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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE TWO                                 January 18th, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS & REPORTS
     -                          Trivia!                              -
     - Is Role-Play Dead? No, It Just Got out of the Emergency Room.  -

     -                       Announcements                            -
     -                     The McDougan Report                        -
     -                     Surviving LegendMUD                        -

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

        >-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\ January /\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-<

      Thursday, January 20, 7:00 pm        Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
      Tuesday,  January 25, 8:00 pm        Robert Burns Night
                                           - including a Scottish variation
                                             of the pirate treasure hunt
      Thursday, January 27, 7:00 pm        Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\


Calling All Those Who Walk In The Shadows And Shrink From Garish Light:

Saturday, January 22, at 2pm system time, test your knowledge of things that
go bump in the night against that of your fellow Legendites. Also, watch
events in upcoming the upcoming week for a flag hunt.

See you there!


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     Is Role-Play Dead? No, It Just Got out of the Emergency Room.

[Chat] Somebody: RP is dead.
Now that is a message I see a little bit too often for my liking. I
disagree, and that vividly. Once, it was customary for the role-players to
advertize themselves vividly on all available media: Channels, boards, LT
articles, face to face, you name it. In more recent times, in spite of the
addition of the Gossip channel, it's become less popular to 'spam' channels
and boards with role-play material.

Is that bad? Not necessarily. On the good side, less spam is an advantage,
especially as our number of users is growing - the more people spamming,
the more lag, etc., and the higher the chance that people turn off channels
in order to be able to make out what's going on at their present location.
On the down side, it makes it more difficult for us all to easily spot
potential role-play partners.

There are a couple of things you can do quite easily if you find yourself
lacking on the role-play interaction side. You can wander and talk to
people IC - and yes, some will respond by telling your their alts and
demanding you get them experience or equipment. So, let them - if you
respond only IC to their requests, the chance is pretty good that they
either will slip IC as well, or find someone else to pester. This is not
rude - it's self defense. You have a right to play the game your way just
as they have the right to play it their way.

Join a clan, whether pkill or role-play or both, but do so with
consideration. Being a member of a role-play clan does not right away mean
you gain access to a group of role-players. Some clans form on basis of a
group of people wanting to help each other out with experience and
equipment and runs. This is not a bad thing, but if it's role-play you're
hunting, it's not the clan for you. Be certain to inquire as to the
role-play of the clan you're considering, find out who's in already, and
what they do. And whatever clan you join, never expect a free ride. You
will have to do your share in order for that clan to maintain and expand
its role-play identity.

Don't tell yourself that you're a bad role-player, and don't let anyone
else tell you, either. As soon as you slip out of your real life persona
and pretend to be someone else, you're role-playing. Like everything else,
role-play is a skill that takes time to master. Playing Legend is not a
competition as to who's best, it's about having fun. I think you will find
that most experienced role-players feel awkward about being judged on their
level of 'skill', because that is not their priority. I know I do.

Don't be discouraged when someone tells you that role-play sucks, and
whatever other charming jibes people come up with. No one forces anyone to
role-play here - but it's our right to do so, just as it's their right not
to do so. They're entitled to their opinion, you to yours. Non-constructive
criticism is never worth wasting much energy on, just move on.

Remember that role-play does not have to be a huge plot that will alter the
world and everyone in it. It may be as simple as what you tell people when
you meet them - what you look like - how you string your equipment - the
reason you come up with for killing specific mobs - your choice of
alignment - your message on info when someone levels or dies - all the
'small' things together can make up a very vivid picture of who your
character is. The large plots have great entertainment value, but they
require a high level of preparation and interaction in order to be a
success. This is time and effort you will not always have available, and
not always be able to get an audience for.


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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


Vandervecken has reached 100 million experience!

          <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

              The McDougan Report:  Shupport yer local Pirate!

    The oother day I met oop wi' Guapo, A michty pirate o' auld
acquaintanshe. Unfairttunately, he was nae ash shcary ash he micht hae been,
ash he had shrunk greatly in valour and micht after a wee shpell hed
retairned him tae myshtich level eight.  Och, puir lad!  Howe'er, he'sh a
guid lad, shae gie him heelp gin ye can.
    Aye, pirates are nae tae be "Dred"ed  they can be nishe ladsh, if they
hae foony accentsh (Thoo nae ash foony ash yer average Shoothron Eenglish,
or Merkin, oor Liverpudlian, oor Yorkshireman..  Althoo the lasht twa are
much tae be deshired over the oothersh in noon-accent criteria.  Feer
inshtanshe, read tha' buik by the Greet Shcotch author (The Scotch hash been
shpillen on shome o' the pagesh - shrrry (grin))  George MacDonald Frasier,
"The Pyrates"  Be warned thoo, itsh coompletely in Pyratical brogue, whash
better than an English brogue, but a bit shtreenge tae thoshe wha're meer
familiar wi' a proper shpeakin' lad like m'shel.  Frasier alsho wrote aboot
Flashman, who be a typical shoothron Englishman:  Evil.   Shee alsho Tom
Brown'sh Shcooldaysh.
    Och, noo, shoom may ashk hoo I beceem shae weel read.  Weel, booger off.
Naen o' ye bushnesh.  Beshidesh, eef I shquint enoof....
    Eenyway, joosht remeember: if a groop o' piratesh attack, ye need nae
flee.  Joosht shlap 'em oon the back and offer tae buy them a dreenk at the
pub, proovided they dunt burn it doon.  Wairksh eevry time.  Tae avooid
looshin tha' free drink tae shpreadin flamesh, they weel prooly avoid burnin
anythin aroond it.   Thush, get a houshe by the pub.  Oor in it.

    The McDoogan Repoort:  Proovidin usheful infeermation.  Prooly.

-McDougan, Hic!

          <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                           Surviving LegendMUD
                                 By Arte

So on the first day in this strange place they called Tara, I met my first 
companion. I thought I could get him to help me with tips on how to survive 
in this place. To the corner of the room sat a man cloaked in the 
surrounding shadows. He was stiff and unmoving, staring into the empty space 
just beyond the front doors to the inn. Being as polite as I could, I 
approached and asked if he can help me. Nothing. Nothing at all. He didn't 
even blink! I thought he might be deep in thought and had not heard me 
speaking so I tapped him on the shoulders. Again, he sat there like a stone 

Suddenly, a tall man rushes in through the front door and asked the man
praise. He sprang from his seat and began singing about some Agrabah Mafia.
What is the meaning of this? There were no other men in the room so where are
these club wielding men ready to break my bones if I didn't pay my protection
fee? And where are these sands of Arabian nights that this man so
passionately sings about?

After a seemingly endless song about the 'Agrabah Mafia' -- to label it as a
song is generous as it only had the same 4 words over and over again -- he
sat right back down into the same place and remained motionless afterwards.
Determined to make contact with this person, I waved my hands wildly before
him. Still nothing. Finally I gave up and sat down at a table on the other

Just as I was about to open my LegendMUD FAQ sheet, this gigantic human, no
less than 20 feet tall, walks right through the front door. The door was
shattered along with wall that the door use to reside.

I can hear the innkeeper screaming from the back, 'DAMNIT, How many times 
do I have to tell you not to bring him in here! Every couple of hours, I 
need to fix the whole friggin wall again. You don't even PAY me to stay here 
for the night.'

The titan then walked straight for the stiff man at the corner breaking 
tables, chairs, and destroying the roof in the process. The titan gave the 
man a bandage and he bandaged the titan like any good doctor would. So 
that's why he came all this way, destroying everything in his path. He came 
for a boo boo on his leg. I was about faint.

Amazed and frightened, I ran for the door. But with my luck, I ran into a
lady nearly knocking her over. I tried to apologize but only showed my
clumsiness and how new I was to this whole place. To my surprise, she was
really nice about it. But something wasn't right. She took a strange knife
out of her pocket and was about to cut me to pieces! Now I've done it. I
haven't even made it out of the inn and someone's going to kill me. JUST

It turns out that she's a doctor of some sort. In fact, she leads a
clan called the United Surgeons of Legend or USL for short. Boy was I
relieved that I wasn't going to die my first hour here. Not only did she not
kill me, she gave me 1000 gold coins and gave me tons of tips to get

So with the help of this lady named Mertjai, I headed off. For days I
wandered around the city, helping the city clean up its mice problem.
Apparently, there were an endless supply. The more I kill, the more appeared
at my feet. I was about to give up until I met a group of adventurers lead by
a lady called Pobby. They invited me to join them and I agreed. But I was
quickly disappointed by the fact that we weren't going to leave Tara so I bid
them farewell and ventured forth on my own. 

Wandering around aimless for days, I finally met a man named Kaizen. He led a
group of inexperienced adventurers like myself and soon we were smoking a
pipe of tobacco with an Indian Chief. This was the high life I thought. It
was going great until the chief said to go sleep with an animal. Immediately
I turned my head and frowned to Kaizen. This wasn't what I signed up for! Get
me out of here! Of course things aren't always what they seem here. They
explained to me the philosophy behind the task and respectfully, I accepted.
They gave me a couple of choices but sleeping beside a giant black bear
didn't sound too safe, so I settled for a turtle. Afterall, what's it going
to do? Bite me?  Ok, so it did. Now let us never mention it again.

This world is populated with all sorts of strange people with all
sorts of strange traditions. Christmas firs were growing all over the
place even on paved streets. They just seem to sprout out of the cobble
stones, in the middle of the Serengeti, out of the golden Arabian sands, and
wooden tiles of the inns! And this crazy lady outside the inn was talking
about Gana and Rom. Of course I could not understand a word she said. Finally
she spoke me in English. Arani was her name and we talked a little about our
travels.  Even though she seemed less experienced than me, she offered me her
white shield. Are people always this friendly? Anyway, I think I have a lot
to learn before I get the hang of this. They said they will take me to see
some kings in the Shadowlands one of these days. I don't care what they're
kings of, I just hope they're nice and give me some money so I can retire

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