charge, but I give you rest to your plane. Keep watch on
the Lord Marcel Alexander and inform me of his next plans.' Gallowglass gave
a negligent wave of her hand and watched the shadow fizzle from her vision.
'So they believe that they have found starsilver?' she said to herself

More footsteps rang out on the flagstone floors. Gallowglass' ears twitched,
listening for the sounds. They sounded like armored boots, yet there was
swishing of cloth fabric. The wind had died, and with it the scent of the
carrier impaled upon the castle spires. Standing, Gallowglass breathed deeply
and prepared to fight whatever had intruded.

Stepping into the room, a mystical, spell-weaving wizard looked about
cautiously. His eyes fell upon the Elf standing in the middle of the white
meditation circle. He smiled and stepped forward toward the edge of the

Gallowglass peered at him, determining his actions. 'Hello, Xerox,' she said
with her throaty contralto voice that was ever fluent. 'What brings thee to
this place?'

'I come to ask you a question, my love.' Smiling, he looked into her eyes.
Taking her hand within his, Xerox kneeled before her. 'Gallowglass, I come to
ask if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife.'

She stood there in shock. Thousands of icy butterflies fluttered in her
stomach. The world seemed to glow with new found colors. Her hands trembled.
Gallowglass nodded and quietly said, 'Yes.' Xerox beamed in delight. Standing
to his feet he quickly kissed her and held her close. The icy wind soon began
to slowly change back to a warm breeze as the lovers stood in the middle of
the circle, holding each other and determining their new found fate. . .

-- Gallowglass Alexandria Rael syn-Dara sus-el'Sadia

         /                                                            \
        /    __  __  __   __  __   ______    WHY?          WHERE?     /
       /    / / / / / /  / / / /  / __  /          WHEN?             /
      /    / / / / / /  / /_/ /  / / / /  WHAT?           WITH?     /
     /    / / / / / /  / __  /  / / / /                            /
    /    /  \/  \/ /  / / / /  / /_/ /   We've got the answers!   /
   /     \________/  /_/ /_/  /_____/                            /
  /                                     - By the angel CLeo -   /

Hello everyone!

     Guess who I bumped into this week!  Sandra!  I almost tripped her by
accident when she was on her way back to her office, holding a tome of paper
work in her arms... *ducks*

     Enjoy the reading!

Name: Sandra Starseed
Occupation: Head Builder
(For those who didn't knew about the change, read the welcome board for more

Q - 'When you first started to play here on LegendMUD, had you ever thought
about immorting then?'
A - 'Nah, I was trying to figure out a way to get ParticleMan to not walk us
into the vampire.'

Q - 'What is your favorite meal?'
A - 'Egg rolls, of course!'

Q - 'Oh no! We're out of coffee!  What do we do!?'
A - 'We run, and hope Kae doesn't find out!'

Q - 'If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?'
A - 'Hmm, anywhere in this world? Oh, probably anywhere in medieval times. Like
Tortuga. So the Houngan can sing that witch-doctor song for me.'

Q - 'If you could build the perfect weapon, or an upgrade to one you've created,
what would it look like?'
A - 'A Ginsu knife! They never go dull, ya know. And they have those cool

Q - 'If you could build yourself a dream house, what would it look like?'
A - 'My beach house.  ;) '

Q - 'What would you say was one of the most difficult things you ever
encountered as an Imm?'
A - 'It's hard to answer that with one specific thing, honestly. But I'll get
general, and say that the most difficult thing to encounter is to have to punish
players for things. It's not something that I enjoy at all.'

Q - 'If you could create a new word, what would it be and what would it mean?'
A - 'A new word...  Oh, something like 'Blergh'. And I can't tell you what it'd
mean. I'd have to warn myself!'

Q - 'If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?'
A - 'Hmm, I'd probably ask for you to have people be more courteous.'

Q - 'A few words of advice for our readers?'
A - 'A few words...Remember to enjoy yourselves while you're here. After all,
that's what we're working for. If you find yourself getting upset or frustrated,
take a few steps back and a few deep breaths.'

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