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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE TWELVE                                  May 31st, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS & REPORTS
                     Player-Run "Gladiator" Tournament!

                               Clan News  
                      From the Dead Letter Office
                           A Knight's Quest
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                         Player-Run Gladiator Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Legendites,

If your a pk'er, I am sure you want to know just how good you are. Well, this
is to be your chance -- I will be running a competition to find who is the
champion of pk on the mud. One section is for all those under level 40 and
one for all those above.

The rules are simple and cheaters will be disqualified.

Every time you fight a battle, write who you fought, if you won or lost and
give the battle a score out of ten and a reason why, then send it to me. You

1 point for a loss
2 for a win
3 for a win against a person in the section above you

I will post standings regularly to the boards, and I will calulate at the end
of one month or their abouts who wins in each section.

I must recieve a note from both fight participants for the fight to be
considered worthy of points, anyone can say they defeated an entire clan
single-handedly, but unless I get a note from the looser as well I can't go
with it.) All the prize money is out of my own pocket so this is not a cheap
scam to get your money, and if you are considering entering please send me a
mudmail (Clark) stating your current level and character type.

* If a person from the below level 40 section wins against someone above
level 40 they get 3 points.

the Prizes are as follows :
above level 40: 100K to the ultimate winner
below level 40: 50K to the ultimate winner
most honorable pk'er : 20K (from comments section)
best rp while roleplaying : 20K (from the comments section)
ultimate loooooser: 10K and a pat on the back.

This can be fun for everyone, If everyone is honest and writes down their
looses and well as the victories, and gives an honest comment about the
fight, things like 'the fight was worth 0 out of 10 cause I lost' will not be
smiled upon. Good luck to all who wish to participate.

Also if anyone would like to make a donation to me for a particular prize
section the pot will be raised by exactly that sum.

Clark, Knight of Legend.

P.S. remember it is free and even if you do enter do not feel like you have
to go on an all out killing spree - a month is a long time in mud terms.

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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                               Clan News  

Kingdom of Kastuul RP clan was formed on May 23rd. Der'Morat'Moridin and
Castlerock were disbanded for low membership.

Legend currently has 23 RP clans and 8 PK clans.

                              (*)  (*)  (*) 

A sickly looking fellow wandered into the office today carrying a small
scroll under his arm. 'My boss wants this in the paper,' he said nervously as
he dropped the scroll on the desk and walked out.

The scroll reads as follows:

To all GuildMasters:

The Assassin's Guild is looking for work. We would like to meet with all of
you to discuss a few things. Our messanger, Fink, will take care of setting
up a time and place for those interested. Mail him if you would like to join
this meeting.

We are giving two weeks from the date of this letter to receive your

                      From the Dead Letters Department

This letter came to us delivered by a small winged fellow who refused 
to give his name. The demonling claimed the letter was addressed to a 
lately deceased entity of the nether realms, and that no one in the 
vicinity of the deceased demon lord's residence wanted to have 
anything to do with it lest someone think they were the writer.

My Lord and Master, -

I write thee as a humble servant to bear thee warning of a conspiracy in the
mortal realms, directed at thy glorious person. I was routinely watching Lord
Marcel Alexander as thou hast ordered me to do, when happenstance I came upon
him, engaged in conversation with a shadowed, veiled form. I grievously must
admit that I did not manage to deduct the identity of the lady - and I accept
any punishment that thou, in thy infernal wisdom, might deem appropriate.

'She found the scrolls with all the history on everything that we've done,'
the shadowed form spake, its voice so low and cautious that I could at first
not even tell that it was indeed female. 'She must want to drive Sabu out of
his mind.'

The Banished One nodded. 'That would seem to suit Jovette's sense of humor,'
he replied. The veiled woman nodded at that. 'But it's worse than that. It's
a real mess.'

Lord Marcel took her hand; from that I deduct that the two are well
acquainted, at least. 'Tell me all of it, dear, that will help me make a
decision,' said he. 'I ministered Brendan and Amethyst's wedding, as I
recall, and I shall be quite lordly furious with whoever broke a pact that I
instituted,' he added.

The veiled form winced and drew back. 'I did.'

There was a moment of silence between the two. Then finally, Lord Marcel
said, 'Now you tell me why not to be lordly furious with you, please.'

A deep sigh left the ample chest of the veiled lady. 'It was an agreement
from before their marriage. He was not supposed to know.  That was the
bargain made.'

Lord Marcel nodded. I know him well enough, O Great One, to tell that he was
angry and restraining himself. 'What did you obtain from this - deal?'

The veiled woman turned away from him, as if in shame. 'I acted on Her
request.' I believe, O Wondrous Shaker of Worlds, that she referred to the
witches' goddess there.

Lord Marcel nodded again. 'It'd be her request or a gun at your neck, I know
that. Brendan was not quite - your type.'

The woman continued her story. 'Sabu would have Brendan's power, and mine.
When he grew old enough, he'd stand on his own, but with Her guidance. He
would know only Brendan and Amethyst for his parents.  And when he was ready
- She would send him a sign.' She paused, then added, 'Somehow I do not think
this is the time.'

Lord Marcel smiled slightly. 'Yep, that's Daisy for you.'

The woman faced him again. O Glorious Creator of Pain, how I but wish I could
discern her identity for thee! 'That was why I left. I had work to do. Well,
this was it.'

'I will not spill your secret, dear,' the Banished One said after a while.
'At least not if you keep in mind that I would consider you to owe me one for
not doing so.'

The woman winced. 'Usually I would not like that. But I think I am desperate
enough to take that deal. I don't know what I would do, or he would do, if he
were to find out.'

Lord Marcel nodded. 'We have known each other a long time. You know exactly
how unscrupulous and manipulative I can be. You also know I tend to go easy
on people I like. Do you want it written in blood, or will my word suffice?'
O Great One, O Maker of Mortal Dread, the fool she was! 'I'm sure I can take
your word,' she said.

Lord Marcel grinned. 'Most people wouldn't.' She seemed to smile behind her
veil. 'I know you better than most.'

It seemed they were about to part when suddenly the Banished One hesitated
and said, 'Actually, there is something you can do for me in return. Allow
you to settle your debts fast and all that.' He took to pacing back and forth
in the alley where I was spying on them.  'You may recall my... departure...
from the nether realms about a year ago.' O Great One, do we not all!

The woman nodded. 'I do.'

'I have had word from other netherworldly entities of late, servants of the
Dark Lord, that that entity has interfered with the politics of the Seventh
Circle,' Lord Marcel proceeded curtly. 'That suits me well enough, for I had
demanded of him a favor, that he - dispose - of the demon who took my place.
But while the seat of power of the Seventh Circle is now vacant, I still need
to get myself into it.'

O Great One, O Lover of Misery, what a jest! To think this fool banished
angel would think the Lord whom mortal call fish and live to laugh about it
should have the power to reach into Hell and disturb thee in thy slumber!

The woman grinned behind her veil. 'What can I do to help with that?'

Lord Marcel returned her grin. 'Show up with a few friends at an appointed
date and time and help me trounce anyone in the netherworld who has a

The veiled form gestured her approval of the idea. 'I must go now,' she said.
'But call on me, and the witches will be ready.'

Great One, I regret that I do not know the date and time of this foolhardy
quest they are about to undertake. I remain ever thy faithful servant, and I
will ensure with my life and blood that no threat to the Seventh Circle shall
come off this alliance between the Banished One and the followers of the
Witches' Goddess.

Faithfully yours,


                       A Knight's Quest

    Visions of glory ran riotous through my mind as I sailed my vessel
towards Norway, home to the Vikings. My master, Vendetta, had given me
permission to travel to the home of the Norse warriors to earn my right of
passage to knighthood, at my request.

    I knew I would feel no regret as I destroyed the Vikings, for they exist
as pirates, pillagers and plunderers of monasteries to the most holy God.

    I dragged my boat onto a rocky beach just as night fell, and took account
of my surroundings. I could see the fires of a settlement burning to the
east, and I presumed it to be a home for fishermen and the like. Thus I
considered that this region would hold no match for me -- I took a quick tour
of the surrounding area and settled down to sleep in my boat.

    That night as I slept, I had a dream and in that dream a hulk of a man
with flame red hair and beard stood before me. He spoke with a voice like
thunder. "I am Thor, if you venture to kill my people I will strike thee down
with furious vengance." I awoke with a start -- my master had spoken of Thor,
saying that he was to be destroyed at all costs. So my mind was set on a
steadfast course -- I would travel these lands until this Thor would face me
and we would battle to the death, so little did I know of Thor's nature...

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