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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE TEN                                   April 23rd, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                           Calendar of Events

                             NEWS & REPORTS

                           Meet the Immortals 
                              Happy Easter!
                   LegendMUD March Connection Analysis

                         Twenty years to a Hero
                          Dack's Transformation
                           The McDougan Report
                         A Gathering of Entities

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

          [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                 -|- -|- -|- -|- April -|- -|- -|- -|-

      Sunday, April 24 til midnight Kaige's 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

      Sunday, April 30 at 1:00 pm   OOC Lecture:  Character Creation
                                    hosted by the lad who brought us McDougan

              <-> [-] <-> [-] <-> May <-> [-] <-> [-] <->

      Saturday, May  6 at 2:00 pm   OOC Lecture: Developing Tinyplots
                                    Speaker: Lirra
      Sunday,   May  7 at 1:00 pm   OOC Lecture:  Character Creation
                                    hosted by the lad who brought us McDougan

____                                                                  ____
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                              New Immortals 

Meet our new imms! They describe themselves as follows:

Danar is a 17-year-old future Drama major who was born and bred in Hawaii.
He's been playing Legend since late in 1997.  Danar is his first character.
He spends most of his time reading, writing, and arguing with people.
(Legend falls into all three categories.)

                              (*)  (*)  (*) 

Straussy is from Lima, Ohio. He has a younger brother and an older sister.
Straussy loves children and his little baby cousins, Ariana, Gillian, and
Sarah-Ann. From his personal knowledge of Italian foods, Straussy considers
doing a lot of cooking for his wife. As a senior at Lima Central Catholic,
Straussy spends as much time as possible cracking books and writing essays.
All the rest of his spare time he spends hanging out with his friends and
mudding (who needs sleep?). Straussy is a giver and would rather give and
than receive if it came down to choose. He is always one to put other before
himself. Music plays a major part in keeping him sane. Celtic and classical
music mellows him out when he gets stressed. His some of his favorite bands
and singers are: Clannad, The Chieftains, The Grehan Sisters, Chopin, The
Three Tenors, The Three Irish Tenors, Pavarotti solo, Andrew Belini, Paul
Simon, and of course "Old Blue Eyes". Straussy was accepted at Ohio State
University campus at Columbus, Ohio. There he has plans of majoring in
computer engineering or game development course and minoring in theater.

His LegendMUD career started in November of 95. There he met several players
that helped him learn the mud and how things work. After four an a half
years, Straussy decided to he should put his extra time helping make Legend
bigger and better. He proposed two times before getting accepted. Straussy
wants the world to know there is more in life than games and fun, but hard
work and sacrafice. Yes, there is more to life than life itself; love,
forgiveness, and faith in the Lord Christ. LegendMUD is a great game where 
he made several friends, all which he loves dearly. For this, he is thankful.
        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                               Happy Easter!

This year was Kaige's 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt, drawing crowds of
participants to comb the mud in search of that ever-elusive Easter Bunny. The
most fortunate among the hunters will receive special prizes, and everyone who
participated shall be rewarded as well.

This year's winners were:

Place Name     Total Eggs & Afikomen
 1    Alejandro:  115
 2    Mirage:      95
 3    Trust:       80
 4    Mcdougan:    66
 5    Huang-zhong: 44

I hope that you all had a joyous and blessed Easter!

        <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                LegendMUD March Connection Analysis

                      Peak Mortal Players 67
                       Average Peak was 58
                    Peak PK Enabled Players 21
            Pkenabled Characters represent approximately
                       20% of active players.

The first two tables below show the Average Mortal Players and Average
PK Enabled Players connected to Legend by hour of the day as polled
approximately on the hour system time during the period noted above.
The third table shows the same averages calculated by the day of week.

              hour  0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
              avg  38 37 33 29 23 19 16 18 21 22 27 31
              pke   7  4  6  6  5  4  4  4  7  6  7  7

              hour 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
              avg  32 35 39 39 46 43 45 48 49 50 43 45
              pke   7  6  8  8 12 11 11 10 11 11 11  8

              day   MON  TUE  WED  THU  FRI  SAT  SUN
              avg    31   32   32   32   32   35   35
              pke     7    5    6    6    6    7    8

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

The IRA RP clan was formed on April 16th. The Shadar Logoth RP clan, and the
Seven Circles RP clan were both formed on April 15th. The United Surgeons of
Legend II were formed on April 7th. The Damage Inc. clan was disbanded for low
membership. Akai_Hayate disbanded the Mercenaries Clan. Tirasala disbanded the
Dred Pyrats Clan.

                              (*)  (*)  (*) 

A note arrived in a salt-stained envelope, pushed beneath the Times
office door. Beneath the elegant script 'Thank You', we read the following

It happened as it follows:

After being away for 4 months I set my sights on acheiving one of the 3 stat
quests and found my death in a blissful sleep. Immediately, within seconds,
upon my sudden an painful death I recieved an offering of help from Aisha who
very willingly decided to help me re-eq. She came with her own group and
within hours restored over half of my eq. This is to thank the noble effort
of Aisha and those who followed her and are as follows:  Aisha, Danar,
Sammael, Floppy, a dark-haired gentleman, a fierce Mamluk and those whom in
all the shock I forgot to mention. I must admit that this unselfish help
restored my faith in the LegendMUD which was somewhat undermined with all of
the changes and a kind of deterioration from the LegendMUD I fell in love
over 2 years ago. Thanks all.

	LeChuck -- the terror that was mind-boggling and will be again ...

                              (*)  (*)  (*) 

*Note:  this page was found near a pool of blood and a silver moonstone 
bracelet.  I only know that my mother wanted this to be shown--  Daimon 
Alexandrius Shadowmage*

I, Gallowglass Alexandria D'Aramand, hereby let it be known that this it the
last entry within my journal.  I write this because I wish to tell those who
read this that they know who I am first, then make their decisions...

My life is at its final closing, bringing with it the sleep of death.  I
shall know that this is the end for me and that there is no other for me to
look to.  I am sorry that those who knew me knew me well, since I shall leave

Whereever Aginor is, I hope that he is well, since there are still issues
between us.  Rest easy, my friend.

To Xerox, I only leave this message:  I loved you, let it be that and 
nothing else.

To all others, learn that there is nothing that should be said other than 
thank-you for those who have been nice, and be damned to those who weren't.  
Remeber, my spirit will watch from afar and that will be the end of the 

A special note to LadyAce:  You were my friend in all times of crisis.  I 
thank-you deeply for being my friend.

Peace travel with all of you...

Gallowglass Alexandria D'Aramand.

       <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                         Twenty years to a Hero

Ledgend once again awoke in his grand bedroom... wincing in the morning light.

"Well... time to get to work..."

Ledgend proceeded to Tara, where he had spent most of the last twenty years
of his life hunting sidhes.

Creeping through the dark moonlit tunnels of the Sidhe Underhills, Ledgend
was not thinking at all. Though had long ago ceased to be a part of this
life. Constant sidhes, constant killing. The scar he had recieved so long ago
from a young sidhe - had long since faded to a barely noticable silver

"Die Human!" came a shout from the darkness.

Ledgend was ready, always had been. A few quick slices of his blade and
another sidhe became a fading memory.  Retrieving the beautiful silver
leafmail from the fresh corpse, Ledgend glimpsed a view of himself in the

Grey hairs had cropped up along his temples, and lines stretched from 
his eyes to his hollow cheeks. Ten years had flown by in the swish of a
sword. Another ten in the brief deathcry of countless seelies and

Ledgend Sighed... wondering how long it must go on.... how long until a sidhe
catches him off guard or he let himself be caught...  Starting out as a
daring adventurer... Now an aging clanmaster, with a hollow heart.

What twenty years can do to a hero.

       <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                          Dack's Transformation

Full of evil and hatred, the Avatar of fear caused nothing but havok and
destruction. Long ago, many perished to the wrath and fury of his power.
Despite his domination over the innocent and weak upon which he preyed,
something happened. Along with his campanions, Guru and Ash, the three dark
warriors encounter a greater being. One so great that attemping to describe
its presence would do it no honorable justice. Scared and frightened, Guru
and Ash fled, leaving Dack behind, alone. The undefined being came before
Dack, shining bright with auras of white. Soon after, Dack heard the whispers
from which the greater being spoke, "Hear me now, young Dack. Your skill and
pride are distracted by the existence of evil that lurks inside you.  Do not
let it feed on you, Dack. You MUST fight it, for the sake of humanity. If
not, you will be used as an asset to evil and nothing more. If you ignore me,
you will suffer greatly. There is still time to change, but the time is now.
Hea..r, ..Dack!!" Moments later the whispers fade, leaving Dack in

Years pass..

And so, after searching deep within his heart, Dack searched to find the good
of light to guide him to his destiny. His heart led him to a special guild of
fighters. A group so special they were chosen to protect the weak and
helpless. To defend all things good. They are The Knights of Legend. He is
now under the wing as a squire. Let's hope his faith remains true...

       <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                             The McDougan Report

Taeday we shpeak o' tha' greet lad, Kendrik MacLaren, whosh back.  Kendrik
hash been in and oot o' the shpirit wairld ash long ash I've known him.
Achtually, thash nae quitee richt.  He'sh been in and oot o' the
underwairld.  Hesh alwaysh in the wairld o' shpiritsh, eshpeshially ushquebeg
- called scotch by shome o' ye.  Luckily, deeth dunnae hae much o' a grashp
on him, coompared tae hish love o' drink, sae...  He hash many relationsh,
notably tad, Frodo, I tink Alaric, thoo Alaric micht be un o' mine.  The
family tree'sh sae bluidy big! - Nairthshtar, and mony aithersh.
Relationshipsh between the clansh be guid.  Och, a lad after m'oown liver.

       <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                         A Gathering of Entities

The child woke up in a sweat. She sat upright in bed, still clutching her
tiny crucifix as if for protection. Her face was pale and frightened. It had
been a horrible dream, and unlike most dreams which you can dismiss as you
wake up, she had a horrible feeling that it had all actually happened

There had been entities. That was really the best term to describe them.  Oh,
some of them had looked human enough, at least to the naked eye. The big
scaly beast with the wings and the fangs obviously would stand out on Times
Square, but the rest looked fairly ordinary. They all seemed sinister, dark,
dangerous - even the ones who were not dressing like they wanted to give that

"There are seven circles of Hell," one of them had said in a voice that was
unexectedly pleasant and melodic. "If we align our efforts we might as well
assume that name for now."

The others nodded. The beast made a fairly loud noise when he did that,
scales clanking.

"They will come after us," the woman, a beautiful and deadly creature, said.
"I look forward to it."

The great, bulky man grinned in a manner that reminded the girl of a cat
toying with a mouse. The more slender, green-eyed man nodded his consent,

The first man, dark-haired and slender, smiled. "It will be an excellent
sport, I believe. I look forward to working with you all."

The big man snorted. "I look forward to hurting people in the Dark Lord's

The woman scoffed. "I don't need that excuse."

It had not been their words. Oh, they were threatening enough, but seemed
distant and unreal to the girl. She did not know any dark lords in the
first place. It was the air around them, the chill and misty night breeze
which had seemed to carry an otherworldly - no, netherworldly - message of
impeding death and destruction.

She rose to her feet and kept her crucifix close to her lips. Evil was on
the rise. She had to find somebody, anybody, and warn the world.

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
all replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected]
for inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to
moderate this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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