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VOLUME EIGHT, ISSUE TEN                                        May 29, 2001

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                      A Note from the Implementor
                           Calendar of Events
                       NEWS, REPORTS, & UPDATES
                            Recent Updates
                             Q&A  Summary
                      Horoscope from Mme. Decara
                    From the Diary of Edric of the Wulf
                           Wesley, Michael
                           Brave New World
                         Camaris's Conversion
                 The Early Days of Professional Murder
                          A Change for Vidar


                        |A Note from the Implementor|

                      Dealing With Unexpected Twists
                        and Role Playing Off Others

So you know what type of character you want to play and have set up the
background information and are ready to unleash your newest creation upon
the world. When meeting other denizens of the world, having answers in
mind for the following questions will help your character not just act,
but react appropriately in the role you have chosen.

   What are your goals and motivations?
   How far will you go to achieve your goals?
   What do you fear most?
   What do you love/hate most?
   How competitive is your character in various aspects of their life?
   What are your best and worst qualities?
   How do you act when you first meets men? Women?
   Do you have any quirks or mannerisms?
   Do you follow anyone/anything as your master/god/teacher?

Being acquainted with your character's sense of self will be the most
useful thing when interacting with other roleplayers. There may even be
times when your character may almost seem to act on his or her own and
possibly even surprise you. Don't be alarmed by them.

Just as you should always have a little tidbit to offer others... try to
find something to ask the characters that you meet. If they have an
unusual piece of equipment, try asking for the story behind it. Likewise,
be on the look out for little quirks and mannerisms other characters
display. Look for things other characters and clans rally behind and decide
what your character thinks about those things. Do you believe in the
Goddess or follow a darker master?

Those are all some ideas on having little things ready to toss in to your
role playing sessions. The bigger questions come up when you add two
players who are trying to roleplay into the same space.

Most of the time you won't have a script in hand. You might, but most of
the time you're going to be winging it and eventually your character will
be acting and reacting with what feels natural.

So what do you do when things aren't going your way? What happens when you
are faced with the unexpected or worse, a player who doesn't WANT to
roleplay or even let YOU roleplay or wants you to roleplay THEIR way?

Dealing with Non-RP Questions/Comments:
  Having your character's background info ready will be your biggest
  defense here. I always hate to be asked "Where are you from?" by a
  character, and answer in character and be asked, 'No, no... in rl?'
  People may get frustrated by your sticking to your character's answer,
  but try to answer in different ways so that they realize your character
  is confused by their Out of Character references and that you're into
  this RP thing. Also, don't feel bound by the hometown the game made you
  choose, choosing another area represented in the game may prove more
  interesting in the long run.

Dealing with Unexpected Twists
  Often you'll be happily adventuring along, and all of a sudden, a key
  element of your character or your plot will be missing, botched, ruined
  or just plain wrong for what you're trying to do. In a situation like
  that you have two choices.

  You can roll with it and play along as if that's what you'd intended all
  along and see where it leads. Kind of the "If life hands you lemons, make
  lemonade." approach. It could turn out to be minor and insignificant, or
  it could make the story more interesting.

  Your other choice, if you feel that the catastrophe has completely
  derailed everything you've been working towards (like totally ruined your
  on-going plot to take over the world), you may want to take a break and
  regroup. Figure out where you are and if there's an alternate way to get
  the resolution you want. If you're unsure of where to proceed, sit and
  talk with fellow roleplayers and see if they have any suggestions.
Dealing with Attempts to Control Roleplay
  Whether intentional or not, once you get multiple people trying to
  entertain themselves and each other, they're going to step on each others
  toes once in a while. Usually, there will be no malicious intent
  involved. But things happen and your character has to deal with it in
  some manner. It is important to have fun; not to let this get to you.

  One course of action is to take the unwelcome element and make it your
  own. Use it to your advantage as you see fit. You can either downplay the
  event or you can bring it to the fore and resolve it more to your liking.

  Another choice is to downplay the even completely. You can even suggest
  that the person who is insisting that you are indeed their long lost
  cousin who was carried away in the night by pixies has confused you with
  someone else.

  In extreme situations, you can certainly tell the other player, making
  sure they realize that you are stepping out of character to do so, that
  you are not interested in participating in the RP he or she is insisting
  upon, and request that they please take it somewhere else. This choice of
  action should be a last resort and used only on the most terrible of
  occasions, but it may be necessary because, after all, the game is
  supposed to be fun.

In any case, remember that improvisation and roleplaying take practice, but
the more prepared your character is, the better start you'll have.

So go have fun exploring not just the world, but your characters and how
they interact with everyone else in the world!


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/__|  LegendMUD Calendar of Events                                        |__\

           [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

       <>-<> <>-<> <>-<> <>-<> <>-<> May <>-<> <>-<> <>-<> <>-<> <>-<>

  Thursday, May 31      7:00 pm         Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

                    -|- -|- -|- -|- June -|- -|- -|- -|-
                             Summer Odyssey Begins

  Monday,   June 4      8:00 pm         Newbie Kit Challenge
  Thursday, June 7      7:00 pm         Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

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/__|  News, Reports, and Updates!                                         |__\

    /\                         RECENT UPDATES
   /  \   
  /    \                        CODE UPDATES
 /_    _\   
   |  |     Bug/Typo Fixes
   |  |       o eating messages now displayed before any spells on the
   |  |         food are cast
   |__|       o grammar fix on frost bolt
    /\        o haggle gender mistake
   /  \       o ephemera typo fixed
  /    \    
 /_    _\                       AREA UPDATES
   |  |     The OOC
   |  |       Paul will be doing reimbs for the eloquence skill from now
   |  |       until June 8th, 2001. If you ask him UNLEARN he will give
   |__|       you directions for removing the skill and being reimbed one
    /\        practice session. Various bug and typo fixes.
   /  \     
  /    \    You may no longer hand off magic roots and poultices to shops
 /_    _\   and have someone else buy them back. The shopkeeper will just
   |  |     keep them.
   |  |     
   |  |     We are going on a crusade against mobs/rooms that are hoarding
   |__|     items for no real purpose. The additional objects take up
    /\      space in memory and contribute to mud lag. If you notice any
   /  \     places where items are accumulating, please report it via bug.
  /    \    
 /_    _\   Malta
   |  |       Jars of honey shouldn't be piling up. Various typos and bug
   |  |       fixes.
   |  |     Egypt
   |__|       Kawurmeh should no longer be hoarded.
    /\      South Seas
   /  \       Pym should check to see if he has a Wyvern before getting one.
  /    \    Celtic Ireland
 /_    _\     Gan should be checking for notes that have already been
   |  |       dropped.
   |  |     Anasazi
   |  |       First fix to mobs hoarding things.
   |__|     Port of London
    /\        Jim Southland shouldn't respond to the sailor saying "stand."
   /  \     1802 Alaska
  /    \      Some shopkeeper changes and Andreev should be working
 /_    _\     properly again.
   |  |     Tudor England
   |  |       Ale pots, hazelnuts, and pamphlets should no longer be
   |  |       accumulating.
   |__|     Sherwood
    /\        If you leave the druid's circle, you will have to start the
   /  \       process over. The steward should no longer try to distract
  /    \      you from your task at hand.
 /_    _\   
   |  |     As always, we ask that if you find any bugs/typos or have ideas
   |  |     for new items, reactions for mobs, quest hints or any other
   |  |     sort of thing in certain area or areas, please use the
   |__|     bug/idea/typo channels.

  _______   ____    _______
 /  ___  \ / __ \  /  ___  \  Logs of Q&A sessions are available on the
 | /   \ | \ \/ /  | /   \ |  web pages for those who are unable to attend
 | |   | |  \  /   | \___/ |  or had to leave early. The most recent ones
 | |   | |  /  \/\ |  ___  |  are listed on the sitemap page or you can
 | | /\| | / /\  / | /   \ |  get a complete list on the Q&A index page
 | \_\ \ | \ \/  \ | \   / |  at the url below.
  \___\/_/  \__/\/ \_/   \_|
                               RECENT TOPICS
   Studying Spellbooks?                Incentives for RP?
   Dash & Will o' the Green?           Economy
   Custom Moods?                       Coding Time for Moods?
   More on Economy                     Organize Help Pretitle?
   Wimpy Full?                         Klein Update ETA?
   What is high priority now?          Quickdraw and Holsters?
   Guns: Exploding & Cleaning?         More Diverse Housing?
   What's with the Lag?                Prizes for Mort Games?
   More Chances for Coupons?           New Title Screen?
   Stats Before Level 10?              Custom Clan Info Msgs?
   Skill Trees?                        Summer Odyssey Ideas
   New Areas? 


                      .+'''+.            .+'''+.
                      Horoscopes by Mme. Decara

  | GEMINI        (May 21 - Jun 20) | CANCER        (Jun 21 - Jul 22) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | Flexible & adaptable as summer  | Influential people support you  |
  | breezes, twins are never happy  | in your efforts to nurture and  |
  | in just one place. Explore!     | sustain connections to source.  |
  | LEO           (Jul 23 - Aug 22) | VIRGO         (Aug 23 - Sep 22) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | Sunny & fierce, the lion's will | Completion and adaptation are   |
  | expresses itself. Be cautious of| key to analyzing and improving  |
  | seeming dominating and insolent.| your projects and criticisms.   |
  | LIBRA         (Sep 23 - Oct 23) | SCORPIO       (Oct 24 - Nov 22) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | Your charm & easy going nature  | Time has come to discover just  |
  | make you a natural diplomat and | what lies hidden below the tip  |
  | help achieve harmony and order. | of that mysterious iceberg.     |
  | SAGITTARIUS   (Nov 23 - Dec 21) | CAPRICORN     (Dec 22 - Jan 19) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | Understanding via exploration   | Methodic and pragmatic, groups  |
  | allows you to adjust & complete | lead and advised by a goat will |
  | your sense of identity and self.| be enjoy stronger structures.   |
  | AQUARIUS      (Jan 20 - Feb 19) | PISCES        (Feb 20 - Mar 20) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | The creation and giving of life | Your compassion & spirituality  |
  | is yours, be responsible & your | increase powers of empathy, but |
  | rewards will exceed any costs.  | risks abilities to act directly.|
  | ARIES         (Mar 21 - Apr 19) | TAURUS        (Apr 20 - May 20) |
  |                                 |                                 |
  | Exciting plans require enormous | People enjoy your stability and |
  | energies. Chart a steady pace;  | creativity. Don't let that old  |
  | do not to burn out too quickly. | stubborn streak drive them away.|

          /                        \
      o O | Wonder what folks are   |
 `\|||/   | doing over at LegendMUD?|
 (o o)    \________________________/

  ___                                                                  ___
  \ |------------------------------------------------------------------| /
  /__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\


Emrysia formed the Institute of Healing Arts clan on May 28, 2001. They list
their purpose thusly:
  To educate and promote the healing arts, in all disciplines, and encourage
proper use to the benefit of all. We accept all worthy applicants who have a
disctinctive character.

For more information, use the 'clans <keyword>' command -- the keyword for
this particular clan is 'institute'.


                    From the Diary of Edric of the Wulf

My dearest Urvana,

In a place shrouded by darkness and mystery live a race of people know as the
s sidhe. The wander the land guarding it from trespassers and welcome all
those who o have been blessed by their sovereignty to do so. It 'twas on a
day not unlike the last we shared together my sweet Urvana that I gained a
boon from their queen. I was allowed to venture trough their lands and
explore at my leisure. I was astounded by their culture, their kind
heartedness and felt impassioned by the goddess to draw strength from this
land. In doing so I drew on powers I would have never thought to use my

Before mine eyes was revealed the true nature of their souls. They are torn
it seems. Some share the light and revel in the glory of goodness, while some
are so foul that it chilled me to the bones! Immediately a blood lust like no
other befell me and before long these vessels of evil felt the kiss of my
claymore! I ran all day my sweet, through rivers, down strange wooded paths,
under large trees that seemed to meet the sky. Again and again my sword meet
evil, each battle won would only initiate another. By the time the sun set
over the mountains I was exhausted and near death. I had suffered more wounds
than any mortal could count and only through the grace of the gods did I

Before me lay the torn and mangled remains of many evil sidhe. I knew then my
dear love Urvana, that the gods fated me to dwell here. That the shipwreck
that stranded me on this strange world was not an accident, but a summons of
the gods. I shall lay my life on the line good sweet Urvana, to rid this
world of the plague that has befallen it. I hope where ever you are on this
eve that thou understands my reasons for not seeking home just now.  Know
that I love thee until my days are done and think of thee often.

Glory to clan Wulf!!! Until we meet again on the shores of Belsamor my love.

Edric of the Wulf

>From the personal diaries of Edric Wulf.


                              Wesley, Michael

A partial, confidential report swiped from the Desk of Robert Glenn, FBI

Agent in charge of Case #4734 Robert Glenn, FBI Captain

Dr. Michael Wesley is currently under investigation for a number of
undocumented and unsolved cases.  Included in this file is a report on
Michael Wesley from sources not named for security reasons.

Born to Joseph and Carmen Wesley in Chicago, IL in 1915.  Through-out his
early school years he showed great intelligence.  He hung around a group of
Children who called themselves the "Wacky Rascals".  Sources say that was the
beginning of his life of crime.  During his teenage years he was arrested for
arson of a commercial property and was suspected of 3 unsolved robberies. For
his crimes he spent a year in the city jail.

Upon his release in 1931 he joined back up with his friends the rascal's.  In
that year crime went out of control. The center of it all was the Rascals.
Up until 1933 it is believed that Wesley stayed out of most trouble.  On
April 13, 1933 Wesley is believed to have murdered 5 people.  He was the
number one suspect but no real evidence was found. Wesley decided not to risk
his chances staying in the States and fled to London where he took in
University courses to become a doctor. Upon his schooling completion in 1936
he left London to head to Pittsburgh, PA.  In Pittsburgh he is suspected of
Many crimes against humanity, but like in Chicago no real evidence was
found.  As of late he has been seen hanging around corrupt citizens and has
since been placed under investigation by this office for suspicions of mob
related activity.
More info on Michael Wesley to come as soon as it is available...


A Brave New World - A treatise into the unexplainable by Herbert West.

A long time ago there was much discussion about a certain wicked syringe and
its contents and their effects on the body once injected. This prospect was
given up rather too quickly by the populace at large when the cure was
divulged and none more than myself and Lord Marcel pursued the matter much
further, and even our conversations were of more a passing time nature.

Well as it happens in my spare moments while resting in my laboratory space I
have begun once again some research into my rather perverse formulae.  It was
once a most sickly shade of green and for re-education of some I shall go
over what its effects were in that particular revision of the liquid.  It
would begin with the injection, this was relatively simple and most of my
subjects did not even realise that they had been injected, the puncture wound
would often develop a rash and in some cases it would openly bleed and

This rash would begin to numb in five to six hours and the subject would
often complain of a tightness in the chest. Now this in fact was the body
slowing to the point of necrosis, a state of life and death in combination.
This was the downfall of many of my early experiments, while this situation
was curable it was not the effect desired, that was until I used the syringe
on a corpse, the corpse showed signs of life and movement but was entirely

So with the cure released, most people assumed rather incorrectly that I had
abandoned the research entirely..  And so it is that I write this night,
awake in the darkness of my laboratory which has recently been the place of
much drama and excitement for it was only two nights ago that my latest
formulae succeeded where the others had failed.

A local peasant not much beyond his twentieth year, and rather under
nourished came to my medical practice complaining of a cold he had been
carrying with him for some weeks now, as i inspected him he seemed in perfect
health beyond that of his nutrient levels, and so I offered him a bowl of
soup.  Now please do not judge me harshly here I was sending him to a better
place, you see this bowl of soup contained a lovely form of arsenic which i
had been using to preserve my various parts and corpses until recently.

In minutes the boy collapsed into the bowl and i began my work..  Now the
serum it seems takes 2-4 minutes to circulate what with the lack of blood
flow, it more seeps into tissue and finds its way to the appropriate
centers.  And soon it was that the boy lifted his head dripping with soup
from his bowl and stared wide eyed at me though i were his guardian angel.
Until he saw the half empty syringe in my hand and the bottle of arsenic in
my lap coat, then his eyes grew thin and he looked down at his hands and his
face lifted contorted in a twisted grimace of terror.

Anyone would have thought he didn't appreciate this new lease on life.  And as
I stood back casually smiling and emptying the remainder of my formulae into
the storage basin he leapt from his chair for my throat, smashing several
beakers of rather volatile acid over himself in the process, this was all
rather humorous to me and I delighted in the fool getting a suitable amount
of pain for his attempt to harm his Saviour.  But the smell of his searing
flesh was too much even for me so I gave him the honor of a slit throat by
way of a rather nasty bonesaw which almost removed his head.  And so his body
was burned and I recorded this experiment here along with the new formulae's
ingredients, and again the ideal of life after death is reborn in me, wish me
luck for time may just run out for even me someday.

With Regards,
Herbert West.


                           Camaris's Conversion

'You said that you had something important to discuss?' Judah said to Camaris.

'As you know Judah, when I joined the clan I never discussed my allegiances
with anyone.' 

Judah nods solemnly. 'I do remember.'

Camaris looked at Judah and said courteously, 'I now wish to formally follow
the path Aslan has set forth.'

'I have pondered my future and I know my true way in life,' Camaris said

Judah looked at his friend sternly.   'The path of Aslan is not an easy one,
Camaris.  It is fraught with opposition... and disbelief...' he said.

 'This I know all too well, recently I have been thrust into darker times.
Times when my own soul did not feel as if it were truly mine, but something
much darker,' Camaris stated solemnly. 'I was wielding a sword that seemed
to draw the evil from the darkest spots of my mind and soul and brought them
to the foremost spot in my mind and deeds.' Camaris began blushing slightly
at the recollection of the events that had led up to the destruction of the

Judah nods in agreement with Camaris.   'That was a difficult time for us
all, Camaris,' Judah says humbly. 'You were not yourself.  Both Haley and I
knew something was wrong.  

'My mind and heart are clear now,' Camaris said emphatically.  'Aslan has
blessed me far more than I could imagine.'

'If you believe that Aslan is calling you to His service, I most gladly will
set you apart from that which you were, to be His Paladin.   A Paladin of
Aslan.' Judah said, the whole of his being smiling.

Judah dropped to a knee to whisper a prayer to Aslan, and Camaris and Haley
followed suit.

Camaris whispered to his god, 'That is what I wish to be.  Your Paladin, to
serve you as you see fit and call me to be.'

'Rise, Camaris, Paladin of Aslan, and go forth as His servant,' Judah says
with great pleasure in his voice.

'I will do my best to keep Him foremost in my mind and deeds,' Camaris said

'Wear the distinction with pride Camaris, let all who see you know that you
are Paladin to none but Aslan.' Judah said with pride in his friend, and knew
brother in Aslan.

'I will, my brother in Aslan, I will,' Camaris promised.

No longer will you see Camaris as a white haired paladin, but now you will
see 'Of noble bearing and quiet grace, a paladin of Aslan stands here.'  And
as short  'a paladin of Aslan'


                      The Early Days of Professional Murder

We never meant it to get so official, it was all so fast and all so bloody
that none of us could have changed one little thing even if we had wanted
to.  The Boss had been talking about it now for months and we had all thought
it was some kind of joke, so we played along like.. he had been telling us
about the new bootlegging in Pittsburgh and how Big John had been his area
man for a few years now but that he was skimming a large chunk of change from
the job.  So he was talkin' about takin' John out for an airing, but we all
knew they had been "made" together and this might cause a few problems
amongst the rest of the Family.

But as always the Boss was our god and if he said whack em, we whacked em.
It all started as a simple apache Indian job, we were sposed to go in there
and jus' burn his place real good, no one told us John and his boys were
going to be asleep in the next room.

So they hear us dousin' the place in kerosene and come runnin' outta their
room wavin' their pieces and screamin' about us betraying the Boss.

So we did what we had to do, we threw the rest of the kero on Joey and shot
him in the face.  In case you never seen a guy get shot in the face, it
singes his hair and makes a nasty mess but with Joey, the kero was the
perfect little addition to the job it burst into flames and he collapsed into
a pool of blood and kero and pretty soon the whole place was burnin' jus like
the fires of hell.

So ya might be wondering what about John? and his other boys? Well we had
kinda forgotten about 'em in all the excitement, so as we were headin' for
the door Chuckles gets a good old fashioned five times .38.

So he's lyin' 'round screamin' his head off so we do what we have to. We
throw him out the door, dive out ourselves and lock it up.  We couldn't very
well move with Chuckles the way he was so I got started on fixin' him.

Now there's only so much a doctor can do for a gunshot wound so once I had
the shells out of him and his wounds nicely stitched and bandaged, we sat him
up and I gave him a little adrenaline.

That's when the screaming stopped...

So we had done our job, we had communion with John and his boys, oh yeah
thats not like a church thing, we got rid of 'em so no coppers'd come lookin'
know what I mean?  And the Boss was so impressed by that he offered us
another job, and if we could do this one he'd set us up to do it

Now a few of the crew weren't really that interested in the idea of
professional Murder as much as others, so we got the Boss to take 'em
someplace easier to live, we still don't know where that is but ya know
sometimes yer friends aren't who ya need to survive.  So this next finger was
pointed at Jimmy Tortula, this was one mean little snitch who had been
workin' with the FBI to help put down the Family for a few years now.

No one had been willing to touch him in case his family printed some rather
incriminating files they had still, they were the accountants for a few of
our operations.  So we were the crew chosen to ice him and get those files
out of the way.  A night more black than most in Pittsburgh, the steel works
must have been using some new ore or something cos the place was thick with
smog and we couldn't see two feet in front of us.

So anyway Hammar had decided we should kill the snitch and jus' rough up the
family a little for the files so we walked into the restaurant Jimmy was so
fond of, all of us packing, we drew, we all fired and we walked.  It was as
easy as that, the blood and the screaming were almost as good as the
adrenaline I had been taking intravenously for a few months now.

This only left us the problem of the files, now this was a work of art, we
walked up to the house, knocked like any normal person, we were let in, given
wine and asked to sit.  So being that we aren't rude kinda guys we sat and
talked for awhile with the family.  It was about then that Sandman said out
of the blue 'Yer son's dead, and if ya don't wanna join him ya best gimme dem
files ya got awright?' Now the parents turned the sickest shade of white I
had ever seen, and thats in my purely medical opinion.  So Sandman and Hammar
both stand up and walk into the kitchen, by this point the parents are
whispering to each other and the kids are just crying their heads off.

Well I don't like to see kids crying, and I definitely don't like 'em to see
their parents get whacked so I pick 'em up and walk outside with em, I tell
'em that things might get a bit different for 'em from now on and I tell 'em
to run down to the hospital and wait there.  As I walk back into the house
all I can see is blood.. Hammar's got himself a solid marble rolling pin from
the kitchen and he's smashing some kneecaps, bloods pouring from the
husband's nose and the woman has fainted, but I still don't see any files.

So I lean real close to the husband and say 'Look mister it'd be a lot easier
if ya just gave us the files I don't wanna burn this house down,' and he jus'
looks up and spits at me.  This didn't go down well with Hammar who had never
liked to see his chief gettin' disrespected so he smashes the rolling pin
down over the back of the guy's neck.  So we search the house for hours,
don't find anything and decide a proper torching is in order, so we lay the
happy couple on their bed and set fire to the house.

And that was where it all really began, our first official Murder Inc. hit
and definitely not the last.  So where are we now?  Well most of that crew
are Capo's now in the family, and I'm what's called an Underboss, or a Don?
It all depends on the books ya read or the people ya know I guess.

So how does an American born guy like me become a Don in the Family? I can
tell ya diggin' a .38 caliber shell from the most important man in that
Family goes a long way.  We were given our own place, and everything we
needed to set ourselves up as professionals, of course we're still on call
for the Boss but now we're an open contract killer for hire operation too.
Times change but the need for death never does.

So who's in the crew that ya might remember from my little story?

Well Tony "Chuckles" Torelli is of course still my hit co-ordinator, I don't
got time for all the mess of dealing with jealous husbands and ripped off
bookies, so he takes all the jobs and lets me know who has and hasn't paid
for 'em, he's still one of the most valuable people in the crew.

Then we have Giovoni "Sandman" Santiago is what we call my consigliere, this
is an important job, he gives me advise on how to keep the crew happy, he
organises my days and nights, without him I'd be lost, or free depending on
your point of view, he also runs some loansharking operations which makes him
even more valuable, as an earner he keeps Murder Inc. running.

Jimmy "The Hammar" Castiglione we just could never live without, if a debt
stays unpaid long enough Hammar and Sandman go and make sure someone's life
becomes a lot more uncomfortable.  He is what we would call a strong arm, he
deals out some broken kneecaps and twists a few arms and generally makes sure
people know that we don't take kindly to disrespect.

Daisy "Doll Face" Scallapini now there's a dame I can't forget to mention, I
first met her at the local speakeasy, she was singing and dancing like she
owned the world, and with the look in her eyes she probably could, she's been
with us since the early days and she's helped us in more ways than I can
mention here but she's always in my heart.

So there is the crew.. there's been others and there's probably going to be
more but thats the core, the people I can't do this without.
Anyway I have told you everything you need to know about us now, and I hope to
do business with you sometime in the future.

With Regards,
Dwight "The Knife" Anderson.


                             A Change for Vidar

Vidar spent most of his life as a slave under various cruel and heartless
masters, being whipped, caned and beaten.  His owner enjoyed beating Vidar,
especially once he grew into young adulthood, at 17 he stood almost 7 feet
tall, and had the beginnings of a nicely muscled frame.  Vidar had deep scars
running all down his back and chest from the metal and bone tipped whips that
were used in his regular beatings, in which his masters took great pride.
Vidar soon learned to block out and control his reaction to the pain and
simply stared at his masters throughout the entire duration of the beating,
never uttering a sound. His masters were frightened by this show of will, and
decided it would be best to have him taken to "the arena."

Everyone in the slave colony knew what "the arena" meant.  The other slaves
knew that they would not be seeing their large friend Vidar ever again.  "The
Arena" was a large pit in the ground where slaves would be taken and put
against all sorts of animals and monsters, much to the delight of the slave
owners, who would bet on how long it would be before the slave died. It was a
means of exterminating those that might cause trouble.

The beast that Vidar would have to face was a huge Kodiak bear, whom
the slavers had maliciously named 'Slow Death.' He had a knack for
toying with his prey and not going for a kill right away, maiming and beating
until the prey had lost the will to fight back. Vidar said nothing when they
shoved him in the pit, nor when they opened the gate for Slow Death to enter,
he merely stared at the bear with those almost black eyes of his. The beast
approached his prey and stood on hind legs. He was an awesome sight, standing
at least a full foot taller than Vidar, and weighed over 1000 pounds. The
bear's first swing of the massive paw missed and Vidar brought both hands
down on the massive head of the beast. Slow Death roared and the crowd went
wild.  The next swing did not find Vidar in such good spirits, catching him
across his face, and rendering one eye almost useless. 

Vidar scrambled to his feet, and then to the wall of the pit to escape the
massive beast. He could see the blood falling to the ground around his from
his injured face. Slow Death charged at the wounded Vidar, the scent of
blood making him almost blind with frenzy.

Vidar waited until the last possible moment and leapt over the bear sending
him crashing into the wall.   Vidar went blind with rage and jumped upon the
back of the beast, grabbing the massive head and throat. Slow Death had never
experienced this before, never had he been on the receiving end of the
beatings.   Vidar worked ferociously to end the bear's life, and with a great
warcry of 'Do'Svidanya!' he heaved the massive head around and with a 'SNAP'
the bear's body went limp.   Vidar stood on the bear's massive body and
yelled, "I am Vidar, Slow Death ees no more!"  Armed guards came and escorted
Vidar to a hospital room, where doctors patched up his face, but could do
nothing for the one eye, which now was almost entirely white. Vidar was sent
to upper Siberia to be used at a work camp for the rest of his days.

Here Vidar found that his body loved the hard labor, his already muscular
framed became rock hard, and his girth filled out. His favorite activity was
gathering wood.  He would go and chop entire trees to carry back to the
camp.  One day Vidar got up and simply walked out, taking his huge
double-bladed axe with him. No one tried to stop him; they wished him well
and hoped he would look kindly on them should they meet at a later time.

Vidar wandered the world, hiding his scarred face from all those who would
stare and cringe at the hideous scars.   Vidar found himself in Ireland and
met an auburn-haired aristocrat named Marcel, who took him to see the land of
Shadows, and treated him as a person, and not a scarred freak.   Vidar took
to Marcel and offered himself to Marcel in service.   It was at this point
that Vidar became a member of the Seven Circles, and pledged his life to

No more did Vidar feel the need to hide his scars, he stood to his full
height and peered around and let all that wished to look upon his scars.  He
now wears them as a sign of strength and independence.  No longer will you
see Vidar as 'A huge Russian paces back and forth, trying to hide the scars
on his face.'  But now you shall see 'A huge Russian leans here on his axe,
glaring with his one good eye.'

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