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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE FORTY-ONE                             October 24th, 1999

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS & REPORTS
          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -               Halloween Celebration                      - 
          -                  Pkill  Tourney!                         - 
          -          From the Scrolls of the Ancients...             - 

          -                     Clan News!                           -
          -             The Return of Hastur McDougan                -
          -                  A Misdirected Letter                    -
          -                   A Strange Contract                     -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

           >-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\ October /\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-<

Wednesday,  October 27,   6:00 pm              RP Brainstorming Session
Thursday,   October 28,   7:00 pm              Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Sunday,     October 31    All Day -> Happy Halloween Festivities! <-

          >-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\ November /\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-<

Saturday,   November 6,   2:00 pm              Semi-Annual Pkill Tourney

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report


Zandy has broken his shoulder and isn't able do much typing. The admin
department and general staff will fill in for him in his absence.

Chocorua looked over his desc request scripts, and deleted some characters at
their request so they could restart.


Sandra talked with various builders about their projects. She adjusted the
repop rates and xp in several areas, and updated all the areas to accommodate
the new tools code.

Charity worked on the builder-imm online docs, answered questions, did zip
strings & unarchives, and helped people perma at their request. She started
sorting through comments from people who played the xp game.

Cheyla worked on Alaska and did the standard online stuff, responding to
player requests.

Croaker made adjustments to Greece based on comments from testers, added mobs
to Hades, and worked on researching his next area.

Kae made lots of small fixes to Malta.

LadyAce put in some time working on Klein, doing mobs, objects, and acts.

Rufus adjusted xp and repop rates in a number of areas, and did some cleanup
for his voudon area.

Rusalka tested quests in Anasazi, and sent her notes to Zandy. She got
Kheldar going on testing Tudor, and did some brainstorming about other things
for Tudor.


Ea! made it so that strings on scrapped items are saved by being transfered to
the string storage item. He fixed a bug in the gradual stats code, wrote the
lullaby skill, added %xptolevel as an option in the prompt, added in
meditating/rooting to show up in the prompt as well. He adjusted the default
prompt to show absolutes instead of percentages, and added an automatic
timestamp to afk message.

Rufus put in the attributes command, tweaked the xp scale for mobs with
greater xp value than a stock level 50 (i.e. 20k xp and higher). He worked on
the perform skill, and rewrote the shoot skill.

Chocorua worked on planning out his areainfo section.

Sandra fixed lots of bugs and finished projects off of the coder todo list,
including fixing some typos, adding in bows and quivers to create object, made
it impossible to mend while resting, set it so you can't entrance yourself, and
made a critical miss knock you off your mount.


LadyAce did a higher-than-average number of descriptions and pkenables last
week, as well as the normal strings/restrings/archives/unarchives. She ran a
game of tag, a Q & A, and sent out an LT. She worked with a few different
clans on their ideas for some RP, and put in a revision to the prize

Natalia discussed the future of the mud with imms and morts alike, did lots
of strings & restrings, and explained some rules. Natalia is also working on
some ideas for a tinyplot.

Rusalka did standard online stuff, including strings, restrings, setting
house names, and answering questions. She kept up with posts and issued a
language warning.

Stile worked on the New Player Guide, did strings, and ran a game of


                        Happy Halloween Festivities  

On October 31st, the immortal staff will be staging a day-long Halloween
celebration. Plans for the day include:

 All day: Pumpkin Hunt 

 9-11am: Tinyplot with Kae & Rusalka

 11am-3pm: Ptah's storytelling

 3-6pm: Halloween Casino

 6-8pm: Charity's Cooking Contest

 8-9pm: Costume Contest

 9-11pm: Joule's Trivia

-> The Pumpkin Hunt -- a popular annual event, this year's contest will run
throughout the day, and whoever has the most pumpkins collected, wins! You
need not be present to win.

The Veil Draws Thin...

Samhain is the night when the Old King dies, and the Crone Goddess mourns him
greatly during the next six weeks. The sun is at its lowest point on the
horizon as measured by the ancient standing stones of Britain and Ireland,
the reason the Celts chose this sabbat rather than Yule as their new year. To
the ancient Celts, this holiday divided the year into two seasons, Winter and
Summer. Samhain is the day on which the Celtic New Year and winter begin
together, so it is a time for both beginnings and endings.  It is the last of
the three harvest festivals, the harvest of meat.

It is also the day we honor our dead. Now, while the veil between the worlds
is thinnest, those who have died in the past year and those who are to be
reincarnated pass through. The doors of the sidhe-mounds are open, and
neither human nor faery need any magickal passwords to come and go. Our
ancestors, the blessed dead, are more accessible, more approachable during
the time of the dying of the land. Samhain is a day to commune with the dead
and a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation.

On Samhain, the witches gather to celebrate and commune with their dead. On
Samhain, many druidic groups gather to renew the energies of the year.
Things will be happening in the forests. Maybe you too will be wandering
there, discovering new sides of yourself, and learning about the past and
present flow of life, energy, death, and existence.

-> Ptah's storytelling -- gather at the knee of one of our most illustrious
Imps Emeriti. Hear and share hair-raising tales of the spooky and the
supernatural -- a can't-miss opportunity for old and new players alike.

-> Halloween Casino -- this collect, trade & win game is accessible to all
ages and ability levels. A little luck, a little haggling, and you could find
yourself the owner of a brand-new Halloween-themed string!

->      *** Announcing LegendMUD's First Seasonal Cooking Contest! ***

The Halloween festivities this year will include a cooking contest (check the
Events list for exact time). Aspiring chefs are invited to enter their recipe
for a Halloween treat.

Any level may participate, and pairs of chefs may work together if you think
you'll need help obtaining exotic ingredients (or help coaxing the
ingredients into the pot!). Think up a treat, collect the ingredients, make
your presentation of how the treat is assembled, and don't forget to give
your creation a spiffy name!

Prizes will be awarded in categories to include: Best Overall, "Worst"
Overall, Best Presentation, Best Ingredients, and Best Name. Charity will be
hosting and judging the event. Anyone who disputes her judgement will be
forced to eat the "Worst" Overall treat. =P

Exact contest rules will be handed out in the Official LegendMUD kitchen at
the start of the event, and presentations will be held at a site in Tudor
specially rented for the occasion, since the folks who run the OOC won't let
players brew up messes in their kitchen. So get your cake pans and your
cauldrons ready, and get set to make LegendMUD culinary history!

-> Costume Contest!
Pit your creative skills against your peers in this fashionable annual
contest. Dress yourself up in gear found around the mud, and be the scariest,
funniest, or most originally-dressed contestant, and win a prize!


                              Pkill Tourney!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for the semi-annual Pkill Tourney!

The date will be Saturday, November 6th at 2pm system time.  Please get your
entries in to me by Friday, November 5th at midnight system time, if you plan
to enter!

Rules are as follows:
To enter, write your name, level, and whether or not you use a gun/bow on a
piece of paper and mudmail it from THAT character to me, Sandra.

More rules will be posted closer to the tourney date.

Weight classes are:
10-19 Featherweight 
20-29 Lightweight
30-39 Middleweight
40-50 Heavyweight

If you have any questions regarding this semi-annual event, please mud mail



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Visit for further information!


by Kae

This time around I have come across the symbolic meaning of the angels in a
Jewish/Christian occult context. Maybe the information below can help you in
your role-play background, in emotes for spellcasting, or in choosing a name
and personality for your new character! Of course, only entities of Heaven
are listed - for those of the nether realms, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Angels and their Corresponding Attributes

Michael. Protection, power & Initiative. Color: blue.
Raphael. Healing, Consecration and truth. Color: green.
Chamuel. Love tolerance & Gratitude. Color: pink
Gabriel. Purity, Rebirth & Creativity. Color: white crystal.
Uriel. Devotion, Peace and Ministration. Color: gold-ruby.
Jophiel. Illuminate, Wisdom & Perception. Color: sun yellow
Zadkiel. Refinement, Invocation & Transformation. Color: violet.

Afriel: Protector of children & young animals. Good for inner child or animal
totem. Akatriel: Special praying angel. Helps one receive the higher gifts
that are prayed for. Akriel: Inspires intellectual achievements.  Improves
memory and higher knowledge. Ambriel: An angel of communication &
protection.  For those who seek clarity of communication. Anael: In charge of
love passion and romance. Ask for soul-mate or heal romantic relationships.
Anahita:  Female angel who keeps earth fruitful & fertile.  Protector of
those who care-take nature. Anauel: Of success, commerce & prosperity.
Protects those who own or start their own business. Arad:  Protects both
religion & science.  Helps one apply spirituality & morality to scientific
knowledge. Ardousius:  Female angel who helps during childbirth & inspires
milk to flow. Great for inner child & proper nutrition. Armatt: Female angel
who grants truth, goodness & wisdom.  Appealing to those seeking harmony.
Azariel: Protects all bodies of water. Cleanses and heals lakes, rivers,
ponds and the ocean.  Signifies your emotions.

Baglis: Inspires moderation, temperance and tolerance.  Strengthens will &
assists in gaining self control. Balthial: Helps overcome feelings of
jealousy & bitterness. Inspires contentment & peace of mind. Barakiel: Grants
success, good fortune & excellent luck. Inspires joviality, fun & sense of
humor. Barbelo: Female angel of abundance, goodness, faith & integrity. Helps
fill you with gifts and virtues. Bath Kol: Female angel who encourages
truthful communication & prophecy. Grants insights into the future.

Camael: Presides over beauty, joy, happiness & contentment. Helps bring out
the qualities from within. Cathetel: A guardian of the garden. Increases
growth of vegetables & fruits by keeping them healthy. Colopatiron: An angel
who unlocks prison gates. This sacred being helps in liberation &

Dina: Was here at the beginning of creation. Teacher of languages, Inspires
the wisdom, knowledge & love of learning. Dabriel: Carrier of writing skills.
Helps perfect your writing skills & an inspiration of new ideas. Donquel:
improve your loving relationships. Opens your heart to experience your divine

Ecanus: An angelic scribe who inspires writers. Helps in opening to your
inner flow of expression. Ezra: An angel who encourages writers. Helps open
your doors to the ability & self expression. Enoch: One who helps in writing
& expression. Brings the ability of writing abilities & an inspiration of new
ideas. Elemeniah: Watches over those who travel on waters. Works on going
with the flow & releasing ones fear.

Gabriel: Help aspirations,wishes & hopes. Also joy, mercy, truth, justice,
miracles, & Love. Gavreel: Helps you make peace with enemies. Also encourages
mental balance & peace of mind.

Haamiah: Especially protective of those who seek truth. Helps you stand up,
be strong & live this truth. Hael: Angel who inspires art, beauty, mercy &
kindness. Helps you work on higher expression. Hahatah:  Inspires positive
and Loving thoughts. Also gives insight into mysteries & hidden knowledge.
Harahel: Protects libraries, archives & places of learning. Protective of
those who pursue knowledge & learning. Hariel: In charge of protecting
domestic animals. Great for your domestic totem animal. Hayyel: Protects wild
animals. Helps them from extinction Protection of your own animal totem.

Iahhel: Watches over philosophers, fosters meditation. Protects those who
seek a withdrawal from worldly pursuits. Israfel: Angel of music inspires
singing, playing musical instruments & writing music. Renewal, resurrection,

Jehiel:  Especially protective of wild animals. Helps you find and protect
your power animal. Liwet: An angel who presides over inventions. Protective
of those who have original ideas & thoughts. 

Manakel: Protects and guides sea animals. Helps clean the ocean & will assist
in awakening your inner emotions. Metatron: Powerful arch angel of prayer.
Grants the prayer of total divine transformation. Mihr: An angel of platonic
love, friendship, & companionship. Attracts loyal friends or heals
relationships. Mtniel: Helps protect wild animals from extinction. Helps you
find your personal animal protector. Mumiah: Presides over longevity & can
grant long life. Helps one find your inner, playful, child. Mupiel: Fosters
memory & a tolerant, live and let live attitude. Inspires generosity & open

Nemamiah:  Guardian of those who fight for good causes. Inspires victory over
the lower material nature to become divine. Orifiel: Protects the wilderness
& those who care for it. Inspires the inner self to be free.  

Rampel: Protector of the river of life. Opens and frees one to the inner flow
of the universe.  Radueriel: Inspires one to create and sing songs.  Helps
one tap into the divine harmony within. Rhamiel: Empathy, kindness, mercy,
Love, protection & compassion. Inspires one to become compassionate in life.

Sachiel: Presides over water. Helps one get in touch with intuitive powers.
Sandalphon:  Especially receptive to all prayers. Grants prayers of higher
truth, healing & that of pure Love. Samandiriel: Inspires creativity & vivid
imagination.  Helps one develop artistic, creative & imaginative abilities.
Shekinah:  Female angel of liberation & freedom. Always close by your side &
is especially healing of body, mind & spirit. Shemael: Inspires feeling of
gratitude & thankfulness in the heart. Helps one grow closer to all angels &
higher self. Sofiel: In charge of keeping fruits and vegetables.  Inspires
one to get in touch with the Earth in an essential way.

Taharial:  Angel of purity. Helps one purify or cleanse your thoughts,
spirit, or surroundings.  Trgiaol: An angel who protects wild birds. Helps
one develop the wings to fly Whenever you hear a bird, he is near. Trsiel:
An angel who protects rivers.  Inspires the flow of Divine emotions to run in
the veins.

Uriel: Female angel who inspires singing. Helps one open to their creative
inner musical flow.  Uretil: One who inspires writing.  Inspires you to find
the correct flow of your ability.

Vohumanah: This angel encourages you to think positive & have optimistic
outlook. Transforms negative and worried thoughts. Zuphlas: Protects & guards
forests and trees. Pray to this angel to save rainforest. Inspires one to be
as strong as a tree. Zadkiel: A special angel of mercy. Opens you up to your
inner Divine powers and abilities.

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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                               Clan News:

The Defenders of the Old Code were formed October 17th.

The Underground was formed October 13th.

The Dred Pyrats were formed October 12th.

The Horsemen of the Apocolypse were disbanded by Centaur.

The Dark Enforcers were disbanded by Aginor.

There is currently one free clan slot available for a new clan to form.

                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

Fred dumb. Fred thought that Marcel and Mitra were getting married in
December. Fred wrong. Fred don't know when that happens. Fred confused.
Fred needs more coffee.

                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

                              An Invitation

To those among us who stand for freedom:

Do you tire of the endless debates of light against dark, good against evil?
Does your heart seek a circle where the full spectrum of life is appreciated
and respected? You need not turn one part of yourself against the rest, you
need not adhere yourself to the right or to the left, to the north or to the
south, though the opposing sides might demand that you do so.

There is a third way, the way of balance. Night follows day, and turns into
night once more. Even in the brightest light, a slender leaf can cast a
shadow. Even in the deepest night, a single candle can light the way. Dust
fuses into stars, and they burn brightly and then return to dust. A violet
forces its way up between the cobblestones. The cycle of being continues.

And yet there are those who would seek to upset this cycle, those who oppose
the ordered flow between dark and light, between birth and death. Scrambling
for supremacy, they trample upon the joy of others in pursuit of their own
ends. There is more. The enemies of freedom and the destroyers of order walk
among us, demanding that we choose as they have chosen, forcing their will
upon us with criminal disrespect. If your heart cries out for you to defend
the way of balance, then you may have heard the call of the Goddess. If you
have heard her call, and wish to heed it, then I seek only to remind you that
her circle is open to you.

As there must be balance in the world, so also must there be balance in Her
circle. Our members vary in their occupations and in the composition of their
hearts, but each one can expect guidance, assistance, respect, and affection,
from all the rest. If these words have awakened a positive response in you, I
encourage you to contact us in whatever method you find most convenient.  Our
circle is maintained by the Lord Marcel Alexander, and I am certain that you
will find him a willing and intelligent listener.

Sincerely yours in Her joy,

Aisha bint Aisha bint Zubaida al-Saida
Princess of Zanzibar
                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

                            Description Change

As I approach my middle years, I have been pondering my appearance, and
have come to realize that it no longer reflects my personality.  As I
have a reputation for crankiness and for outspokenness I feel the
following appearance is a more accurate description -

short : a cranky middle-aged doctor
long  : a cranky middle-aged doctor is polishing her soapbox


                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                        The Return of Hastur McDougan
                             by August Derleth

Or, the McDougan Report, with extra Lovecraftian Gods McDougans

Och, weel, I'm ashured tha' the title ish hoomouroush, thoo I dunna get the
jooke. Shuffishe tae shae, me shon Hashtur'sh back. Oh, and m' wife
Katarina.  And m'broother, Shtick, thoo he'sh been back a while.  Oh, and m'
oother shon....  nnd...

Perhapsh I shauld shlow doon

Hashtur'sh the one wha keepsh track o' the McDougan family tree, but a
shimplified vershion would luke shomething like thish:

      Parents Unknown, but I wash raished by the MacPhearsoms
               I        I         I         I  
Katarina -- McDougan  Stick Tom O'Bedlam  Arathon
_______ I__________________
I    I    I   I   I  I   I      I    I    I     I

And that'sh nae even all m'bairns...  Then ye getsh tae the Grandcheeldren,
nnd ye can geeve oop.  I dunnae ken hoo Hastur keepsh track.  And Shome are
adopted, shoom are nae...  Och, tae coonfooshing.  Anyway, nae aul the
McDougansh shtill keep een tooch.  Boot shoom I had thoot were losht hae
reteerned!  Nnd tha' doesh an auld lad happy, ash I wash wrrried I wadnae
shee them again.  Och, aye!

Ash weel, twa mair ladsh weer inducted intae the clan, and Shtraushy wash
reminded tha' he wash one, the donnart coof. Ye hae tae leeeve feer shiksh
bloody moonthsh, and their brainsh leek oot o' their headsh froom lack o'
being prop'ly pickled in there.  Hoo ye frrrget the induction sheremony, I
dunnae ken, boot I shupposhe it coomsh wi' nae dreenking.  M'wife forgoot
aboot her'sh ash weel. Tom O'Bedlam and Braveheart will nae be familiar tae
any o' ye wha hae been able tae fooloo.

Aye, twash a glorioush day when they were inducted, the day of the family
finally getting weel-desherved offishial recognitioon.  Auldesht family aboot
heer, and we loshe oot tae newer orginishatioonsh and shtrange druidsh.  Oh,
wait, thash the Anglesheysh, and theer guid, boot wha aboot the knightsh...
wha shoom o' me shonsh joined... aul right, sae theersh a lot o' guidly
groopsh o' ladsh oot theer.  But we're aulder and droonker than all o' ye!

For ye ladsh wha dunnae ken ush, (imagine me glaring shternly at ye,
pleashe)  we are a clan dedicated tae morality, honour, and being droonk off
our arshe.  We can dae wi'oot the firsht twa shoomtimesh. Hic!  Och, boot I

Aye, we goot ofishial recognitioon, and enoof o' ush weer aboot tae bring twa
properly droonk ladsh eentae the clan.  Admittedly, the shwordsh in the
sheremony were held by rather unshteady handsh, and having them tooched tae
ye shouldersh cauld reshult in deep cutsh, but naeun wash keeled like lasht
time.  Hic! joosht kidding.  Booth the ladsh shwore an oath of allegianshe
and aul ish weel.

Sae, thash wha'sh happened in the clan thish week.  May ye shtill ne'er run
dry oon ye, and oonteel nesht time, dreenk a pint o' shtrong ushquebeg at
eveery oppurtunitchy.

                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                             A Misdirected Letter

A battered, cream-colored envelope fluttered into the offices today. The
corner which normally bears the return address was torn away, almost as if by
a set of teeth. A postal mark of "Addressee Left No Forwarding Address:
Return to Sender" obscures the original address, but the city clearly reads

The contents read as follows:

My Beloved,

It is with much fear and sadness that I write these words to you. I have not
seen you in many weeks, except in strange dreams and twisted visions, which
serve only to increase my terror. Your absence is strange and confusing. I
have combed the globe in search of you, and found no trace, only whispers of
something dark and cruel. I have wandered the rim of time itself to find some
sign of you, and again, my efforts have been in vain.

I cannot believe that you would willingly leave my side, and so my anxiety
increases with each passing day. I have decided to venture into the one place
left to search, a realm you said you would never enter again. I am forced to
believe that something has forced you from my side, whether 'tis some dark
force or some strange madness, I do not know. 

If this letter reaches you, then I ask you to stay near to somewhere that I
can find you easily. Do not come to look for me, for I will surely return. I
place myself at relatively little risk, but the risk to you would be grave. I
have sent this letter to all the places I've known you to frequent, and I hope
one of them will find its way to your hands.

Truly yours,

                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                             A Strange Contract

A legal contract from Darla has the following message written on it:

I, Cordelia Chase of Intempesta Nox, being of sound mind and really
sound body, do hereby surrender my immortal soul to Lord Marcel
Alexander. In exchange, Lord Alexander shall deliver to Lady Drusilla or
Lady Darla of Intempesta Nox, no less than 6 ounces of his own blood,
in a receptacle suitable for long term storage of caustic liquids. Failure
to do so within on week of receiving this document will result in the
violent extraction of all his blood. Don't think we can't!
signed, Cordelia Chase
(The red ink used on the document looks suspiciously like blood. Even mo
suspicious, the handwriting appears to be Darla's.)

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
all replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected]
for inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to
moderate this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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