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 ............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
 ............/      /
 .........../      /.....______.._____.....______.._____.......____
 ........../      /...../     /./     \.../     /./     \...../    \
 ........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __.  \.../  /\  \
 ......../      /...../  /_.../  /....../  /_.../  /..\   >./  /./  /
 ......./      /...../  __/../  /____../  __/../  /.../  /./  /./  /
 ....../      /_____/__/__../  \_\  /./  /__../  /.../  /./  /_/  /
 ...../                / /./       /./     /./  /.../  /./       /
 ..../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
 .../________________/      running on 9999

VOLUME NINE, NUMBER SEVEN                                 February 14, 2002
         Happy Valentine's Day! Happy 8th LegendMUD Anniversary!

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                            The Editor's Note

                          NEWS, REPORTS, UPDATES
                            Calendar of Events
                   Immortal Applications Due March 1st

                       Historical Archives Project
                     Website Character Pages Wanted

                              Recent Updates
                 DID YOU KNOW: A Brief Legend Timeline


                    **Special Valentine Section!**

                               Clan News

                   Nice Girls Always Fall For Bad Guys
                          A Valentine for Elana
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                        The Editor's Note                        |__\

Wow! Eight years. Time sure does fly when you're having a good time. It
seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were scrambling to get all the
fight messages written late into the night on February 13th, 1994. This
year it was weather messages and some dreams, so I guess some things never
change. =) We've also got some spells that have been planned for ages
finally implemented which will hopefully bring some interesting new
tactics with them. 

Rusalka and the PR department are also kicking off an ambitious project of
collecting stories revolving around Legend's rich past history. So even if
you haven't been playing actively, we're asking for EVERYONE'S help and
memories to tell all sides of the stories. Be sure to see the article on
this below for more information.

Chocorua's also been busy spiffing up the web pages and cleaning out some
cobwebs. He's currently focusing on the character pages and is soliciting
suggestions and problems to fix and is even prepared to bribe people with
the promise of a web lotto drawings. See the welcome board for info.

Also, this issue is the first to run through our new mailing list. There
should be little difference in how you receive your newsletters, except
that it'll now come from and will have a real
subject line! YAY! Replies to the newsletter will not be sent out to
everyone, but only back to, which is where all
correspondence should still be sent. However, you will also now be able to
handle your own subscription info and address changes. We'll be changing
the option from the game menus shortly but until then any additions or
changes put there will be handled.

I also want to thank everyone who got into the spirit and sent in
Valentine's greetings. I think it's the fullest one yet! And the RP
stories this week also seem to fit the theme as well. If you sent one in
and it didn't get published, I sincerely apologize and am holding stories
for the next issue on the 23rd.

Cupid has been making his rounds for the annual Truffle Hunt and the elves
have been scurrying about today as well. There may also be other random
events and prizes throughout the day, but the biggest ones will be this

Hope to see you all tonight at the Expies Ceremony at 7:00 pm system time.
    There will be a party in the OOC Auditorium tonight for sure!
If you can't make it, the winners will be announced on the web pages too!

Thanks to everyone for helping make this such the great place that it is
for as long as you have! 

___                                                                   ___
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/__|                   LegendMUD Calendar of Events                  |__\
            [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

                 */* *\*  */* *\* February */* *\*  */* *\*

Thursday,  February  14th   Valentine's Day and LegendMUD's 8th Birthday
                            7:00 pm           Expies Ceremony
Saturday,  February  16th   2:00 pm           Special Q & A on Immorting
Wednesday, February  20th   9:00 pm           Recalltag!
Thursday,  February  21st   6:00 pm           Q & A in the OOC Auditorium
Saturday,  February  23rd   2:00 pm           RP Workshop in the OOC (TBA)
Wednesday, February  27th   9:00 pm           Recalltag!
Thursday,  February  28th   6:00 pm           Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

                 */* *\*  */* *\*  March  */* *\*  */* *\*

Friday,   March     1st    midnight          Immortal Apps Due
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|               Immortal Applications Due March 1st               |__\

It's that time of year again. The deadline for Immortal Applications is
March 1st, 2002. If you are interested in applying to become an immortal,
be sure to speak to the appropriate department head about your proposed
project before you submit your application. And try to come to the special
Q&A session being held on Feb 16th at 2pm system time in the OOC.
Additional information on Becoming an Immortal at LegendMUD can be found
by reading HELP APPLICATION online as well as pointing your browser to:
The individual links to take you directly to the important pages are:

___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|               LegendMUD Historical Archives Project             |__\

Hello! As I look back at the last 8 years of LegendMUD, I'm amazed by all
the things that have happened here. I'm even more amazed by all the things
that I had no idea were going on at the time. As LegendMUD contiues, more
and more things happen. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people remember

In order to remember and immortalize all the wonderful and fabulous things
that have happened (and will happen) on LegendMUD, we are starting a
LegendMUD story archive. Stories will be made available through LegendMUD's
web page. The aim of this archive is to record stories about various events
in LegendMUD's history, such as the Kiera stories, or the foundation of the
Original Big Four Clans. We want as many different points of view as
possible (you can bet that Kiera would have a VERY different take on the
Kiera Wars than, say, Eretz, the then GM of the Order of the Scroll). We
invite players and immortals to submit their stories to the archive. You
can email them

Following are submission guidelines:

- Submissions are subject to editing and revision. We reserve the right to
  reject a story for publication in the Archive.

- Submissions should be about events that actually happened ON THE MUD.
  Thus, your character's participation in the Great Battle of Mulberries
  would be valid if it actually happened online (rather than only on
  paper or in the LT).

- No logs will be accepted. Submissions should be written in narrative
  form. (the exception being logs that are written out as play scripts,
  such as some of the early ones in the LT)

- Submissions may be ic or ooc.

- Submissions should be about large and/or significant events on the mud
  that involved more than one person if possible. These events should have
  happened at least 6 months ago RL time. Why? Because we want these
  narratives to have a larger perspective than just last week's clan raid.

- Submissions should include no words or concepts that would be illegal on
  public channels.

- Submissions should not contain material that is deliberately hurtful
  and/or slanderous to other players

- Submitters retain copyright, but must give LegendMUD the right to
  perpetual publication of their submissions

- There will be a limit of 2 submissions per player per month after the
  initial call for submissions

- Material previously submitted to the LT may also be submitted the Archive
  but will be subject to same guidelines, as well as editing and/or refusal.

- Alternative viewpoints of the same online events are encouraged.

If you have any questions, feel free to nab Rusalka online (you can also
mudmail her, or email her at

We look forward to your stories!

                  - Rusalka
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|            LegendMud Website Character Pages Wanted             |__\

As part of the overhaul of LegendMUD's web site, the character pages
( have been trimmed down
to only those with active links. The list is fairly short now. If you have
a web page devoted to your character or clan let us know about it. Email with the link and a short (1 or 2 sentences) bio or
summary and I will get them added.
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          Recent Updates                         |__\
    /\                         CODE UPDATES
   /  \     
  /    \    MISC CHANGES  
 /_    _\    o social <person> <object> now works to do a social using
   |  |        an object on/against/with a person
   |  |      o amount of hours of sunlight is based on the latitude of 
   |  |        the room
   |__|      o tips command to get "Did you know?" information
    /\       o wall of fire, fog, and stone all have different weaknesses
   /  \        (as opposed to detect/dispel illusion allowing you through
  /    \       all of them)  
 /_    _\    o length command to tell you how long a string is (ignoring
   |  |        color codes)
   |  |      o months now have the proper number of days in them
   |  |      o zips are now dumped outside of DTs like strings
   |__|      o eyepoke social
   /  \     NEW SPELLS
  /    \     o Chain Lightning  
 /_    _\    o Control Weather
   |  |      o Wall of Winds
   |  |      o Evaporate
   |  |     
   |__|     BUG & TYPO FIXES
    /\       o Etheric Archers now hold their bows again
   /  \      o flamestrike from objects grammer fix
  /    \    
 /_    _\                      HELP FILE UPDATES
   |  |     
   |  |     The following helpfile was recently updated:
   |  |     
   /  \       TIPS, UPDATES, and WEDDINGS
  /    \    
 /_    _\   Thank you to all the players & imms who assisted in this update!
   |  |     
   |  |                          AREA UPDATES
   |  |     
   |__|     If you want to suggest specific improvements or new additions
    /\      to existing areas please don't hesitate to submit them with
   /  \     the idea/bug/typo commands or drop mudmail to the builder
  /    \    responsible for the area (check AREAINFO to find out!)
 /_    _\   
   |  |                       Installed Area Updates
   |  |     
   |  |     We've updated the weather system in LegendMUD! You may see
   |__|     different weather messages in different areas as well as
    /\      experience different weather conditions as you move around the
   /  \     world.
  /    \     
 /_    _\   We've also added dreams to several areas. While you are
   |  |     sleeping you may experience dreams. Some may be pleasant, some
   |  |     may not be. Some may be based on things you have or haven't
   |  |     done yet.
    /\      There are also four new spellbooks out there for the new
   /  \     spells that have gone in. Of course, we won't tell you where
  /    \    they are, but I'll give you a few hints:
 /_    _\    
   |  |     1) That which requires the daring and brave to complete may or
   |  |        may not give you the reward you seek.
   |  |     2) Repent! For those that follow the right path shall soon
   |__|        find the light.
    /\      3) Where oxen roam, water is crucial.
   /  \     4) He that once roamed the clouds but now walks the earth will
  /    \       tell you a tale of a dream gone by.
 /_    _\   5) Where danger is high and brawn only as important as wisdom,
   |  |        only those that have both will survive.
   |  |      
   |  |     As always please report any typos or other incosistencies.
    /\      -Sandra
   /  \      
 /_    _\       The laibon is a bit smarter when fighting against charmies
   |  |         and generally a bit tougher. Also adds in a bunch of new
   |  |         animals in the midrange levels.
   |  |     ARABIAN NIGHTS
   |__|         Fixes the loincloth and balloon pants not being cloth.
    /\          Attempts to fix guards fussing at you for putting things
   /  \         in bags.
  /    \    THE CRUSADES
 /_    _\       Some cleanup in GMA quest and engraver to hopefully make
   |  |         them more reliable. AT should be a bit tougher.... in
   |  |         general the assassins are a bit beefier, the traps a bit
   |  |         nastier and harder to just avoid.
   |__|     FRENCH & INDIAN WAR
    /\          Grooms are more protective of the horses. Various bugs and
   /  \         typos fixed.
 /_    _\       Turkish nobles no longer cross themselves. Various bugs
   |  |         and typos fixed.
   |  |         Mercenary will remember who killed him and randomly hunt
   |__|         them down again later.
    /\      MELBOURNE
   /  \         Major rework of bushranger quest. Minor bugs and typos
  /    \        fixed.
   |  |         Various updates to rooms, mobs (Phantom and Mephistopheles
   |  |         in particular should be approached with care) and a few
   |  |         items. Some logical skill teachers added.
   |__|     SHERWOOD
    /\          Richard and Thomas have changed again. Be cautious when
   /  \         attacking them. Thomas knows which inn he's talking about
  /    \        now.
 /_    _\   VICEROYAL PERU
   |  |         You can milk the cows here and in Sherwood. Various bugs
   |  |         and typos fixed.
   |  |         Various bugs and typos fixed and/or weather converted. 
   |  |       
   |  |     THE OOC LOUNGE
   |__|         Various bugs and typos fixed as relating to the Coffee
    /\          Shop. The restaurant has undergone new management and
   /  \         they're going all out! Be sure to visit often to get a
  /    \        chance to see everthing!
 /_    _\   
   |  |                    In Progress Area Updates
   |  |     
   |  |     This section is intended to let everyone know what builders
   |__|     are working on behind the scenes. It is not a perfect record
    /\      of progress as all builders will not make updates every week.
   /  \     Players badgering builders about progress or a perceived lack
  /    \    thereof will be flogged. Remember, the longer spent answering
 /_    _\   questions, the longer the project takes to complete.
   |  |     
   |  |             Kaige & Ptah 1950's Americana
   |  |             LadyAce      Kleinstadt (Update)
   |__|             Straussy     R. M. S. Titanic

  /  _  \   DID YOU KNOW: Legend history -- A quick traipse through time.
 /__/ \  \  
      /  /  You may have seen HELP UPDATES before and you may have heard
     /  /   people talking about the good ol' days when one system or
    /__/    another worked differently. Can't imagine a time before your
    __      favorite area existed? Chances are it's quite possible! We've
   /  \     updated this helpfile again and have included as many of the
   \__/     major changes here as possible trying to retain our history.

1994 Feb 14th : LegendMUD opened to the public with the following areas:
                Arabian Nights, Celtic Ireland, Viceroyal Peru, Port of
                London, Klein, Tea Route, Bengal, South Seas/Macao, Roman
                Britain, Pictish Country, Casablanca and WWI North Africa,
                and Sherwood Forest
     Summer   : LT first published and Seoni Jungle, African Savanna,
                Aztecs, Tortuga, The Alhambra areas installed
     October  : Ptah & Kaige made imps, Darklord first called 'guppy',
                guns & bows added, and San Francisco installed
     December : Viking Scandinavia installed
1995 January  : Player registered descriptions added
     February : First Expies Ceremony held and French & Indian War
     March    : New fight system adopted
     May      : Dual menu system, ranged yells, vehicles added, and
                Beowulf installed
     July     : Moods & Speech System First Added
     September: Mud opened on own net connection, moon phases added, and
                Ancient Egypt installed
     December : Ancient India installed
1996 January  : Conferences added, local weather first introduced and
                WWI Somme, France installed
     February : Paris Opera House installed and St Denis Abbey revised and
     April    : Tudor England and Salem, Mass. installed
     May      : Current Department immort structure introduced
     September: Guest option on menu functional
     October  : Discussion Board added and Melbourne, Australia installed
     November : Player Code of Conduct and Immortal Code of Conduct
     December : New Player Helpers Clan established, SANCTUARY affect
                removed, Gyspy Carnival and Land of Shadows installed
1997 February : Configurable prompts added and Romania installed
     March    : Configurable fight message types, warnings first saved
     September: Say alternatives added, and another round of alterations
                to fight system
1998 February : New Clans System Installed, but not freeforming yet.
     March    : Dreamtime Australia installed
     July     : Update to Roman Britain & Pictish Country and
                Peloponnesian Isles (new area) installed
     August   : Boston, Mass. installed
1999 January  : New experience scale installed
     February : Player housing, gravity, Medieval Seas and Pirates' Den
                installed, open formation of clans now allowed
     September: The Crusades installed
     October  : Gradual stats code and 1930s Pittsburgh installed
     November : Ancient Greece and Anasazi installed
2000 January  : New mud machine installed with the new hostname
     February : Hospitaller Malta installed
     April    : 1802 Alaska installed
     May      : PKOK installed
     August   : Mud machine moved from Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois.
     November : Mud Client Compression Protocol integrated
     December : Legends of the Past installed
2001 January  : HP/MA/MV formula revised
     February : Socials on Channels
     April    : Eloquence no longer necessary for moods, Discuss command added
     June     : Hometown Specific Newbie Equipment
     July     : Dynamic Helpfiles on the Web
     October  : Change from Healing Roots to Healing Balm
2002 January  : Catalog command added for housing
     February : Further localization of weather, control weather, tips
                  command social <person> <object>, variable day length
                  based on room location, and tips command added, and all
                  months have proper number of days
  ___                                                                  ___
  \  |----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
  /__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World   |__\

   @>----->----->-----    VALENTINE'S GREETINGS     -----<-----<-----<@
 Happy Valentine's Day  |                        | To: Zealot
 to my wife, Cheyla!    | Happy Valentine's Day  | From: Redemption
                        |          and           |       Beat down the
------------------------+   Happy 8th Birthday   |    infidels, for they
  Have a nice           |       LegendMUD!       |    fornicate on this
Valentine's Day - Yoogy |                        |    loathsome day. Meep!      
Fur Moira McConnaught,              | Lachesis -- We may be only starting
  Nun trink ich Weh in jeder Lust   | our lives together but I have
  Und Gift in jedem Wein;           | already learned to love more because
  So bitter hatt ich's nie gewusst, | of you than I ever thought possible,
  Allein zu sein,                   | Happy Valentine's Day, darling.
  Allein und ohne dich zu sein!     |                        --HerbertWest
        __  __          | Here's to you all,
       /  \/  \         |   In your offices, your classrooms, your dull
       |*TONK*|         |   living rooms, your cars, your plain old home                                               
        \    /          |   towns, a happy smile and a smug grin from me 
         \  /           |   I'll think of you from my spot here in the 
          \/            |    Maltese sunlight.                       --Kae
 Even after 12 years,   +------------------------+------------------------
 these silly *tonks*    | Roses are Red,         | From Rebel to his old
 aren't old or stale... |   Violets are Blue,    | lady, Helena:
 Just think that even   | But blood is so tasty, | 
 the skronks have been  |   Especially from you. | Baby, you are one hot
passed along to another |                        |        mama! 
generation. I Love you. |        ---The Vampire  | Happy Valentine's Day!
To my beautiful Druidess Denstra,   | To Vidar, the love of my life.     
You have filled my life with        |                                    
happiness since the day we met.     | May the Goddess watch over each    
Happy Valentines day my love.       | one of your steps, and may our     
All of my love,                     | time together be eternal.          
Cymo                                |                                    
------------------------------------+ Love always, Devi McFie.           
My dearest Haley,                   |                                    
  Looking into the morning mists, I | All I ever wanted was to be part of
see your face, Near the sea, I hear |      your heart,                   
your voice whispering, I look to    | And for us to be together, to never
the stars, and I see your eyes, I   |      be apart.                     
close my eyes and you are with me.  |                                    
  You are my love, my life, my very | No one else in the world can even  
reason for being. I wish you were   |      compare,                      
still at my side, though I know     | You're perfect and so is this love 
that Aslan, in his wisdom, knows    |      that we share.                
what is best. I say these things    |                                    
not because I think you can hear or | We have so much more than I ever   
see them, but because my heart      |      thought we would,             
needed it expressed.                | I love you more than I ever thought
  Though we are not together in     |      I could.                      
these lands, our hearts are one     |                                    
forever, no matter the distance, or | I promise to give you all I have to
time.                               |      give,                         
                     Judah          | I'll do anything for you as long as
------------------------------------+      I live.                       
To: Yohn                            |                                    
       __                           | In your eyes I see our present, our
      /  \                          |      future and past,              
 /'. /   |  Some bunny loves you!   | By the way you look at me I know we
||'.\|   |                          |      will last.                    
||  \\   /      /\     __   /^\/^\  |                                    
 \\  \\'```'-._ ; |   /\ \  \    /  | I hope that one day you'll come to 
  \'./`  __    `P | _/ /\_|  `\/`   |      realize,                      
   \         .__|' ` -.|            | How perfect you are when seen      
   |           ,'       \  /^\/^\   |      through my eyes.              
    \          .| -  -   | \    /   |                                    
     \____,..-`  \ _Y_ _/   `\/`    |     - Written by Ashley Borden -     
    / /       `---'"""`  `\         |-------------------------------------
    \|   .           __.._/         | M'lady Moira,                      
     |    '-.__.-""``.-./ |\        | Hope to make you as happy as you've
  jgs|        (  _.'`  |\ ||        | made me. Maybe you'll write a song 
   .-|         ``      || || Love,  | about it some day. *smile* I can't 
  |  ;                 || // Mommy  | wait to hear it, if you do.        
   '-'\                //`          | Happy Valentines Day,              
       `"""""""""`"""""`            |                        -Sir Aidan  
Rosesss are black,               | Sweet red tomato,
I care not about libel,          | Juicy and Rotten and Smelly,
Hug me today and you'll          | You provide me with a moment of silence
taste my bible. --Preacher Kaine | When I plant you in Enmity's face!
To: Northstar           | Elegant black letters on a piece of hand-made
From: Angst             | rose petal paper read:
    Remembering you     | My silver-haired Templar knight,
  on this special day,  |  Though it has been years since we last spoke,
    our hearts soon     | the memories are fresh enough in my mind that it
        reunite.        | feels like only yesterday... But my heart knows
                        | different from my mind.
------------------------+  May the glassy jet-black beads continue to link
Roshesh are red,        | our souls until the day we can meet again. My
Whishkey ish golden.    | eyes have seen this day in the near future, I
I'll dreenk it doon,    | should hope that they will not be wrong.
if it I'm holdin'       |  Until then, may the fireflies guide and protect
                        | you.
- Happy Valentinesh,    |  Be well, my beloved lord...
               McDougan |                                      E~
Etta,                               | My Darling AnaStejia,
Thank you for being such a great    | Happy Valentine's Day my love. I'm
reminder that sometimes 1 + 1 = 1   | glad you are back home where you
:) Two peas in a pod, whether it    | belong.  Love always,   Xena
be good or bad ;) Thank you for     +-------------------------------------  
always being there to know          | To my clan: Thanks for everything!
exactly how I feel and why.         | To the industrialists who insist on
                  *smooch*          | ruining what nature gave us: =P 
                         -Julie     |   @>-->--->--    Pflanzen Botanique
You turn my world upside-down, helter skelter,   | To my love Lacey, the
You twist my spirit this way and that,           | Mercenary life is not
You teach me new things every day                | always the easiest, and
And keep me awake every night,                   | by far not the least
I wish for only two things in this world,        | peaceful. Thank you for
Your sweet love, and that you'll learn to play   | putting up with me
    with fire outside.                           | through the good and
                                                 | bad, and keeping me
     For my kids,                                | from losing the bigger
                      Marcel Alexander, Esquire. | picture. -Krynn
To: The Institute of Healing Arts,  | Devi - You are the joy of my life,
    Staff and Students.             | the light of my world. To be in the
                                    | same room with you gives me joy
You are what makes the Institute    | beyond measure. For this day, of
what it is. The best clan to be a   | giving hearts, I give mine to you.
part of. It is your friendlyness    | If I could sing well, I would sing
and willingness to stick together   | to you a song of love that is sung
through thick and thin that has     | to brides by their husbands on the
made it the success that it is.     | night they wed. Thank you for
For this I'd like to thank you,     | letting me know love and hope and
and tell you how much I appreciate  | joy and everything that I did not
you all. You are truly the best!    | know from the colony in Siberia.
          *clanhug*                 | -scrawled in big letters 
                Love, Emrysia       | not matching the rest -     VIDAR
This Valentine is dedicated to my   | To My Bestest Sprout,                
love, Herbert, whom means the       | I am soooo grateful for having       
world to me.  To be your friend     | you in my life. I couldnt ask for    
stimulates my mind.  To be your     | a better friend (or at least one     
wife, stimulates the love I hold    | that evens me out as much with       
for you to grow stronger by the     | their differences, eh?). You mean     
day. Thank your for being you, for  | the world to me, just wanted you     
you are always in my heart. I'll    | to know that... I know you           
bring the chocolate and the         | sometimes fidgety when I get all     
strawberries tonight. You just      | mushy but hey, it's the truth        
bring yourself.                     | *cuddle* Here's to another year      
       Forever in Adoration, Lachie | of friendship, may it continue to    
------------------------------------+ blossom and grow :) You're always    
To: Fiery                           | the best, never forget your worth    
Even though you're a salamander and | to me!                               
I'm a naiad, our love has a chance! |                    Love Always,      
If only from a distance.   - Misty  |                      Your Jewels     
My dearest Dechtire,             | To the brightest celestial body of my
 Though we have only just met, I | life, the very reason of my being, my
 believe that my heart is yours. | dearest me. With you, I look forward to
 I do hope you have a grand      | every day with lightness in my heart
 Valentine's Day. I shall not be | and a spring in my step. Your love
 attendending it with you as my  | nourishes me by reaching out for food
 courage has not reached me yet. | when I'm feeling peckish, so I would
 We come from two different      | exist for another day to love you more.
 worlds, both nobles, but you    | You never abandoned me, because you're
 are good, I am not. Be in good  | stuck with me, and for that I thank
 health, and perhaps one day.... | you. Lelldorin, I love you.
                 Love, Anonymous |                        Love, Lelldorin.
A rolled scroll made of pressed     | To My Old Friend Johan,            
flower petals reads...              |                                    
                       {{ RDM }}    | It's great to have you back with   
King Rowane de'Dannan               | us again! *huge hug* You were      
Bri Leith Sidhe                     | gone far too long and those who    
The Kingdom of Carian Trag          | knew you, surely missed you. You   
                                    | are a wonderful addition to the    
My Dearest Rowane,                  | mud as well as our lives. We are   
  Loving husband, on this day of    | glad you are back :)               
days I find even more reason to     |                  *hug*               
confess my eternal, undying love    |                        -Julie     
for you. Not a day goes by such     +------------------------------------- 
words are not uttered from my       | Moya prekrasnaya djena Miesha,      
lips, but not often enough the      |                                    
chance for others to hear such as   | Ya lublu vas nedjno e hochu shtoby   
well. My infinite gratitude to      | mir zhal eto v dien Valentina. Ya    
Hermes and fate itself for          | nadyeuce shto vremya pribivaet       
blessing me with the gift of you    | skoro kgda nash sin Savas rozhdien   
in my life. Not one moment passes   | e znayet eto tak zhe!   Vash mudj,   
that I am not so very aware of      |                           Vimka     
how incredibly lucky I am.... You   |-------------------------------------
are truly the greatest gift I       | My Dearest Angst,                   
have ever received.                 | You have returned to me! Just       
                                    | when I thought all was lost...      
With Eternal Love and Adoration.    | That all I had known was now        
                   Yours Always,    | gone. The one person to always      
                      MoiraGwyn     | leap to my side has done such       
                                    | once again. This alone would have   
Queen MoiraGwyn de'Dannan           | been enough for me to rise from     
(the imprint of lips mar            | the dead to return to your side.    
Bri Leith                           | You are a blessing to me.           
        the sheet here)             |           Yours Truly,              
The Kingdom of Carian Trag          |                       Northstar     
To me closest frien' an' life companion.      | Dear Monsieur Chambertin,
Ye give me joy                                |   We in England are simply
Ye give me laugh                              |   aghast, please stop
I met ye first when me heart be dark          |   chopping off all those
                                              |   heads. Here's hoping
Yer touch be calm                             |   that you reach your
Yer body be smooth                            |   first wedding
Yer tongue be ready fer speak I like          |   anniversary before you
                                              |   try and chop off your
Ye don' ask why                               |   wife's head again. Happy
Ye know me mind                               |   Villaintine's Day!
Ye be always there when I be wantin' te slice | 
                                              | -- That demmed elusive
Swinebiter, me heart an' soul be yers.        | Pimpernel, and the equally
                                              | meddlesome love of his
                          Sigrid Icelander.   | life
Ma chere Mertjai,  | To Ahrianrhod,                                        
Je t'aime, mon     |                                                       
petit chou!        | Your melancholy sadness touches me,                   
-smooches-         | it afflicts me with its endless dark waves.           
Nadya LaRue        | Oh Lady, would that I could make that darkness light, 
P.S.-- Fancy a     | I should be the most fortunate man alive.             
little romantic    |                                                       
ride on the Seine? |                                   - Orlando           
  *galoosh*  *splooge*  | Happy Valentines day to | To Aemilia,
(VALENTINE'S DAY IS ONE | my fiance Geist, I miss |  I'll never understand
   OF MY BEST AGENTS.)  | you! Also, Happy        | why your father keeps
------------------------+ Valentines day to all   | trying to kill me, or
Dear Clothilde,         | my friends, and special | what Lord Marcel wants
   I can only ask your  | wishes to those who     | me to do.
forgiveness for the     | recently got married! I |  All I know is your
recent events. Share in | hope you enjoy your     | beautiful, exquisite
my fire, bring your     | first Valentines Day    | soul, leaves me so lost
heart home again to     | together!               | in love, when I look at
me... And stop trying   |                         | you...
to change my wardrobe.  | Lots of Love to         |  Happy Valentine's Day,
 Happy Valentine's Day, | everyone, from Maloth   | dear heart.
                 Armand | and her player.         |  Your silly fop, Percy
   @>----->----->-----    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY     -----<-----<-----<@
  ___                                                                  ___
  \  |----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
  /__|                         Clan News                              |__\

Congratulations are once again in order for a couple of clans celebrating
upcoming anniversaries. The 20th of February will mark the 4th anniversary
of the New Player Helpers Clan forming and The Grendels will be celebrating
their 3rd anniversary of reforming under the current clans system.

When asked for some background and information about the NPH, Alejandro
told us:

     The NPH is one of the oldest surviving clans of the mud.
     Being the only ooc clan on the mud, the clan is an
     organization of players, going past the boundaries of a
     single character, as many members help newbies on their alts
     too. Founded four years ago, with the purpose of aiding
     newbies with the basics required to play the game, the
     members and ex-members of the clan continue to strive to
     make a newbie's initial time on the game pleasant and less
     confusing. As always, the clan is looking for new members
     willing to help, and we look forward to celebrating another

When asked about the Grendels and the reason behind their stated purpose of
'Kill, Kill, Kill.' Aquilante had the following to say:

      Really?..there is a need for a reason to shed blood? Who
      needs to apply: Sociopaths and people that love the thrill
      of human hunting. Oh, don't forget that very often you may
      be the one killed!


The most active PK clans this past week remain the IRA, the Dark Enforcers
and the Mercenaries. The other PK clans must have been lulled into
complacency by the love-filled air! The Mercenaries can't seem to get ANY
Knights to reclaim The Knight's of Legend Code of Conduct. Doesn't it
bother their sense of honor to have it out of their hands or that he's
been wiping his dirty feet on it? Only time will tell. 

And only because Cupid is reigning instead of Ares, we'll forgive those
members of PK clans who STILL haven't engaged in battle just this once,
but we want to salute those of you who have been out there every week and
proving what a PK clan can be. To those of you who are sitting in a pkill
clan and haven't seen action in months if at all, well... in the spirit of
the day we'll be nice and just urge you to get out there and show us all
why you joined a pk clan in the first place!


Have you witnessed any glorious or nefarious deeds? Send a short report to
us at the LT. If you are looking for a fight, recruiting, or anything else
related to the pk world, advertise with us! It's free and you get to see
your name in print! Be a celebrity, the envy of all your friends, tick off
your enemies! The possibilities are endless -- act today!!!!!


There are currently 19 RP clans and 9 PK clans. This leaves open slots for
four (4) more clans to form. For more information, read HELP CLAN and see
the clan information list via the CLANS command while logged into the game.
For a basic handbook and reference for players interested in founding and
running a clan, visit

             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                   Nice Girls Always Fall For Bad Guys

Fatima looked up from her mountain of dirty pots and sighed. 'Do you think
he noticed me?', she asked her best friend Farah, who also was on pot duty

'No', Farah answered bruskely, 'Get back to your pots, I don't want to do
them all just because you're mooning over some man.'

'But he's not any man', Fatima protested, 'He's so handsome, and gentle. And
have you noticed that smile of his?'

'Who's smile? What are you talking about now?', Farah said distractedly.

'Why, Sir Robar of course, he passed me today in the hallway, I think maybe
he noticed me.' Farah snorted derisively.

'You stay away from him, he is...', Farah trailed off in her own thoughts
muttering to herself.

'What are you saying?', Fatima asked curiously. 

Farah frowned. 'I am saying I don't understand why he is allowed here.'
Farah peered around the room making sure they were alone, then almost
whispered, 'He is said to be an oathbreaker and a kingslayer, that is why
he fled from his homelands.'

Fatima was completely boggled, 'But, but, he seems so nice.'

'Well, he's not, and that's it', Farah replied, 'Get back to your pots!'
Fatima, thirsting for gossip was not content, 'What happened? What did he

'It is none of your buisness', Farah peered around the room again, 'Don't
tell it to anybody, I heard it from a caravan guard, he said he heard it
from somebody who had travelled those parts of the world.'

'Get to the point', whispered Fatima impatiently, 'What happened?'

'As I was trying to say', Farah sniffed, 'Sir Robar was a member of some
king's personal guard, I think it was King Randy or something. Anyway, Sir
Robar had sworn on his honor to defend this king's life with his own. But
then he was payed by King Randy's brother I heard, and one night he was
found over the dead body of his king with sword in hand. He fled and so
avoided punishment. And now he is here.'

Fatima shuddered, 'Such a handsome man', then looked worriedly at her
friend, 'What about the king and queen? Do they know? What if he is here to
kill them too?', she asked.

Farah frowned, 'I don't know. As I said, I don't understand why he's
allowed near them!'

                          A Valentine for Elana
                    A Valentine for things of the Past.
                    A Valentine for a love remembered.
                    I write this in memory of my beloved wife, Elana.
                    We were both young when we met, yet
                    we both knew the world and our place in it.
                    Neither of us were able to foresee
                    the troubles and pleasures
                    that life had in store for us.
                    Neither of us noticed when
                    the feelings of friendship grew
                    and became more refined, and also 
                    more demanding.
                    It was not untill I went off
                    to serve my time in the war
                    that I realised how I felt.
                    The days seemed long and
                    my hope was shattered
                    as I learned of your bethrotal to
                    another man, arranged by your father.
                    On my return, I found that you
                    were still as lovely and that
                    you still weren't married.
                    When we met, it was evident
                    that we shared feelings of love.
                    I went to your father
                    to ask for your hand in marriage.
                    He gave me a 'nay'
                    Said it was because I wasn't
                    the kind of man he wanted for his daughter.
                    I know that you went to him, and I know
                    that he refused to listen.
                    That night, you came to me
                    and we left everything we knew behind
                    we came to the place I now call my home.
                    We were married
                    Our love bloomed
                    The sun would rise and herald another
                    wonderful day shared with you.
                    The sun would set and dreams
                    would come alive.
                    To share my life with you
                    was all I knew, all I was.
                    You made me a whole person.
                    We lived together for many years
                    We had a boy and two girls
                    who have all left the home
                    in which they were born.
                    But alas, sickness claimed you
                    blew out the flame on your life's candle.
                    Left me bewildered, lost.
                    I long for your arms
                    I long for your voice
                    The days seem ever darker
                    My time here is not done
                    there is much to do
                    before I can join you
                    But I will, soon enough.
                    I miss you, Elana.



Amecia BloodRose was no stranger to lust, love, or loss. She had been hurt
time and time again.. abandoned.. rejected.. thrown aside for another..
She tried her best to keep her head held high and keep faith that one day
she would find a love that wouldn't somehow betray her.. But no matter how
hard she tried, she always ended up alone.. and finally, when her fiancˇ
said he couldn't stay with her anymore, she just gave up.. She took her
own life..

Or at least she tried.. the gods spared her, but she had to start her life
anew.. She still retained the memories of love lost and loneliness, but
was left with little else. She worked hard to build herself up back to
what she had once been, but her life was crueler this time around it
seemed. Where once she had been able to take care of herself, or could
rely on friends to help her out when work was thin and money was running
short, she had nothing this time. She was forced to sell her body to
others.. She sold pictures of herself in the nude.. She flirted and teased
men in the hopes they'd give her presents, or even food when times were
really tough. She did her best to pretend this is what she wanted. Times
were hard, she did what she had to do.

In that time, there were a few who offered their friendship and love, but
her heart was still mending. As much as she hated selling herself, she
preferred doing that over letting someone else break her heart. She walked
through her life alone. She kept everyone at a distance.. she didn't want
to ever love again...

Then one day she saw him. She didn't know much about him, but she saw was
the anguish in his face. It was a look all too familiar to her from her
own experiences, although perhaps the reasons for it weren't the same. She
didn't know what his story was, or who he really was. All she knew was
that something was drawing her to him. No matter how hard she tried to put
him out of her mind, he was always there. She tried to fight it, but she
was already obsessed with him. She found herself finding any excuse to be
around him. If she couldn't find a legitimate reason for being near him,
she hunted him down anyways, just to watch him. But no matter how much she
watched him, she still couldn't figure out his story. She wanted to ask,
but she was too afraid talking about it would bring more pain to him. She
tried recently to ask others around her, but so far to no avail. But the
obsession, the longing, the desire to discover his story and somehow
manage to win his heart grows steadily stronger as she continues to help
him when she's needed, and just watches him when she's not.

Even now she's watching him... watching him move... watching him kill...
and if he slept, she'd watch that too...

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