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VOLUME SEVEN, ISSUE SEVEN                              February 18th, 2000

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                           Calendar of Events

                             NEWS & REPORTS

                            RP Tips  Contest!
                           Imm Project Update
                              Did You Know?
                              Kae's Corner
                          PK Doubles Tournament

                          Serenia's Childhood

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/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

          [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

  <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>-February-<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

     Thursday, February 26,  7:00 pm        Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

          \/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/ March \/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/*\/
     Wednesday, March    1      Immortal Applications Due!
     Sunday,    March    5,  5:00 pm        PK doubles tournament

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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                 - - - * * * Role Play Tips Contest * * * - - -

Got your attitude all sorted out? Know how to write really cool RP triggers
and when to use them? Manage to stay IC even when dying or DT'ing? In short,
think you really got it all down where it matters? This is your chance to
make something off your skills.

Not everyone is a role-play expert, and not everyone feel comfortable asking
more experienced role-players for tips and ideas. Now we're asking you to
write up your best tip and send it in for this contest. Describe your tip in
approx. 5-50 lines (please, no more, other people want to write in the LT
too!). Send it to The best three entries (judged by an
informal gathering of caffeine-overdosed immortals) will be rewarded a prize

Tips may include anything - a listing of your favorite role-play triggers -
how to introduce yourself to new people - how to keep game statistics and
data IC when discussing them - how to write up a cool description - how to
use moods and socials for maximum effect - you name it, we print it.



                           Imm Project Update

New Web Site Design: Ptah worked on the structure and graphics for our
exciting new web site. Kaige has been doing lots of organizing and updating,
and making lots of tweaks and fixes. She also did a great deal of work making
the discussion board archives available over the web. Please view the results
of their hard work on our site,! Sandra worked on
the pages referencing the LT and assorted other web projects. LadyAce worked
on getting external links to us updated, and updated or wrote various
materials for the site, including documentation on strings, the list of all
immortals, a guide for GMs, some RP resources, and a description of common

Expies: Cheyla tallied the nominations and prepared the final ballot, with
Chocorua's help.

Immortal Applications: Charity fixed out of date info in the building
application and revised other documentation for it. Sandra updated other
areas of the building app. Sandra & LadyAce talked with a few potential

Area testing: Malta is in final review by Sandra, and Kae is working hard on
numerous small fixes in order to get it through. (Note: This area has been
installed since the compilation of this article! See next LT for details.)
Rusalka talked with Kae about a few things in Malta, as well. Kheldar did
some reviewing of Alaska, and Cheyla worked a lot on Alaska, including
responding to his comments.

PKOK: Ea worked on pkok some, cleaning up the code.

Skilltrees: Still on temporary hiatus due to the peskiness of RL.

Bug Fixes: Ea worked on bug fixes. Huginn continued to look at the walls
code. Chocorua looked at the way portioning deals with food value of items.

Area updating: Deanna fixed some problems in Dreamtime. Kae did some work on
Denmark. Flagg worked on updating his areas.

Games and Events: Lirra returned to active duty in the PR department, and
started in on a Valentine's day game, as well as becoming reacquainted with
Legend itself. Rusalka & Kae planned and hosted an Imm-Mort party. LadyAce
ran a Robert Burns Night celebration and started planning a pk tourney.


  /  _  \ 
 /__/ \  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features
      /  / 
     /  /  ...that some shopkeepers who sell very expensive items can 
    /__/   arrange an "electronic transfer" of the cost, straight out  
    __     of your bank account? Next time you're trying to shove too
   /  \    many coins in your pockets, stop to ask the shopkeeper about the  
   \__/    item you want to purchase.
  /  _  \ 
 /__/ \  \ 
      /  / You can use the IDEA channel or mudmail Charity to request 
     /  /  this addition to shopkeepers who sell expensive goods but
    /__/   don't currently offer this service. Offer void where 
    __     prohibited by quests.  
   /  \   


Kae's Korner: How Do I Get Into Other People's Role-Play?
The chief problem with having a good role-play written up for your
character is finding an audience who cares to watch you show it off, and
interact with it. I often hear complaints from new role-players that they
find it extremely difficult to 'get into' the old circles of role-players.
There's talk of cliques and friends-only communities within the community.
I agree, and yet, I disagree.

It is true that role-players, social creatures that they are, tend to seek
out others of their own kind, and stick around in those circles. That's
only natural - that's where the fun is! These circles can seem tightly knit
- but in fact, they very rarely are. I think you'll find that if asked,
most so-called experienced role-players will complain that they too have
trouble finding interested parties.

This is not because there are not that many role-players. There are. It is
because we're not always as good at advertising ourselves as we like to
think we are. But there are means to get around this.

1. Make yourself known as a role-player.
Stick to your IC personality as much as you can, in face to face
conversations as well as on channels. This helps others see you and take
notice that you're a fellow role-player.

2. "Advertise".
Use channels and boards to make your existence known. This is not to say
that all role-play should take place on Chat or Gossip, far from. But the
channels, whether just your congratulations message on the Info channel or
a heated debate on Chat, constitute a forum that you might just as well
use. Besides, it's definitely more fun to watch than sports and school
discussions, yes?

3. Be loyal to yourself.
Once you've decided on a role-play for your character, stick to it. This
helps people recognize you and lets them know how to approach you, based on
their own role-play. If you change your character's background history,
social habits and sets of enemies and foes every week, everyone's going to
lose track and consequently, not care. This is not to say you should never
let it change and develop - but keep in mind that it takes time for
everyone to get the news. Evolve, but at a slow pace so that others don't
lose track. Keep the rest of us notified of changes, via channels and
boards and LT articles!

4. Use the Legendary Times.
There are more subscribers to the LT than you think. Write up tidbits
concerning your role-play scenarios now and then when something of
particular interest or right out hilarious has occurred. Keep in mind that
you don't have to write twenty-odd pages - in fact, the chances of a
10-liner getting read is higher than a 10-pager.

Tips & Traps for Role-Players
As the conclusion I'd like to look briefly into a number of tips and traps
for role-players that I've seen around.

Don't overpower yourself. It's fun to role-play a powerful being, but it
also conveys great responsibility. After all, what's the fun of calling
yourself Lord of the Superpowerful Hyperdark Underworld if no one cares to
bow to you, or laugh in your face at the very concept? Try to avoid
definites: You don't need to role-play THE lord of Hell - A lord of Hell
will suffice. Don't be THE emissary of the Daoine Sidhe - be AN emissary.
This way you're opening up for the possibility of meeting fellows who will
not feel uncomfortable around you because you and they both are competing
for the same title.

Don't under-power yourself. Unless you really do want to play the dregs of
the gutter, don't assume a background story that puts you in too little
power. Playing a country girl, a farmer, a shoemaker, or a beggar can all
be fun - but these are people who are not likely to adventure out much. It
can most certainly be done - but it will require more consideration than
starting out with naming yourself a traveler, an adventurer, a quester,

Don't expect everybody to care. Some people on LegendMUD don't care to
role-play at all, and that is their prerogative (just as it's yours to
ignore them too). Others won't feel that your specific role-play offers
them anything to bounce theirs off on, and you'll never really get going
with these people. That's alright. No one can please everyone all the time.

Don't base your role-play entirely on string sets. Getting a full string
set means obtaining a lot of coupons. What are you going to do until you've
done that, if ever? Try to work around the more weird-looking pieces of
equipment in your set, or have a create mage right out fade the ones that
look really odd.

Remember that using an accent or a foreign language can add a really nifty
role-play touch, but be certain to make so much sense in plain US English
that people can understand what you're saying. Well. You can speak
Lithuanian all night if you want to, but don't expect anyone to respond.

Keep yer yap shut. There are times to role-play all you can, and times not
to. If in the deep end of, say, a Shadowlands run, your group won't want
you to spam them all to kingdom come. Learn when not to spam. If your group
leader tells you to turn descriptions and moods off, do it.


                       PK Doubles Tournament!

The LegendMUD PK Doubles Tournament has returned! Any and all are welcome to
sign up and compete in this fantabulous event! It will be held on Sunday,
March 5th at 5:00 pm. The divisions are as follows:

Featherweight: 10-19
Lightweight: 20-29
Middleweight: 30-39
Heavyweight: 40-50

Sign up with your name, your partner's name, and your division by midnight on
Saturday, the 4th of March. Win glory and fame -- not to mention a sexy belt,
and that handsome whois under your name.

Come for the competition, stay for the evening mayhem! As a special followup
to the doubles tournament, we'll be random drawing partners for a
post-tournament free-for-all with a twist -- the last person standing, and
his/her partner will be awarded a special prize.

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  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
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/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

Zeratoul has reached 100 million experience!
Archmage has reached 100 million experience!


                          A notification from Ryan

 I have traveled these lands for some time, and most of you know of me as a
writer. But I was asked recently what I was writing about, and I found myself
stumbling for answers. I know what I have written, of course, but these
random scribblings don't fit in to any useful categorization. So, after
careful thought, I have decided to simply record the events as I witness

 So, dear friends, (and a few enemies), I am penning this for two reasons:
The first being to ask for your help with my efforts.  If you see something
notable occurring, by all means, let me know! If you attend a wedding... or
god forbid a funeral...  if you start a clan, if you have reached level
50...  LET ME KNOW!  If you can't seem to find me, write it down and mail it
to me.  Some day, if the gods will it, I will release this collection to all
of you.

The second reason I am telling you all this is so you will recognize me:
short: A gruff historian
long: A gruff historian is here, trying not to nod off.

  Thanks for allowing me time to say my piece,
                                                Ryan Tarrant


                         A Change for Zaba

I was losing my mind in the RP'less clan known as the Grendels, I needed to
get out. Abandoning would not be enough for me, I needed something that would
set my mark. I got myself a sex change so that I could not turn back and
rejoin their ranks, and I became a mercenary so that I may turn loose my
blood crazed powers. My appearance has naturally changed. I now appear as a a
battle-crazed mercenary. If you see me standing about, waiting for action,
then you will find that your eyes gaze upon the blood dripping off the weapon
of a battle-crazed mercenary.



                       Zalbag's Transformation

When I was beginning the way of magic as a child, I lived on the streets with
no home, until a magician took me under his wing and taught me the ways of
manipulation and thievery. This led me to develop demonic intentions early in
life. I took advantage of people just to get ahead in the world. Over the
years, I left my teacher and completely ignored him whenever I visited home.
I was ahead and that's all that mattered to me.

Suddenly a proposition was given to me, leadership over hired mercenaries.
It was everything I wanted in life, complete power and a way to rule over the
weak. As time passed, I couldn't stop myself from doing evil actions, but my
conscience took over my thoughts. Fingers were pointed at my crew of
mercenaries and I could not help but take the blame for their actions. I was
willing to sacrifice myself for the worth of the clan and my job. I lost my
demonic past and begun to be a normal human with no beliefs.  I now sneak
around doing what is needed for money, and will continue to do so. See me now
as I am: a ruthless figure draped in shadows.



The Legion, the Alpha Beta Frat, and the cult of Cenja clans were disbanded
for low membership. The Dark Enforcers PK Clan was formed on February 21,
2000. There are currently 19 RP clans and 8 pk clans. 


A small package arrived unannounced in the LT printing office. Upon opening
it we discovered a handwritten note scribed on in gold, but splattered with
blood.  It



          I have returned bearing a promise of things to come.


Then a severed finger fell out.... The owner of the finger has yet to be

          <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> <-I-> 

                            Serenia's Childhood

"She was a lively child, as I recall, always getting herself into things,
asking questions, wanting to know how to play Daes Dae'mar. She did not fancy
to be called young, nor did she fancy being addressed as a child. She was
bright and eager to learn. I had only hoped that her parents would not ruin
her, nor spoil her, for that would only make her fall when her time came to

- Mistress Leila, Serenia's Nursemaid

"Serenia, you get down from there, what will the others think?" Leila
admonished the young girl who had found a way to get herself up within a
tree.  "If your mother or father found you up there, your hide would be
tanned within mere moments!"

Serenia giggled in her soft, musical voice, "You, as well as I, Leila, know
that's not true. Mother and father dote on me and would never hurt me."

Leila frowned, "Now look you hear. If you do not come down from that tree, I
will be the one that tans your hide. You've a party to go to and you had
better be on your best behavior."

Serenia sighed, "Alright, alright." She carefully made her way down 
the tree, "Though I donno why I gotta go to that stupid party anyway. 
No one I can play with will be there." She promptly began to pout.

Leila watched the young girl carefully. It is true, that she is often drug
from party to party, with nothing more than a scant handful of people even
remotely close to her age to talk to, "This case will be different Serenia...
you will be meeting Lady Eliza and Lord Hendrik..."

The young girl lifted a brow faintly, and looked as if she perked up a bit,
"Really?" It seems she had heard of them, "How long will they be here? In
Klein? Do they care for the game? I'd like to play it with them. I need the
practice you know...."

This caused Leila to chuckle softly, "One step at a time child... though to
answer your questions, I think they know it..." She pauses, a look of concern
entering her eyes, "Though..." She starts, her voice taking in a minor warning,
"Do not be so eager to play it with them. Not all play the game as fairly as
you..." She walked over to the young girl, placing a hand underneath her chin
to gaze into her eyes. So young... and so innocent.

"They don't?" Serenia wrinkled her nose, "What's the point if you 
don't play by the rules?" She sniffed at that thought, "Cheating is 
not fair..." She crossed her arms, looking as if she were not going 
to go. She often times had fits like this one.

"Well... Serenia... life in Klein is not always easy... nor does everyone
play by the 'rules' as you say. They often times make up their own rules to
the Game, without telling everyone. Understand...?"

Being ten, she sort of had an idea. Serenia nodded slowly, "I think so...
kinda like when Daerin said he would help me learn to ride, then decided that
I was fine without getting lessons.... huh?"

Oh, how she loathed that day, when the stablemasters son had tricked her into
getting onto the meanest horse on the Estate, and then hit its rump causing
her to be thrown. She was fine, which is what counted, nothing was broken,
except her heart and ego. She had prided herself on her friendship on
Daerius, and loved the trust she had put into him, but he broke it, and with
it her heart.

"Yes dear, exactly like that... only worse. You are wise though, dear one,
and very attentive. Use that attentiveness to take in every detail, every
nuance and use it to your advantage."

Serenia nodded to Leila's words. She trusted her, afterall, just as she had
Daerius. But this was a different sort of trust. She had known Leila ever
since she could remember, and been guided by her. Leila had never tricked her
into anything bad, and anything that she was tricked into, it was for an
important lesson. "I understand, Mistress..." A faint smile came to her lips
just then, and for the first time understanding came into her eyes.


"It was then, that evening, that I gained my first true understanding of the
Great Game - politics. My mother and father had taken me to that party to
introduce me to my betrothed. A partnership, an alliance, had been made
between my house and  Hendriks. My dowry was to become their prize, their
trophy, but little did they know that it was not going to be as they

- Lady Serenia Megan Greymire

"She did not become difficult until after that party, and then she became a
wild child. She often times ran off into the night and stayed away from the
house for days. She was young then, and did not like the thought that she was
being controlled, that she had no choice about what direction her life went.
She was right to be angry, but there was nothing that I could do. Her parents
felt that her fortune given to House Balor would grant them everything they
needed to gain access to the top. Regardless of the fact they had received a
warning of sorts from a seer, Raemira... Raemira... a name I had
not heard for such a long time...."


"Where do you think you are going, little one?" Thalan called out to 
Serenia, just as she was about to 'escape' from the Estate once more.

With a sigh the young woman stepped away from the gates. "Out." 
Serenia spoke in a defiant manner, willful and challenging.

Thalan took on a stern look, "There is no need to take that attitude with me
girl." His eyes were always foreboding, even more so when he became stern. "I
am not the one you are angry at, and I do not expect you would want me to act
in the same manner every time I took out the actions of one of my horses on
you, hmm?"

Again Serenia sighed, "You are right Master Thalan..." A pause transpired
between the two, "I wish to apologize for my rudeness, but if you will excuse
me, I ne-"

"I will do no such thing girl." Thalan interrupted the young woman, a sadness
touching his eyes this time; always a surprise to Serenia when she has a
chance to see it.

When she sees that look in Thalan's eyes, Serenia hesitates. "Excuse 
me, or let me go?"

"You know the answer to that is one and same, as the question is one and
same. Do you know how much you worry your parents with your willful ways? Do
you know what circumstances you were brought into this world? You are the
only thing they have.... can't you see that child?" Thalan sighs, shaking his
head from side to side. "There will come a time when the Great Game gets the
better of them, and they will not be here. Appreciate the time you have with
them now."

This appeared to have set off some alarms, or at least something within
Serenia, for she faltered a moment, "You're nuts Thalan..." She stated
outright, "Looney. They should lock you away. Nothing is going to happen to
my parents. They are the most respected Nobles in all of Klein." She seemed
almost defiant, but the Light knew that from the look in her eyes at that
particular moment, she was frightened. She had always expressed she that she
did not know what she would do without her parents there, even when they did
not always see eye to eye.

"I am telling you the truth, child." Thalan sighed once more, "One or both
shall die.... that future is not set, but it was certain." Serenia tended to
listen to him, when it came to the future, though this time he could not help
but see her look of suspicion, and accusation.

"Who... who will kill them?" Serenia demanded.

Thalan's fears were confirmed when he looked at her features. "That I do not
know, but word came from the seer, Raemira. You, as well as I, know that she
has  vested interest within this House. She used to tend to your Grandmother
and Grandfather's needs."

This was not uncommon knowledge, though still Serenia had to think about it.
She glanced toward the manor, then to the streets, uncertain. "I will be
staying in this evening. Should you have need of me Thalan, I will be with my

And so, she went back to the manor to do as she said... spend time with her


"I had never forgotten that warning, and Light, to this day I still do not
know what I will do if that ever happens. I am glad for it, however. For it
brought to my mind that my parents really did have my best interests at
heart, even if it helped their interests as well. I never married Lord
Hendrik. He had other plans for himself which ended when he was slain in a
duel for some offense to his person...  He was always a fool, from what I

- Lady Serenia Megan Graymire

Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
all replies, additions, or corrections to our address at
for inclusion in the next edition. We, however, reserve the right to
moderate this discussion, and may object to some submissions.
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