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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE EIGHTEEN                              August 6th, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                            Calendar of Events

                             NEWS & REPORTS

                     Friends and Family RP Workshop


                               Clan News
                     Imperial Tournament: Results
                         Autobiography: Shaidar 

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

[All times are system time unless otherwise specified]


                 LegendMUD Summer Odyssey continues...
              A monthlong celebration of the Industrial era.

        Tuesday,  August 9  at 8:00 pm     RP Workshop: Friends and Family
                                           Featured Speaker: Lirra   
        Thursday, August 10 at 7:00 pm      Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
        Saturday, August 12 at noon        "Darwin" Recalltag -- skills and
                                           spells allowed 
                            at 1:00 pm     Trivia Challenge: Modern History

        Friday, August 18 - Sunday, August 20   -- LegendMEET in Austin, TX      

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/__|                        NEWS AND REPORTS                          |__\

                Immort Application Forms are available from 

                    Immort Proposals are Due September 1

                     Friends and Family RP Workshop

On Tuesday, August 8th, at 8pm EST Lirra will be hosting a Friends 
and Family Seminar. This seminar will focus on gaining helping 
players gain various ties and relations to other characters on the 
game, as well as help them work out minor details of their 
character's past. The seminar starts out with a short lecture, and 
will then move into a workshop where players discuss different 
aspects of their character's lives, and how others might be able to 
gain ties to that character, either through business references or 
other sorts of roleplay experience.

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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                              Clan News

                            From the Guild

The Assassin's Guild has openings for a few that feel they're
fit to join the ranks. If you think you have what it takes to
become an assassin, drop me some mail and I'll make sure it
gets to the right place.

Fink, just a messenger

                               *  *  *

                            A Call to Arms!

Fair Citizens of Legend:

Does your heart beat for the heat of battle?  Do your palms itch for the feel
of steel and strong wooden weaponry?  Are you pure of heart and brave in
soul?  Do you wish to live your life for a higher purpose and live by a just,
honorable code?

If you affirmatively answered these questions, then the time has come for you
to answer the call: the Call to Arms.  The honorable Knights of Legend are
calling to YOU, fair denizens of Legend!  It is time for you to live by the
Knight's Code, to join this established and honorable order!

It is time for you to make a stand for YOUR beliefs!  Stand not idly by and
watch as evil forces trounce the downtrodden and defenseless!  Stand not by
and watch as the repressed suffer!  It is time that YOU, fair denizen, take
up the sword and staff in the name of all that is right and true!

Be warned, fair reader, the journey to honorable Knighthood is not an easy
one.  The life of a Knight is not for all, but for those who are capable of
upholding the Code and fear not the trials of a life spent in the public
service.  A Knight's journey begins in earnest as a squire, a squire learning
the Code and a Knight's responsibilities by heart.  We in the Knights of
Legend expect much of our young squires.  We expect that you will be
available for assignments and training at LEAST every two weeks; if the young
squire will not be available to us (without proper and good cause for the
absence,) he or she will be dropped from squirehood.  So take heed, fair
denizens, before deciding on this life-path!

For those who are ready, for the brave men and women that wish to live for
the honor of the Code, the Knight life is most fulfilling and glorious.  Heed
this Call to Arms, citizens of Legend!  Seek out the counsel of the Knights
and make your first trip into your honorable, glorious destiny!

Lady Dechtire

                               *  *  *

                         The Coven recruits!

Yep, you got it. The Grand Coven is looking for new members who seek the
enlightenment of the Goddess. Mail me if you're interested in expanding your
views on the world, seeking the guidance of the one Goddess, and a lover of
Pepsi!(ok, just kidding about the last part)

Malia, spiffy coven type


                    Imperial Tournament: Results

The tournament was divided into two portions, the Squire competition and the
Knight's competition.  Mental proved himself truly a winner as he parried and
pierced his way into first place in the Squires fencing section. As did
Hp'Shout' who swung his stave expertly gaining him first place in the
Squire's Staves competition.

For the Knight's portion a big congrats go out to Dun who amazed us all with
his fencing prowess, and blinding speed as he climbed the ranks to first
place in the Knight's fencing portion.  Also to Aaaaargh, who with a twirl of
his stave and thickness of his skull, knocked his opponents senseless, thus
taking first in the Knight's staves competition. Shine also proved himself
truly an expert swordsman with the strength of his arm and sharpness of his
blade, allowing him to come in first place.

Elisa also did a great job as the Queen of the Festivities and offering
kisses to the champions of the duels, which certainly provided some incentive
to the competitors.  For those who stuck around for the joust I hope you had
fun, I know I did.

Thanks again,
Blackthorne de'Dannan'


                         Autobiography: Shaidar 

          -=as dictated to the staff at the london hospital=-

I was born in a wealthy house in London, England, unlike most of my friends
today, who were left to fend for themselves in the streets of various
hometowns. My father owned a large piece of the East India Company.  So
needless to say I was well off; I lived in a large house down the street from
the hospital and the old church.

I was handsome, I had been well-schooled in Paris, at all their finest
institutions. I had mastered the all of the fine arts. I could play any
instrument with ease and grace. But my greatest gift of all, was my wife to
be. I was happily engaged to my love, Christine, everything was perfect. A
few months before my wedding, strange things started to occur, nothing big,
urchins and other such riff-raff were disappearing of the streets. No one
thought much of it, I mean, good riddance to bad rubbish. But then important
people started to vanish into thin air. Like my father's co-workers.

I was outside one day when I received word that my wife to be was missing. We
had the town search high and low for her. The police explored everywhere.
Alas she was not to be found. I felt terror, horror, revulsion. I couldn't
believe this; my life was going to be perfect. I asked if anyone had explored
the old church. Superstition had it demons now dwelled there. Of course I
didn't believe such nonsense, who would believe such peasant rabble.

I arrived at the church just as a storm was beginning to break over the town.
Ripping aside numerous boards nailed to the door I entered. The smell of
death and decay hit me in the face, I instantly knew, I shouldn't be here.
There were so many flies; I could feel them all over my skin. Holding back
the increasing bile I searched deeper, making my way past some pews that had
apparently been torn from the floor. Bibles were strewn about, pages flitting
in my wake. The stained glass windows lit the church with an eerie light
every time lightning flashed. My lantern flickering slightly told me it was
time to conclude the search.

Coming up to the back of the church, near the altar, I discovered a vague
form, sprawled out. Stepping around a pile of trash I got a better look. My
breath was caught in my throat, fighting back a scream of pain which was
slowly clawing its way out of my chest. My gaze rested on the battered form
of my heart's desire. She was broken like a rag doll, limbs resting at odd
angles that shouldn't have been. I stood there looking at her, not quite

Whirling around to vomit into the nearest pew I felt a breeze on my cheek.
Suddenly knowing I was in deathly trouble I scrambled over some trash,
scattering rats in every direction. Tripping over debris, I collapsed to my
knees, tears streaming down my face. I had cut my hand on a sharp splinter;
blood was all over my arm.

A piercing cackle that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up sounded
above me. Whirling onto my back I only had a split second before a blur
slammed into me. Its claws dug into my chest, its snapping jaws above my face
oozed saliva all over me. Its fetid stink made me want to vomit again.
Kicking up with my legs, I managed to knock it off me.

Rushing to my feet I made for the boards. Then it was on my back, jaws
snapping inches away from my bare throat, its hot breath on the back of my
neck. Spinning around recklessly I couldn't get it off, and then its claws
came around my head, and sunk into my eyes with a wet slush. Searing hot
agony flooded my every nerve. Blinded I went into a rage, no longer caring
for my physical well being, no longer feeling anything.

I scratched and clawed back at my back, tripping over some lumber we both
went down in a heap. Lying there I realized I must have lost consciousness. I
sat up in the dark, and slowly put my hands to my face. I felt a wetness,
blood; I could feel it all over. Not knowing if this demon was still alive I
crawled slowly around, feeling a breeze on my right cheek I crawled that
direction.  Eventually I made it outside due to the noise from all the rain
and thunder. I think at this point again I passed out.

Waking up in the hospital, it took some time for me to cope with my new dark
prison, having everything that was once familiar, now different. I lay in bed
for months, not wanting or caring about anyone or myself anymore. If it
hadn't been for the staff feeding me, I might have died from hunger, so I
lived on, now a blind man, faced scarred horribly. I could tell every time my
family came to visit, their sharp intakes of breath, and quickness of
breathing told me all. I've come to cope with this darkness, to embrace

		   "My mind has touched the farthest horizons
		    of mortal imagination and reaches ever outward to embrace
		    infinity. There is no knowledge of my comprehension, no
		    artistic skill upon this entire planet lies beyond the
		    mastery of my hand...  but as long as I live, no woman
		    will ever look on me in love."

                    Shaidar Haran - Hand of the Dark

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