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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE FOURTEEN                               June 26th, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            Calendar of Events

                             NEWS & REPORTS
                               OOC Update
                     Cultural Note: Aztec Feast Day 


                               Clan News
                           The McDougan Report
                       Scraps of a Private Journal
                           A Yeoman's Journey
                           A Violent Encounter

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

              <-> [-] <-> [-] <-> June <-> [-] <-> [-] <->

        Thursday, June 29 at 7:00 pm       Q & A in the OOC Auditorium


                 LegendMUD Summer Odyssey continues...
              A monthlong celebration of the Medieval era.

              Mid to late July, exact date to be announced: 
        Royal Tournament & Joust, in the fields outside Kleinstadt
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/__|                        NEWS AND REPORTS                          |__\

                              OOC Update

    Congratulations and thank you to all of the players who sent in ideas for
Northstar's OOC contest. You can look forward to a new set of items in the
very near future.  Special thanks to:

Adran Alexandria Alvis Brinks Bruce Cloud_Kitten Daneir Dechtire Gertrude
Ieralasa Juliana Krillen Lelldorin McDougan Mishakal Muninn Nanki-Poo Nepon
McDougan Pobby Praseodymium Sinister Sitalz Tolkien Trevor Vandervecken
Vendetta Vortigern Zrya

for their excellent suggestions!


                   Cultural Note: Aztec Feast Day 

June 13 - July 2 TECUILHUITONTLI- Little Feast Day of the Lords.
For the Mexicas, their seventh month may have been named Tecuilhuitl, which
can be translated to "Small Feast of the Lords". Deities of the feast and
general vegetation were offered as sacrifices and a special sacrifice of a
woman was held. The Great Speaker of Tenochtitlan would publicly dance and
distribute gifts to the people. During this month the deities Xochipilli
and Huixtocihuatl were worshiped, and there was much Pulque drinking done
by all. The Lords of the city hosted commoners at feasts. In this and the
previous month, special ceremonies to the deities of rain and the goddess
of salt, considered their elder sister, were practiced and the people who
made salt would dance for ten days in pairs, each person holding the end
of a rope and singing in a high soprano voice.  During this time, the
concubines of great lords were allowed out of their houses and walked
about the streets with flowers on their heads and around their necks.
Author: Kaige

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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


              Archmage has reached 200 million experience!

Due to the fact that she will no longer be killing for money, but only for
the glory of the Goddess, Madison can no longer be recognized as a 'mercenary
witch.' She can now be seen as: Standing over a freshly killed corpse, a
bloody witch eyes you hungrily.

                               *  *  *

                              Clan News

It has been a time of transformation for clans -- the Ministry of Darkness,
the Assassin's Guild, and the Knights of Legend have become PK clans. We now
have 18 RP clans and 11 PK clans for you to choose among, and 3 free slots
for new ones to form.

                               *  *  *

                       The McDougan Repeert:  Hereshy!

    Hereshy hash been broadcasht in thish shcroll sheriesh o' late!  Thor
dunnae be deed, he be muir powerful than ye wee hypocrishy!

    Aye, aye, sae ye woont tae hae a narroo, unbendin view o' religioon, tha'
doomsh all but a tiny bit o' Europe tae flamesh.  An intreshtin way yer god
hash o' showing hish love o' man, eh?

    Och, at leesht we wee pagansh be tolerant o' all the varioosh godsh.
Dinnae Rome dedicate itsh altarsh tae "The shpiritsh o' thish plashe?"

    Leeve the wee pagansh shtay pagansh, dunnae make them intae hypocritical
arshesh.  Hic!


                       Scraps of a Private Journal

Scraps of paper lay upon the ground, as if torn and tossed wildly about
to scatter in the wind. As I came across them in my travel, I dutifully
picked them up and carried them to the office so that I may cure my
curiousness and try to piece together the cryptic message each one held.

After a few moments, and quite a bit of tape, I concluded that the page
was that of a journal of sorts, ripped from its binding. Whether the author
of this wished it lost, or not, I am not sure. But his words within are
heartfelt and in sorrow, as you can easily see...

                                           June 2nd

Today, as each day that's passed, I continue my search. I will cover all of
heaven, hell and earth until I find her again. Her disappearance pains me. I
can only hope that she's not harmed in any way.

The past week's journey took me to Zanzibar, yet again. I had hoped, perhaps,
she might have returned there, but she hasn't. Though the staff at the castle
still looks at me as a murderer, I could see in their eyes that they worry as
much as I do for her safety.

Its not like her to leave in such a way as to give no word nor warning to
anyone. Not even her sisters in the Coven know where she's gone. I know that
she was upset when I saw her last. And I know that the fault lies with me, as
though I love her, and she loves me(I hope she does still), my past - both
recent and old - has given her alot of pain. Pain that I would take upon myself
in an instant. But even still, she did not leave like this at any time.

I return to the one place that I dread most in all that I have travelled. I
do so secretly, so that the minions there do not report my return, and I'll
not be haulted from my search.

I'll find her, if it takes the last bit of energy and breath in my body, then
so be it.



                       A Yeoman's Journey

Born in the cold streets of London, I, Legolas, was abducted and brought to
Tara.  Once there I found my calling as a Yeoman, quickly gaining skills with
my bow and knife.  For six years I fought alongside my brethren, disabling
enemies with a bow, and finishing them with my knife.  In this manner I
gained recognition and fame from the people of the land.  A pale yeoman, I
fought for all that was right and true.  One cannot say how I strayed from
the path of virtue.

Questing with my friends Shaidar and Lady Dagger, I became aware of a sense
of helplessness.  My mighty bow and dagger did not compare to the great
weapons which they wielded.  I realized I couldn't help my brothers as I had
before.  I had lost the path of truth and righteousness.  Still desiring to
bring good fortune to my companions, but not being able to led me to abandon
them and everyone else who I had once called friend.

I crashed on coral reefs, was crushed in waterfalls, and fell through a well
before my path became clear. Hearing legends and stories of a great being in
mystical times who bore the same name as mine inspired me.  I searched high
and low for answers and clues about his past.

Suddenly, in a dream he came to me.  Standing before me, he was clad in
heavenly armor and wielded a large sword.  On his tunic he bore the mark of a

His beauty surpassed all I had seen before, it hurt my eyes to look upon
him.  He stared at me for some time, then spoke. 'Your path has been lost, my
brother.  You will find your answers in me.'  He then approached me, coming
very close to my face.  Instantly I felt transformed.  When I awoke, my
appearance had changed.  I no longer resembled a pale yeoman, but instead had
the appearance of him, a serene prince clad in heavenly armor.  My journey
had been completed, and I was forever changed.


                        A Violent Encounter

While I was walking down a dark street in Pittsburg, an old man stepped out
of the shadows. 'Money for the poor?' begged the old man.

'Look, get out of my face, gutter trash,' said I. The old man growled and
slammed his oak walking cane into my throat, making me choke. Just as a
reflex, my hand rose and I fired my gun into his chest. His body slumped to
the ground.

I started to walk away when i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and a heavey
weight knock me to the ground. A half man, half wolf beast peered down at
me.  *Werewolfs in Pittsburg ... nice* I thought. After some time of
fighting, I realized that my weapons were not harming him at all. Fleeing
from combat, I made a hasty retreat to a local Church.

Although my skin was starting to burn from being on holy ground, I begged the
assistence of Father Olan. Father Olan stomped out into the gloomy night,
looking for the evil beast. The beggar, still in Lupis form, rushed at Father Olan. Father Olan fired a pair of Silver Berettas, wounding the begger. But the beggar landed a staggering blow to Father Olan's chest then picked him up like he was nothing more than a pillow and threw him into the church wall. 

The Father let off two rounds, and dropped the begger to the ground.  I ran
over to help Father Olan. He spoke slowly, blood foam forming at the corners
of his mouth. 'Harlequin, you have to help me...the werewolf has infected
me. Please save my soul.' He handed me the guns do it.

I had killed many a holy man before, but not one who just saved my life.  But
this was the least I could do for him. After I burned his and the beggar's
body, I slipped the guns into my belt and left town.

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