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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE SIX                               February 13th, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                           Calendar of Events

                             NEWS & REPORTS

                             Expies Reminder    
                            RP Tips  Contest!
                              Did You Know?
                              Kae's Corner
                            BugLotto Winners
                      Immship -- a Thankless Job

                          The McDougan Report
                             Sterling's Notes
                             A Blessed Birth
                         More from Yvonne's Diary

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

          [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

      <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>-February-<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

     Sunday,   February 13,  midnight       Expie Ballots Due!
     Monday,   February 14     Happy 6th Birthday LegendMUD
     Thursday, February 17,  7:00 pm        Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
                                             Topic: Immortal Applications
     Saturday, February 19,  3:00 pm        6th Annual Expie Awards

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                              Expies Reminder!

Be sure to send in your ballots by midnight tonight! The ceremony will be
next Saturday (the 19th) at 3:00 pm CST (System Time).

                 - - - * * * Role Play Tips Contest * * * - - -

Got your attitude all sorted out? Know how to write really cool RP triggers
and when to use them? Manage to stay IC even when dying or DT'ing? In short,
think you really got it all down where it matters? This is your chance to
make something off your skills.

Not everyone is a role-play expert, and not everyone feel comfortable asking
more experienced role-players for tips and ideas. Now we're asking you to
write up your best tip and send it in for this contest. Describe your tip in
approx. 5-50 lines (please, no more, other people want to write in the LT
too!). Send it to The best three entries (judged by an
informal gathering of caffeine-overdosed immortals) will be rewarded a prize

Tips may include anything - a listing of your favorite role-play triggers -
how to introduce yourself to new people - how to keep game statistics and
data IC when discussing them - how to write up a cool description - how to
use moods and socials for maximum effect - you name it, we print it.


  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features
 /__/ \  \
      /  /   Have you ever wanted to type a ; (semicolon)  
     /  /  but discovered that your client reads this as you hitting
    /__/   the  key? Have you ever wanted to type a sequence 
    __     of commands very quickly? Then you need this option!
   /  \    On Legend, you can enter your own command line separator,
   \__/    also known as the command delimiter, or use our built-in one. 
  /  _  \  The built-in delimiter is %; -- to use it, type 
 /__/ \  \ (command) %; (command). For example:
      /  / emote cuts you a slice of wedding cake. %; give cake Alexander 
     /  /  would have you emote and then immediately give the item. 
    __     To set up your own custom delimiter, simply type :
   /  \    config delimiter (delimiter)

Kae's Korner: What Is Role-Play?
The textbook definition of role-play is to assume a foreign personality,
and in act and deed pretend to be that other person. Sounds easy, doesn't
it? It can be - but just as often it's not.

Almost everyone is capable of sitting down with their word processor and
putting together a brief background story for personal reference. Do it,
and then stick to it. You might find that if you stay within context of
LegendMUD's areas and history, you'll find it easier to convey your
background to others later on, so that they can interact with you easier -
but it's not a rule set in stone.

Role-playing can be parallelled to the Star Trek holo-novels. Captain
Janeway walks through a portal to enter her animated story of Leonardo da
Vinci's tower - we log into the mud. Of course, Janeway's settings are a
whole lot fancier than the messy desk most of us get to sit behind,
watching the text scroll by, but the end result is similar: We get to be
part of an ongoing, interactive storyline. We even get the advantage over
the Voyager crew that if they were to let up to 100 people into the
holodeck at once, the ship would most likely crash itself on some stray
meteorite somewhere while they were fooling around.

Unlike the Voyager crew, however, we have to write the story entirely by
ourselves. We can't just say, 'Computer, create a 1930s scenery, based on
the Dixon Hill novels.' We have to provide our little share of the
storyline, and to match it with the hundreds of other little pieces that
other role-players have provided. Don't be scared - it's not nearly as
difficult as it sounds.

You pretty much just need to come up with a name and a brief note on where
your character came from and where he or she is going. Who is he or she? An
adventurer? A knight on a noble quest? A raving madman? A traveller from
another dimension? The child of a mob somewhere?

You will most likely be doing yourself a favor if you stick to the
framework that LegendMUD provides. This is not to say that role-playing an
anime or movie character cannot be great fun - but the chances of others
recognizing your RP and instantly be able to pick up on it is greater if
you stay within the historical context, moreso if you stay in context with
the areas implemented that people have had the chance to explore and thus
get to know.

Try to stay within the framework of your character's mindset. If he or she
is a medieval person, use whatever knowledge of the medieval ages you
possess to enhance him or her and add depth to the game. If you know
positively nothing, don't worry - there are areas enough to explore to give
you a solid feel of what the Middle Ages were like. Besides, this is a
game, not a history class, and no one is going to rip your head off if you
mess a few things up.

What Are the Benefits of Role-Play?
The number one benefit of role-playing is obviously the fun it conveys. No,
it doesn't get you experience, equipment or inside information on areas you
haven't been to yet. Or doesn't it?

Role-playing is, among many other things, a way to socialize, and to let
others of the same mindset as yourself know that you're there and that
you're interested in their company. While hanging out together, it seems
logical to the point of inevitable that you will eventually go kill things,
sometimes in places you've not visited before. The chief purpose of
role-play, apart from the fun in itself, is to form groups of people, and
to tie them together.

A fair deal of oldbies will no doubt agree with me that friends are the
most valuable asset there is on the MUD - on any MU-whatever. Friends keep
you entertained. Friends help you get stuff, just as you help them get
stuff. Many newbies complain that a lot of information and items are hard
to get without the help of friends (which leads me to the obvious
conclusion that they're not working hard enough to *MAKE* friends, but
that's another lecture). Not to say that every favor earns a return favor -
but get out there and socialize, you'll find it rewarding.

Friends aren't supposed to play the game for you, but they can be
everything when it comes to obtaining a hint or some help to kill the owner
of the piece of equipment you so much want.

     -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

                            BugLotto Winners

Here's this week's list of buglotto winners!
Piccolo, Lin-Chong, Rahu, Anita, Godzilla, Danar, Martyr, Pius, Pentell,
Toshiba, Cullyn, Suicide, Marano, Visi, Mgah, Arte, and Mice!

Keep reporting those bugs/typos/ideas to the bug/typo/idea channel!


     -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-
                      Immship -- a Thankless Job
                         by Xerox Eaglebane 

Let me pose this question to all of my fellow Legendites.

Do you at times feel, when you play, that you are actually the character you
are portraying?

When you do a social can you see yourself, as your character, doing thee
exact same thing?

Do you play Legend to get away from the "real world"?

If so, even if you don't, we have our Imms to thank for the experiences we
get on Legend, be it good or bad.

You know without the bad, the good wouldn't seem as important. So I just ask
that all of us remember, when
things don't always seem to go our way,  the reasons we came to Legend in
the first place.

The imms aren't omnipresent, as much as we would like them to be, so please
know that when things happen they can't always be there when you call. But
they will be there when they can.

Having been here almost 5 years, I have seen the good and bad about Legend,
from the imms to the players, but I have never felt as welcomed and that I
fit in, as I do when I play here. 

So, as I get off of my soapbox and put it back under the sink for another
time, just remember to give a big hug to next the imm you see, because this
is a thankless job and lord knows they need the thanks and encouragement.


            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

Kaizen has reached 100 million experience!
Elisa has reached 100 million experience!

Clan News:

The Avengers and the Mercenaries were formed. The Pantheon of Wqarriors were
disbanded by Hephaistos. There are currently 21 RP clans and 8 PK Clans.

  The Avengers are a new clan to the LegendMud world, as just being formed
this past week. We are already almost full having 14 members. We are a pkill
and nonpkill clan, participating in both communities. In the near future, I
plan to start some good rp fun and games, runs and such. I am still a rookie
at the GM game, but I'm sure over time I will learn more. The Avengers are
available for re eq's and are always up to help with a run. If you need a
hand, keep us in mind. Just call the Avengers name.

RogueMoon O'Reilley, GM of Avengers.

PK News:

The past week has been a helacious one in the world of pkill. The
re-emergence of Mercenaries and forming of Avengers has thrown a twist into
the mix.  RogueMoon, Stain, Ryu, Zalbag, Tritoch, Splat, Vladimer and Ishmael
were all seen in many battles the past week.  Stain jumped RogueMoon, and
Hephaistos at a later time, and the two teamed up to take on the mighty
Stain.  Stain died to Hephaistos's sword, and Manticore soon found RogueMoon
and disposed of him.  Later in the week, many good battles were fought
with everything culminating to war being declared on Avengers and on Grendels
by Mercenaries.  Things are looking to be getting hot -- stay tuned!

Kunnar reports:
I have been humbled by the Elder Gods.  In my vanity, I challenged them and
was beaten down.  I now know my place.  In return for my life, the Gods have
charged me with spreading their power throughout the world.

This has left its mark upon my body. I will now appear to you as:

short: a humble avatar
long: The rage of the Elder Gods burns in the eyes of the small man before 

     -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

                            The McDougan Report

    Och!  Noo then, taeday we gie ye a wee guide tae shcottish culture.

    The bashish o' Shcottish culture ish our language.  Gin ye ken a wee bit
aboot languages, thochtsh coom from things ye're eble tae shtate.  And
Shcotsh ish much mair open and friendly than Nnnnnnnnglishhhh.  Onyway,
hooe'er, ye aul ken the Shcotsh a wee bit I tink. Courshe, thish ish oonly
in my area, the Lowlandsh, oop in the Hielandsh they shpeak Shcotsh Gælic,
whash rather different.  Noo then, Scotch mythsh are naething like Irish.
Irish ish all sidhe and giantsh and shuch, wheer ash Shcotsh hash shee and
giantsh and shuch.  Aulricht, shae theresh shoom reshemblensh.  Boot...
    Kelpiesh.  Dunnae ride them.  They then joomp intae the loch and droon
    Mester Shtoorworm.  Shee Leviathan.  Died when Ashipattle shet the oil
in hish liver alight.
    Hiccupsh:  Common reshult o' the drinkin' o' ushquebeg.

    Shcotish natioonal coshtume:  The lowland shcotsh wear blue bonnetsh
lesh often noo.  Boot there be referenshesh.  Tek Burnsh'sh "Clutching ticht
hish guid blue bonnet"  (Tam o' Shanter)  Alsho, Mc or Mac ish froom the
gaelic Mac, or shon, and ish thush related tae o' and can be abbreviated M'
ash in M'Doogan. Boot enoof wi' ashidesh.  Kiltsh: a late alteratioon o' the
filibeg, which luiked rather like a kilt and shash, boot wash one pieshe.
Shporransh: puzzy pouchesh worn in froont o' the kilt or filibeg.  Shirt:
Aye, we wear one.  Shocksh: ushually argyle oor white.  Shoesh and Shocksh:
whit ye wear oonder a kilt.
    Edinburgh Indushtriesh:  Robert Garioch wrote a few poemsh oon thish
shubject.  All o' them are aboot Brewing. Hic!
    Glashgow:  Verr modern shity, boot Shcottish!
    Invernesh:  Neer Loch Nesh, boot hash nae been et oop yet!
    Fort william: wee shcottish toon in the middle-wesht.
    Aberdeen:  Nairthron shity.  Nae Gaelic thoo.
    Wick: lairgesht hieland toon.
    Thursho, John o' Groatsh:  Thursho'sh moosht nairtherly plash in
Shcotland, John o' groatsh ish farthesht froom Landsh end in Cornwall.  Lang
shtory.  Or ish it the revershe?
    Shtirling: Neer Brannockburn.  Between Edinburgh and Glashgow
    Fleash:  Verr droonk when foond oon me.

    Until the Hieland clearanshesh, Hieland Shcotsh tended tae be shiksh oor
sheven feet high.  They ate porridge and root vegetablesh, oat caksh nnd
haggish.  Shee?  It ish guid feer ye!  'Naither quote froom Burnsh:
    "But mark the rushtic, haggish fed / The vairy airth reshoondsh hish
    Verr apt.  Hooe'er after the hieland clearanshesh, nutritioon went doon,
lesh haggish and oatsh and root vegetablesh wair eaten, and shcotsh grew a
wee bit shorter - boot ye maither wash richt aboot the vegetablesh and
porridge. nnd hev shoom haggish?  Dreshed sheepsh head wi' brain caesh and
tasshty eyeballsh feer the shpeshial guesht?  The evidenshe shaysh Shcotch
Traditional Shcotch cuikin'sh verr guid fer ye, shae ye cannae deny...

-McDoogan, "Shpare a dreenk fer a droonk?"

          <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

    A loosely bound notebook, its lines faded and smudged, found its way into
our possession...Sterling's notes.

...I'm uncertain as to where this will take me next. I keep this journal
as up-to-date as I possibly can, incase what has already happened to
me once repeats itself. I would not be able to handle this confusion
and frustration again. It's caused too much pain for not only myself,
but the princess as well, and I cannot bear to hurt her again.

I have concluded my search of Hell, and found little but more confusing
riddles that taunt my mind at all times. I am amazed I was able to return
there after all of this. But determination has gotten the better of me,
and forces me to realize the goal I wish to reach will be unreachable
should I slack in the least bit.

Visions of a time caged in some animal manner that I do not understand,
and the emotions entangled within when I see this bring out a fear I've
not felt in some time. When I spoke with the souls in Hell, their smug
grins and taunting responses lead me to believe they know more than they
would admit, which was very little. But one, he spoke truthfully, and
seemingly honest, though I am not certain what to make of his story. A
jungle, he spoke of frequently, that remains dark for days, and when the
wind hits the trees it howls as a coyote would at a full moon. This was
where I was kept, and where I will find what I am looking for.

I return to my task.


          <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                             A Blessed Birth

Saegar came down the stairs, his eyes dawdling upon his daughter, Serenia. A
faint smile comes to his lips as he watches her angelic face, speaking with the
other young Nobles of her age level that had come to visit during their gala.
Rememerance remains in his eyes, echoing his fortune at the breathing miracle
before him....


The night was long and cold. Fate seemed against everything they did.  Snow
fell in hard torrents and the wind blew as if God himself did not want the
members of House Hagon to return to their home. Light knows the trip to
France had not been easy, having had to negotiate trade agreements between
his house and another's.

Saegar rode forward, casting a nervous glance at the carriage riding beside
him from time to time. He had insisted that Zerith stay home, that it was not
safe, but his wife would not hear of it. Her place was at his side.

A cry escapes from the carriage, causing Saegar to wince. Had he only been
more forceful with Zerith, she would be home now, safe and sound. A worried
thought passes through his mind 'What if she does not make it.' He smirks,
"Admonish that thought Saegar, it will not happen. She is in good hands and
God will take good care of her." A tiny glimmer nags at him, however, that
this was not true.

"M'lord?" A young man riding beside the Lord Greymire inquires, confusion
crossing his features.

Saegar chuckles faintly, forcing humor into his features, "Nothing my boy,
nothing, keep pushing forward." As he speaks, he takes his own advice,
pushing his gray stallion through the snow. Often times he went to the front
to break the path for the carriage, other times he rode in the back, trading
duties between his men. There was no use wearing them out when he could help
just as well. Besides, he was no use inside with Zerith, he would only get in
the way when they delivered the baby.

The baby, a blessing in disguise. They were told that he and Zerith could not
have children. Imagine their surprise when she stopped having her moon days
and she suddenly had sickness in the morning.  God had changed his mind, seen
that they had changed,as they had so hoped he would; passed deed forgiven.
Ever since that day, since he found out he would be a father, he vowed to put
things aright that he had put wrong before, that list of deeds many.

Another loud scream escaped from the carriage, causing Saegar to shift in his
saddle, "What's taking them so bloody long...?" He demands to no one

A lone figure rides up beside Saegar, "M'lord, take care..." The voice is
soothing, "Everything will be fine. Your wife and child are in good hands.
Mistress Leila is with them. She has never lost a child yet." The man reaches
out to pat Saegar's arm, as if that one action could calm the man.

That action worked, for however brief a moment it would be. Saegar nodded to
the man's words, for it was a man who spoke, though kept quiet for a long time.
Afterwhich he stated, "I know you are right..."

"Hold!" A voice rang out into the night, one of Saegar's men. That voice
enticed him to move forward and peer about, "Hold!" It rang again.

It was not hard to notice that several of his men had indeed stopped.  A
frown crossed the Lords lips. "What is the meaning of this?" He demanded,
eyes narrowing upon those before him.

"It's the road M'lord... snowed under, more than before. We cannot get
through the ice and snow...."

This caused Saegar some worry. "There is no way to get around it...?"

The question was answered with several men shaking their heads, the scouts he
had sent ahead to watch the path for bandits.

Saegar frowned, "Then we will have to stop here and make camp. Move forward
in the morning. I will not risk my men being lost."

"But Lord Saegar..." One started to protest, "What about Lady Zer-"

He was cut off by Saegar's hand rising, "Make camp here...."

And so it was that the men made camp, with fires created from the stores of
wood kept in the wagons should dry wood not be found. The men were not happy,
and rightly so, they were just as worried as Saegar about the Lady Zerith;
however they also understood that pressing forward would only cause more harm
than good, despite the Lady's wishes to have her child within her ancestral
home, House Hagon.

It was not long after they had stopped and a small cry broke the night. As
soon as her voice broke the air, cheers rang up from the men. Where there was
despair, there was hope once more, the heir had been born. She was named
Serenia Megan that night, after her Great Grand Mothers on both sides of the


"And so it was that I came into this world, not more than twenty 
years ago. I am told it was a blessing, though often times I wonder 
about that. Ever since I can remember, my life has never been easy. 
Even when I was a child, everyone
looked to me for guidance; the pains and rigors of having been born into
nobility. I remember my childhood well. Often times, when I am alone, I think
about those quite, hassle-free moments, and long for them."

- Lady Serenia Megan Greymire

     -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|- -|-

        In an effort to keep you informed on the life of the ever-colorful
Yvonne, your intrepid LT staff sent out our intern, Chuck, to photograph
several pages of Yvonne's diary while she was sleeping. We are happy to
inform you that Chuck was able to complete this difficult task.
        On a sadder note, we would like to express our deepest sympathies
for Chuck's family. We really have no idea where that horde of man-eating
devil rats came from.

Dear Diary:

        It's been another crazy day.

        Still no word from Archie. He's been gone for three days now, and
I'm starting to worry that I'll never get my ring back. That demon'd better
hussle it up, or there'll be hell to pay. For both of us.
        The first wave of attackers came today. I was holed up in one of my
townhouses, trying to get a little reading done, when something began to
feel WRONG. I threw up some simple wards around the house. A pentagram
inside the front door, sprigs of holly in the windows, simple stuff. That
stopped most of them, but three got inside and I had to deal with them
myself. They were of a type I'd never seen before. The Boss must've
conjured up something special for me.
        I don't know whether to be flattered, or incredibly terrified.
        They were greenish-brown, with long, grasping claws and serrated
teeth. Their eyes were glossy black, and jutted out of their heads. They
had long scorpion tails, with some sort of poison dripping from the ends.
        As they broke through my wards, stepping over the still-smoking
corpses of those which had come before them, one of them opened an envelope
it was carrying, pulled a piece of paper from it, and began to read in a
gasping croak of a voice.
        "Yvonne the Betrayer, formerly of 14 Sulphurfume Terrace, Apt. 3J,
The Lake of Fire, Hell, you have had your three warnings. Payment is past
due. We are now forced to repossess. As you have no material possessions,
we are forced to take what you do have." It paused and looked up at this
point. The Boss must've given it some coaching, as I don't think it was
bright enough to think up this little bit of drama on its own. "Your soul."
        "Sorry," I said, swinging my staff in a hard arc which caved in the
side of its head, "I don't have it."
        The other two repo men moved in, chanting "Payment is due! Payment
is due!" I raised my staff, muttered a few words, and closed my eyes as a
hot white light exploded in the room. When I opened my eyes, one was
stumbling blindly around the room, but the other must've been protected
somehow, as it was almost on me. I moved my staff to guard, but was a hair
too slow. Its claws slipped past my staff and ripped my side deeply. A lot
of blood was flowing, and I knew that while I wasn't badly hurt yet,  I
would have to end this quickly before the blood loss weakened me too
        Being mortal is such a pain.
        I brought a knee up into its groin, and was grateful to see its
eyes cross as it howled balefully. I'd figured the Boss would want to give
it a few succubi as a reward if it'd come back with my soul, and I was glad
He'd seen fit to give it the right equipment.  I checked it away from me
with my staff, and once I had room, jabbed it hard in the gut with the
silver spike on the staff's end. It gurgled, and tried to pull itself up
the staff to get at me. I took the spike out of its gut, and stabbed it
again in the throat. It went down.
        The other one was still doing a headless chicken impersonation, and
I swept its legs and bring the staff down on its head as it hit the ground.

        I tended to my wounds, and prepared to leave. I figured the Boss
would send more soon enough. I headed for a cave in Sherwood Forest. The
bear here owes me a favor, and I figure he'll buy me some time to leave in
case anyone comes calling.
        My head was reeling. I'd known He would send His creatures after
me, but I never imagined it would be so soon. I'll have to work faster than
I thought. Hopefully Archie'll get back to me quickly. Well Diary, I need
to get some sleep. I'm sure tomorrow won't be any easier than today.

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