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 ............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
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 ........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __   \.../  /\  \
 ......../      /...../  /_.../  /....../  /_.../  /..\   >./  /./  /
 ......./      /...../  __/../  /____../  __/../  /.../  /./  /./  /
 ....../      /_____/__/__../  \_\  /./  /__../  /.../  /./  /_/  /
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 ..../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
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VOLUME NINE, NUMBER TWENTY                                     May 25, 2002

                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

                          The Editor's Note

                        NEWS, REPORTS, UPDATES
                          Calendar of Events
                            Recent Updates
                           Recent Q&A Topics
                         DID YOU KNOW: Quests

                              Clan News
                           Excerpt from Coma
                      The Making of a Dragon Hunter
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                        The Editor's Note                        |__\

Next Saturday, June 1st, kicks off this year's Summer Odyssey! We've got
some games, articles and plenty of updates planned to showcase each era
for the next three months, but we'll be starting in the Ancient Era.

We hope to be doing some area specific articles this summer, and we are
also encouraging players to write up short travelogue type articles on
their favorite area and submit it to [email protected] (3-5 paragraphs/500
word max). What's interesting/fun to do there, what makes this your
favorite area, what's your favorite thing to show off there to new
players, etc. No spoilers or other in game info please!

The following keywords can be used with the HELP command online to find
out more information about these ancient areas:


We also have a section on the web pages that is dedicated to providing
basic information and related links that may be of interest. To visit,
that page, please point your browsers to:  

If you're planning an adventure to go explore any of these areas for the
first time, we like to recommend that you read the helpfile on the area
first, turn brief off, check exits often and check out HELP MAPPING, and
enjoy the experience!

We hope that you will enjoy all that we have in store for you this summer
and that everyone has a good time exploring our world's history!

___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                   LegendMUD Calendar of Events                  |__\
            [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]
                 May 2002                     June 2002 
           Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa         Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                     1  2  3  4                            1
            5  6  7  8  9 10 11          2  3  4  5  6  7  8 
           12 13 14 15 16 17 18          9 10 11 12 13 14 15  
           19 20 21 22 23 24 25         16 17 18 19 20 21 22 
           26 27 28 29 30 31            23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Wednesday, May      29th   9:00 pm          Themed Flaghunt
Thursday,  May      30th   6:00 pm          Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

       June kicks off our 2002 Summer Odyssey in the Ancient Era.

        Join us on a journey through time to explore our world!

Thursday,  June      6th   6:00 pm          Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,  June     13th   6:00 pm          Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  June     15th   4:00 pm          Ancient Trivia with LadyAce
Thursday,  June     20th   6:00 pm          Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,  June     27th   6:00 pm          Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          Recent Updates                         |__\

    /\                         CODE UPDATES
   /  \     
  /    \    MISC CHANGES
 /_    _\     o 'ultimate control' message explains lack of hp
   |  |       o mark command now ignores color codes when determining max.
   |  |         length
   |  |       o The LT subscription option from the main menu has been
   |__|         removed. To make subscription changes, please visit:
   /  \     
  /    \    BUG FIXES
 /_    _\     o channels command properly terminates colors
   |  |       o flamestrike now shows the message shooting out before
   |  |         damaging the items
   |  |       o immortal mobs no longer show up in the census spell
   |__|       o parens for Humming, Glowing, etc. are now properly colored
    /\        o lurk <person> no longer looks so odd in the 3rd person.
   /  \       o length syntax fixed.
  /    \    
 /_    _\   TYPO FIXES
   |  |       o affect/effect typo in elbow
   |  |       o extra period removed from face <person> <object>
   |  |       o duck <person> <object> now has the proper gender
   |__|       o hush self now has punctuation
    /\        o typo fix in redeem option e
   /  \     
  /    \    
 /_    _\                      HELP FILE UPDATES  
   |  |     
   |  |     The following helpfile was recently updated:
   |  |     
   |__|         DESC_CHANGE    
   /  \     Thanks to all the players & imms who assisted in this update! 
  /    \    
 /_    _\   
   |  |                          AREA UPDATES 
   |  |     
   |  |     If you want to suggest specific improvements or new additions
   |__|     to existing areas please don't hesitate to submit them with
    /\      the idea/bug/typo commands or drop mudmail to the builder    
   /  \     responsible for the area (check AREAINFO to find out!)
  /    \    
 /_    _\                     Installed Area Updates
   |  |     
   |  |     The generic cats found in many areas should be easier.
   |  |     Greater summoning will notice and properly react to align
   |__|     changes. We THOUGHT we had it fixed before and typo'd. 
    /\      So be warned!
   /  \     
  /    \    French & Indian War
 /_    _\        Mobs shouldn't be walking around with numbers for short
   |  |          descriptions.
   |  |     
   |  |     1802 Alaska, Pittsburgh
   |__|          Various bugs and typos fixed.

  _______   ____    _______
 /  ___  \ / __ \  /  ___  \  Logs of Q&A sessions are available on the
 | /   \ | \ \/ /  | /   \ |  web pages for those who are unable to attend
 | |   | |  \  /   | \___/ |  or had to leave early. The most recent ones
 | |   | |  /  \/\ |  ___  |  are listed on the sitemap page or you can
 | | /\| | / /\  / | /   \ |  get a complete list on the Q&A index page
 | \_\ \ | \ \/  \ | \   / |  at the url below.
  \___\/_/  \__/\/ \_/   \_|

                              RECENT TOPICS

 o Update the Dun in Tara?           o What Affects Power of Summons?
 o Insane Autoshutting Doors?        o New Housing Area?
 o Secondary Rooms Before Buying?    o PR Game Ideas?
 o Tan and Tailor?                   o New Skills? 

  /  _  \   DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features
 /__/ \  \  
      /  /  Ever wondered around and heard two mobs talking to each other
     /  /   and it sounded like it was important to them? Ever noticed
    /__/    when you walk into the room, the same thing is said to you?
   /  \     You may have found the start of a quest. There are three
   \__/     things to keep in mind when looking for quests:
  /  _  \   KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT:
 /__/ \  \      Hometowns are more likely to have easy to find and easy
      /  /      to solve quests. At least one quest exists in every area
     /  /       in the game and many areas contain numerous quests.
    /__/    KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN:         
    __           Clues are often put in the descriptions of rooms, mobs    
   /  \          and objects. LOOK carefully at the room descriptions and
   \__/          LOOK at things that stand out in them. ASK mobs about 
   _____         things you notice.
  /  _  \   KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN: 
 /__/ \  \       If a mob is yelling about a lost piece of jewelry,
      /  /       crying about a dead friend or asking you to help them,
     /  /        ASK them about it.
    __      Areas where the mobs see a lot of interaction with players
   /  \     are more likely to have better hints because of the increased
   \__/     feedback to the builders. A simple response or description
   _____    that the builder didn't intend as a possible quest-start hint
  /  _  \   may become one in the future because so many people noticed
 /__/ \  \  it and attempt to follow up on something that was tossed off.
      /  /  
     /  /   If you think you've found a quest, but feel like you've come
    /__/    up against a dead end or a brick wall or something you tried
    __      doesn't work the way you expect it to, BUG report it or drop a
   /  \     note to the builder responsible for the area (See AREAINFO).
   _____    Completing quests requires characters to interact with the
  /  _  \   NPCs and often the area itself. The rewards for solving quests
 /__/ \  \  vary, but may include experience, equipment, skills, or whois
      /  /  lines. Characters may begin quests any time they find where to
     /  /   start. Some quests may not be appropriate for all types and
    /__/    levels of characters.
   /  \     We realize people will want to pool info on quest, but we ask
   \__/     that all in-game info be kept off channels and boards. Many
   _____    prefer that only hints be given instead of walk-through steps 
  /  _  \   so that they can feel they've solved the puzzle on their own.
 /__/ \  \  
      /  /  Also note that solving a puzzle on your own is more rewarding
     /  /   than getting frustrated at the immortals when you follow an
    /__/    incorrect walk-through guide.
   /  \     You may also want to visit our quest section on our web pages:

  ___                                                                  ___
  \  |----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
  /__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World   |__\

A couple of noteworthy correspondences crossed our desk this week:

A small piece of paper from Rapunzel reads:

          It doth please me immensely to announce the generosity
          of the witch, Jenna, who was caught placing balls of
          light, armor, and shields, at the disposal of the lowly
          in experience.

              Mine thanks.


And another crumpled note, that bore many deep scratches that showed the
author's anger clearly, reads:

          My fiance, Wyth has cheated on me with some wench.

          I can promise you, no wait i shall guarantee, that i
          will hunt the wench down and place my dagger in her

One wonders if Wyth should be watching his back as well.

  ___                                                                  ___
  \  |----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
  /__|                         Clan News                              |__\

The Institute of Healing Arts is about to celebrate their one year
anniversary of forming. This RP clan was established on May 28, 2001, by
the Headmistress Lady Emrysia O'Cuinn Royce, who is also the the High
Chancellor of Carian Trag. So please congratulate them on their success.

The Institute's purpose is to educate and promote the healing arts, in
all disciplines, and encourage proper use to the benefit of all. They
accept all worthy applicants who have a distinctive character.


The Freedom Fighters clan was formed on May 24, 2002, by Wyth. The clan's
purpose is to help the weak, and to protect the poor. For more info, you
should contact Wyth or any member with {Freedom Fighters} in their title.


The Knights of Legend once again had the most members who had been active
at least once in pkill in the last week. They were closely followed by the
Grengels, the Dark Enforcers and the Mercenaries. The IRA and the Syndicate
each had one person out on the front lines, but no action was seen by the 
members of the Grand Coven or the Hermetic Order.

Despite there being 80 characters in PK clans, only a dozen or so of them
are actively participating each week. How depressing it must be to see so
many red entries when they type roster long. The real applause goes to
those players who have more than one character in PK clans and are still
able to keep them active on the pkill front.


There were 43 pkill deaths in the last week, so come on, let's get YOUR
name up in lights! Have you witnessed/commited any glorious or nefarious
deeds? Send a short report to us at the LT. If you are looking for a
fight, recruiting, or anything else related to the pk world, advertise
here with us! It's free AND you'll get a token! Be a celebrity, the envy
of all your friends! Tick off your enemies or just tell your side of the
story! The possibilities are endless -- act today!!


There are currently 19 RP clans and 8 PK clans. This leaves open slots for
five (5) more clans to form. For more information, read HELP CLAN and see
the clan information list via the CLANS command while logged into the game.
For a basic handbook and reference for players interested in founding and
running a clan, visit

             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                          Excerpt from Coma

I heard the voice again today... It was in late December, just before the
solstice, that I first heard the voice... Contrary to popular belief, I'm
not used to hearing voices in my head, so it sort of shook me up a bit. I
had just come through the great Eastern Desert, headed west, toward
Ireland. I had just crossed into Egypt when a sudden, overpowering urge to
stop and rest a bit came over me. I was feeling antisocial that day, so I
decided to forego staying at an inn in favor of camping out among the
dunes. Hey, I said I didn't typically hear voices, I never said I was
sane. The night passed uneventfully, though it was hot and uncomfortable
and I didn't get much sleep, but in the morning when the brutal Egyptian
sun began to rise, I was hypnotized by the golden orb as it ascended, and
I could only sit there, awestruck, as the sun spoke to me with a voice
like molten gold:

'Mortals... so frail... and you, more frail than most... A species so
frail in body might have compensated with strong minds, but this is not
the case... You mortals, even my favored children, seem only to grow
weaker with time. I am Ra, I am the Sun, I am strong while you are weak. I
am eternal while your existence is all too brief... and yet, I for all my
godly might, I am not all-powerful. Gods require the belief and adoration
of mortals to sustain them. It is our meat and drink to be worshipped. I
have glimpsed the future of this world in my visions, and it is dark.
Someday, all of my priests will die, my favored children will be swallowed
up, my name will be forgotten. I, my brothers, my sisters, my children,
will all die. Throughout the world, I am known by many names. You, and a
handful of others, who travel freely from era to era, must seek out these
names. Preach to those mortals who lack proper respect for the sun. Teach
them the names, that they may believe in me even after my favored children
have passed into nothingness... This is your task... This is why I have
appeared unto you...'

...and that was all. Suddenly, the sun was just the sun, the only voice I
heard was my own, whispering in consent. The sun-god Ra had set me to a
great task spanning centuries... How could I refuse? Why he had chosen a
crippled thing like me, someone reliant on powerful medication just to
live and breathe, I can only guess... Perhaps because he knew an
incomplete person like me just wouldn't have much else to live for. I
don't care. It's a purpose, the sort of thing I've been looking for. Now I
can stroke my ego a bit, and tell myself I'm not just a cripple or a
junkie, but one of Ra's chosen. Yeah, that's a conceit, but it's a very
attractive conceit. Now I've got a bit more on the agenda, though, than
just wandering around looking for trouble. Now I've got to find every
sun-god legend in the world, and spread that knowledge around. It's the
least I can do for an entity that actually saw something more in me than a
virus and a drug.


Is Coma hallucinating, or has an ancient god actually contacted him to do
its bidding? Only time will tell. It would be nice if other players would
get involved, aiding in the research, but Coma is prepared to do his task
alone... He's used to doing things alone.


                   The Making of a Dragon Hunter

Tickles, a ticklish man, was riding along on a normal day just being
ticklish. He saw a cave. Pondering to go in the cave he sees a friend.

He yells, 'Hi Charming!'

Charming runs over and says, 'Hi how are ya doing Tickes'

Charming then notices the cave also.

He says, 'Let's go in Tickles. With your magic abilities and my
fighting I'm positive we can take anything in there.'

So Tickles and Charming got off of their horses and went in. They were
walking and saw a magician. Tickles quickly threw a fire ball at him and
Charming sliced his head off.

Eventually, they came to a small set of stairs. When they went down them,
they were in a small room with a coffin in it. Before the coffin was
golden treasure chest. It had a diamond latch with a tiny key hole in it.
The chest had rubbies, saphires, and emeralds all over it. Tickles looked
up at the coffin.

He said, 'Charming, let's open the coffin and search for the key.'

They tugged as hard as they could but could not open it. Charming then
said, 'Wait! I have a few strength potions.'

He gave one to Tickles and quaffed one himself. Now they grabbed the top
and ripped it off. They found a skeleton. It rose up out of the coffin and
said, 'I am Erdrick, you must defeat me for the key to the chest.' Tickles
started chanting and created a doppel ganger. He gave the doppelganger
some armor and a sword.

Charming went berzerk and charged right at Erdrick. The doppelganger
charged forward to help Charming. Tickles threw a fire ball which exploded
right on Erdrick, who reeled back.

Charming use the chance to strike Erdrick. He swung his sword around to
destroy the skeleton when Erdrick cast his own spell. Charming found
himself, entangled, unable to move. Erdrick swung his sword into the
doppelganger and blew him into a million pieces. Tickles stood mesmerized.
The skeleton is starting to chant again and Tickles snapped out of it. He
dispeled the magical bindings on Charming. Free to move again, Charming
sliced Erdrick's head clear off of his shoulders.

But Erdrick grew another head and said, 'You have done well, knights. Take
this key and open the chest.'

Tickles takes the key and the skelaton dissipated. As he inserted the key
and turned it, the chest exploded with a bright light. He looked into the
chest and found a tablet. The tablet read, 'You who are reading this are
the decendant of Erdrick. You will now be known as 'a cruel-eyed hunter
of dragons' and will be seen as a hunter with cruel eyes as you pause on
your quest to scan the skies above for dragons. Now go forth and you shall
kill the Dragon Lord.'

Shaken and changed, Tickles, a cruel-eyed hunter of dragons, left that
small room with Charming to go talk to some people about what happened. 
His destiny awaits as he embarks on his quest to kill the dragon lord.

The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
replies, additions, or corrections to our address at [email protected] for
inclusion in the next edition. All subscription options are now handled
at this url:
For RP submissions, copyright ownership remains with the author. We do
reserve the right to moderate the forum and edit or reject any submission.
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