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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE FORTY-FOUR                            December 9th, 1999

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS & REPORTS
          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -                Connection Analysis                       -

          -                   Announcements                          -
          -                A Crumpled Missive                        -   
          -                Misdirected Letter                        - 
          -                The McDougan Report                       -
          -                  Kyna's Journey                          -
          -               A Chance Conversation                      -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

          >-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\ December /\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-<

   Thursday, December  9       7:00pm      Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
   Thursday, December 16       7:00pm      Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
   Saturday, December 25            Merry Christmas to all! 
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report

Please note: this report summary covers the last 3 weeks.


Zandy issued some warnings, deleted a few people by request, did some
archive/unarchives/descriptions, helped some newbies, unpurged a few
characters, and pkenabled some people.

Charity did some pkenabling, updated documentation and did some
warning-related recordkeeping.

Chocorua worked on his new scripts which allow more types of immorts to do
descriptions, did a few descriptions himself, archives/unarchives, unpurged
some characters, wrote some help files, and dealt with some problems.

LadyAce fixed help files and warned people for cheating & language violations
She also changed all instances of the M-82 to be in spec, and did a clan
reimb for the Mafia, with help from Rufus.


Sandra sorted through bugs/typos/ideas. She fixed bugs in Boston, Salem,
Pittsburgh, Viking, Crusades, Beowulf, and French/Indian war, and boosted
some mob xp in Salem.  She worked with Zandy on Anasazi to get it installed.

Charity updated docs, and sent Kae a few notes on Malta and did some bug/typo
fixing on the Abbey. She also talked to a player about imming.

Cheyla looked at comments from reviewers on Alaska and made some changes,
additions to it, and did some review work on Tudor.

Croaker finished work on his new Hades area.

Kae looked at reviewer comments on Malta.

LadyAce dressed some mobs and added some mob acts to Klein.

Rusalka looked over some of the feedback she got from reviewers.

Zandy did his final fixes to Anasazi, and installed it. He then did fixes to
Anasazi as they came up, and began pondering another area.


Ea fixed a bug with form and one with sell_housing, fixed some crashing bugs,
added in combat prompts, tweaked balance on gust of wind/fly, and did
research into other odd bugs. He put Choc's new description scripts in place,
and changed around some logging methods.

Rufus did more work on runes, retreat, and a variety of new skills (20+)
including rally, blindside, flip, trip, boxing, suckerpunch, wrestling, and
charge. He also fixed some memory leaks & crashing bugs. He also added
support for commas to who, whos, whois, and whoimm (i.e. whois Joe,Bob,Pete
now works), fixed typos, made serenade/sing not work in the OOC, cut down
item damage due to spells, and adjusted/improved the door query command.

Chocorua kept his own code up to date and fixed a crashing bug.

Huginn did some bugfixing on steal, transparency, decay, major illusion, and
dispel magic. He changed build query to show the door options along with a
house prior to purchase, and fixed a bug so that GMs can now erase from
clan-owned boards. He also fixed some bugs with repudiate.

LadyAce changed the message in armslore and did some typo fixing.  She made
greater naiads be flying so they can travel over water, set purge to not echo
to the room. She changed the "You sure are BLEEDING!" message to be "You
can't take much more of this!", typofixed the disguise skill, and changed
scuffle  so that it now has a message.


LadyAce did descs, housing reimbs, strings, tracked down purged player files,
ran a Q & A, and put together an LT. She spent a fair bit of time on
vacation/recovering from a vacation, but is now back to work.

Croaker did strings/restrings/zips and answered lots of questions.

Huginn did a few restrings and strings.

Natalia devoted a lot of time to reimbursing furniture, helped a RP plot
using switch/echo, did a few strings/restrings, answered questions, and did
some archivals/unarchivals.

Rusalka ran a flag hunt, answered questions, did some unarchivals, reimbursed
some furniture, and did strings & restrings.

Sandra did some descs and housing reimbs, etc.

Stile did some long desc stringing and some reimbursing, a few strings, and
some unarchivals.


                        LegendMUD Connection Analysis
                               produced by Kaige
                     November 1 1999 - November 30 1999

                      November Peak Mortal Players 70
                            Average Peak was 50
                        Peak PK Enabled Players 20
                Pkenabled Characters represent approximately
                           17% of active players.

The first two tables below show the Average Mortal Players and Average PK
Enabled Players connected to Legend by hour of the day as polled
approximately on the hour system time during the period noted above.  The
third table shows the same averages calculated by the day of week.

                  hour  0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
                  avg  35 32 29 26 22 21 19 19 21 22 29 31
                  pke   7  5  5  4  5  3  3  3  3  4  5  5

                  hour 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
                  avg  32 35 35 36 37 36 40 40 39 50 49 41
                  pke   5  4  4  6  5  5  6  6  5  9  8  6

                  day   MON  TUE  WED  THU  FRI  SAT  SUN
                  avg    30   30   30   31   31   36   38
                  pke     5    5    5    6    4    6    5



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        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\



Clan News:

Krillen disbanded the Caravan Traders.

The Night Slayers and the Assassin's Guild were formed.

There are currently 30 official clans, with 2 slots available for new ones to


                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                            A Crumpled Missive 

*your gaze is drawn to a crumbled notice posted nearby*

For several years a loved one has been missing and nearly all hope has been
abandoned.  If anyone knows the whereabouts or a way to contact Erica
McDougan, please send a note to Hastur McDougan.  A possible reward is
offered for valid information.  She was last seen about a year ago.

-Hastur McDougan

                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                              Misdirected Letter

An envelope was found on the doorstep of the LT Editorial Office, scented
with an odd mixture of lilac perfume and brimstone. Inside was a letter
written in a bright purple substance that almost resembled nail polish.

Dearest Thalia,

So good to hear from you. Of course I meant to write earlier, I've just been
so horribly busy, that I hadn't the time. Thank you ever so much for your
most excellent advice, although I did receive it After the Fact. Yes, you can
be a flower girl! And thank you so very much for recommending that decorator
to me. I couldn't bear to leave Marcel's living room bare after that
unfortunate accident with the cleaning spell. And the decorator did such a
marvelous job on, as you can see:

A large disco ball glitters from the ceiling, casting purple light everywhere.
Glorious streams of fragrant purple flowers garland the room.
A fine, plush Persian carpet covers the barren floorboards.
Violet velvet wallpaper encloses the walls, making you feel as though you
are inside a velvet box.
A deep plushy couch sits in the corner, covered with wildly colored cushions.

And so cheaply too!

There was only one eensy teensy little problem. Marcel didn't like it. I
can't imagine why. He found the violet velvet wallpaper revolting. He claimed
that the disco ball hurt his eyes, despite his sunglasses. Then he tried to
turn the disco ball off. Which upset the decorator, as the disco ball is just
essential to the rest of the decor. Then they started yelling at each other.
And I'm sure that it was an accident but er, well, Marcel sort of killed him.
I do hope you don't mind, Thalia dearest. I'm sure that he didn't MEAN to
throttle the decorator with the puce colored couch cushions, or order Fred to
jump all over him. Although Marcel did say that he preferred a blood red
color scheme to purple.

And Thalia dearest, there really is a bright side to it. Because after he
er...died, the decorator rose up as a ghost and announced his intention to
decorate Hell. So I'm sure you'll get to see him soon! Although I must say,
you should have seen the look on Marcel's face when he realized that Hell
would soon be covered with violet velvet wall paper and disco balls!

He almost deserves it.

Oh dear. I must run. I just got word from the florists. They want to use
gardenias! What on earth could they be thinking of?

- Mitra

                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                            The McDougan Report      

                            Thalgenel McDougan

        Thish week, we deal with the tricky shubject of English-Shcottish
    And sheeing that m'dear wife Katarina ish English, I'm gaeing tae hae
tae be verrr ceerful heer.
    Shuffishe it tae shay, England ish nae reely one plashe.  The nairth ish
a nishe, gentle plashe.  Pairfect feer raiding partiesh when at war wi' the
shooth half!
    And wi'in the shooth half, there are evil, evil ladsh.
    Edward the Firsht shpringsh tae mind, ash doesh hish shon, Edward the
Shecond.  And dunnae feerget Edward the shecond'sh shon, Edward the Third.
    Dante was verr, verr fond of Edward the Firsht.  In Purgatorio he getsh
    Thish ish why Flagg ashured me tha' Purgatory will ne'er be built.

    Eenyway, ignoring the evil Edwardsh, there be shoom nishe shooth
english, a rarity boot an occashional occurrance - take m'wife or tha' nishe
shervant in loondon wha I drink wi oon occashion. -   shoom verr annoying
boot nae truly bad at heart English, like shertain bootblacksh,  Shoom
peashantsh wha hae nae choishe boot tae invade shcotland....
    And then we get the anti-shcottish evil bashtardsh tha' gie aul England
a curshe upoon itsh name froom aul Shcotsh when they are thought of.

    A shpeshific example wash gaeing tae be mentioned heer, boot 'ere she
left she gave me reashon tae doubt she wash quite ash bad ash I thought,
shae I left it to be dealt with in more devioushly amushing waysh involving
the consheptsh queen wha' killed Mary o' Shcotsh (I cannae shay evil, ash
itmsuht be admitted tha' we dinnae like her mooch either at the time)  and
    After aul, creaive and non-harramful vengeanshe ish often the mosht
    Eenyway, back tae the shubject...
    Bashically, they invaded ush, we dunnae like them.  Shae hoo dae we
reach guid relationsh wi' them again?
    Weel, I hae a three shtep plan.
    1.  Return upon shcotland itsh own naion hood.
    2.  Public apology day: a day when Englishmen shend lettersh nairth
apologishing feer wha their anceshtersh did.  Thish cauld alsho fuel a
lucrative geneology indushtry!
     3.  Noo tha' we hae the nationhood, and an apology - we might be
willing tae forgo shtep twa, boot shtep three ish the mosht important:

    I theenk tha' joosht aboot cooversh it.


                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                               Kyna's Journey

They were outside, for there were was no better place for a lesson in
elemental magic.  The lesson was nearly over, the crone realising she had
given the girls enough information to absorb for the day.

The half a dozen young maidens fell to chatting amongst themselves, and the
old woman listened idly to their conversation.

Kyna let them gossip for a few minutes, then spoke.  "As you know, this is my
last day as a teacher here and part of my role as an ancient one is to pass
on my life experience."  The girls nodded in acknowledgment.  "We will
devote the rest of the day to this.  Do any of you have any questions, so
that we have a place to start?"

One of the girls asked "Tell us please, how did you come to be a 'wise
one' Crone Kyna?".

Kyna looked up into the skies and pondered, as she gathered her thoughts
about her.  With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the golem she had
summoned to demonstrate the lesson, and settled into a more comfortable

"You want to know about my journey towards wisdom?" she queried.  "It
began many years ago, when I was an infant, and will not stop until the
day I die. You are all familiar with the ceremony for deciding a child's

The girls nodded, except for young Felara, "That is not a custom my
people follow, would you explain it for me?"

"Certainly," responded Kyna, and she smiled reassuringly at Felara. "When a
child reaches the age of walking, we hold a ceremony to ask the Goddess to
show us that child's vocation.  Part of the rite involves placing the child
in the exact centre of a circle of tools and implements of various career
paths. The tools the child first touches indicate the Will of the Goddess
for that child's future."

Felara nodded, quickly grasping the point. She was a bright child, mused the
crone, with an interesting future ahead of her. "So which did you choose?"
she asked.

"Well, apparently, I was fascinated by the daggers and shields of a warrior,
and for a few moments everyone watching concluded that was to be my life.
However, after looking at them for several minutes, I turned on my heel (so I
am told) and headed directly for the books and scrolls of those in the
service of the Goddess. It is said that I picked up a book, and leafed
through it, as if I was reading it. Thus were my first steps on my path."

The woman paused for a moment, and turned an expert eye on the sun.  The
noontime meal was about to be served, she judged correctly.

"It's time for lunch, girls," she said.  "We'll have to leave my life there
for now."  With surprising agility she rose nimbly to her feet, and dismissed
the class.

They all headed towards the dining hall, but Felara hung back for a moment.
"What will you do now, Mother Kyna.  Now that you are no longer a teacher, I

Kyna gently reminded Felara (again) that the honorific Mother was not
appropriate. Kyna had passed from Mother to Crone many years ago, and should
be correctly addressed as Crone. This was a hard lesson for Felara,
understandably. Felara was newly come from a foreign land, where old women
were feared and shunned, not given the respect their age merited. In Felara's
country, crone was an insult.

Kyna smiled. "What will I do?  I will always be a teacher, but I will no
longer have a class. I intend to explore beyond this valley, seeking new
knowledge, and helping others to learn based on my experiences.  It is many
years since I last left my home, and the time has come to see what has become
of the rest of the world." She ruffled Felara's hair playfully.  "Run along
child, and have your lunch. We can continue this discussion after we've

                        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                           A Chance Conversation                   

A chance conversation overheard at the Well of Trust, between a believer and
a non-believer.

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'You can wake up now the danger has passed.'

'Danger?' Baelish says. 

'Yes, the nobleman,' Sigrid says.

'I fear no noblemen, only the evil in their hearts,' Baelish says.  'It is
not something to fear though, it is something to conquer.'

'Ya wanna conquer evil?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'Well then why you were
hiding under the well?' 

Baelish says, 'I was simply resting, evil never sleeps, but we mortals have
to at times.'

'Ah, so if I sleep i prove myself non evil,' Sigrid says.  Sigrid lies down
and goes to sleep. Sigrid wakes and stands up.  'There.'

Baelish says, 'Only to conquer long enough to destroy it. Evil is treacherous
as well. 'Unpredictable, ever changing, evil will sleep just to try to prove
its innocence.'

'So you're lying when saying it never sleeps?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'What
does that make you?'

Baelish says, 'I do not lie, evil itself never sleeps, the forms taken by
evil sleep to beguile those that are searching for them.'

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Takes one to know that.'

'Takes someone schooled in the ways of evil yes, but not evil itself,' 
Baelish says.

Baelish says, 'I have spent my life studying evil ways, so that I can better
understand them. But not to bring forth evil myself, but to destroy it.'

'Well, no matter what I say you'll be too self righteous to admit you're no
less human than any of us... none are just good or just evil, we're all
complex natures,' Sigrid says to Baelish.

Baelish says, 'Not so complex as you might think.' Sigrid yawns. Baelish goes
on, 'Those twisted by evil are pure in their vileness, and must be dealt

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Sure sure... my point, you'll never admit it.'
Sigrid pats Baelish on the head.  Sigrid says to Baelish, 'It must be nice to
think yourself so sure on doing the right thing.. the world must be very
simple to you.'

'Must be like having a religion or something,' Sigrid says to Baelish.
'Being blinded by your own beliefs.'

Baelish says, 'I am not blinded at all, I am shown the light, and it is 

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Take care not to watch the light too long, or it
will blind you sooner or later.'

Baelish says, 'Blasphemy.'

Sigrid thinks only bugs and stupid people act like flies around a candle.

'The light is all that is pure and good in this world, it will not cause any
of its creatures harm,' Baelish says.

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'I am sure it is easier for you to believe that
way... as I said, it makes your world simple.'

'I am sheltered in its glow, protected in fact,' Baelish says.

'Easier to believe?' Baelish says. 'That is the way it is, how could I
believe otherwise?'

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Suure.'

'Nothing is all black or white,' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'Only blind people
see it that way.' 

Baelish says, 'I fear you are mistaken. Blind people see nothing, lady.'

'Well, blood is red!' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'See? there are other colors in

'Other colors exist, do not mistake me, but the fight for good and evil is
just that, good versus evil,' Baelish says. 'There is no middle ground, you
are one or the other.'

'So?' Sigrid says. 'If I kill an evil man to steal his bread what does it
make me?'

Baelish says, 'It makes you a hand of God's justice.' Sigrid laughs with

Sigrid says, 'I like your logic.'

'But stealing is evil, no?' Sigrid says to Baelish.

'A strong head is needed in the fight against evil,' Baelish says to Sigrid.

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Ok, serious guy, then answer my question..  stealing
is evil right?'

Baelish says to Sigrid, 'Stealing from the good, that is evil.'

'Stealing from the evil?' Baelish says to Sigrid. 'That is justice.'

'Hm, and you are the guy to decide who's good and who's evil I suppose?'
Sigrid says.

'Only the lord can decide that, lady,' Baelish says. 'He reveals this to his
people in many ways.' 

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Then who are you to say what's evil and what is 

Baelish says, 'When the time is right, and action must be taken, he will
reveal it to the right person.'

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'I don't suppose you've spoken to the lord himself?'

'I merely do what my lord bids me,'Baelish says.

'I speak to him many times a day, as any person of faith should,' Baelish
says to Sigrid.

Sigrid chuckles politely.

'But does he speak to you or is it your own confused mind babbling?' Sigrid
says to Baelish.

Baelish says to Sigrid, 'HE SPEAKS TO ME! As he does to all his creatures.'

'Ah?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'A soft spot I take it? how can you be sure...
you could just be crazy.'

'Crazy?' Baelish says to Sigrid. 'That is a form of evil. I am not evil.'

'Oh?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'So you might either be the lords sword or you
might be of the evil? 50/50?'

Baelish says, 'That depends what path you follow, and what choices you make.'

'If you choose to help those in need, and stomp out evil, you will be favored
by the lord,' Baelish says.

'But say you kill a man you see as being evil... what if you were evil say
the voices were the only person talking to you, then the man you killed might
have been good and that makes you evil,' Sigrid says to Baelish.

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Proving you can never be sure.'

Baelish says, 'If you choose a darker path, you will regret it.'

'The voices evil hears are that of satan,' Baelish says.

'And how do you know it isn't satan speaking in your ear?' Sigrid says to
Baelish. 'And not the lord?'

Baelish says, 'By my faith, I know. If you had ever been in HIS presence, you
would know it too.'

'So you believe you are good?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'But you actually
don't know for sure and never will. Hah, I have been in his presence, well he
said he was him anyway.. I didn't believe him.' 

'Then you are a fool,' Baelish says to Sigrid. 'I do know, the lord has given
my his charge, and I will follow it to the end of my days, stamping out evil
where-ever it may roam.'

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'Or opposite.. satan has given you his charge and you
are stomping out what satan finds evil which much be good.'

Baelish says, 'I have not talked to satan.'

'Oh?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'He told you he wasn't satan? It must be true

Baelish says, 'I have not talked to satan as I said, the lord has revealed
himself to me. I need no more confirmation than that,' Baelish says.

'You do not want to see my point do you?' Sigrid says to Baelish. 'You people
caught by holy fire sure are narrow minded.'

Baelish peers at Sigrid, looking her up and down. Wonder what he thinks?
Baelish says, 'It is true that I focus on ridding the world of evil, and
little else.'

'My point being that you are no less human than any of us, who are you to be
judge of others,' Sigrid says to Baelish.  'That is what i believe is of the
evil, thinking more of yourself than of your enemy.'

Baelish says, 'I am not the judge, I am but the body that carries out God's
will. Believe what you will, I cannot sway someone so utterly godless.'

Sigrid says to Baelish, 'With nothing but the insane voices in your head to
tell you what is God's will.. .'

'There are no insane voices in my head, only God's voice,' Baelish says.  

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