This is a list of the members of the Immortal staff who have retired
from LegendMUD. These Immortals made numerous contributions to the Mud
and shaped its direction into what it is now. They're listed below by
the department that they contributed to the most.

GENERAL DESIGN : Elessar, Heretic

ADMINISTRATION : Aermid, Baca, Bart, Chocorua, Dominic, Govan,
Jenna, Satsu, Seth, Solomon, Zandy

BUILDERS : Alhazred, Aneirin, Arturos, Birdy, Branwen, Breton,
Cheyla, Croaker, Danar, Deanna, Firefly, Fionn,
Flagg, Greyscot, Kae, Kunnar, LadyAce, Leila, Llew,
Mania, Matrix, Mingus, Parrilyn, Perseus, Nero,
Ranmaru, Rusalka, Sasha, Straussy, Vannessa, Wraith

CODERS : Akira, Arkenstone, Catalyst, Cipherz, Gail, Ganelon,
Hrath, Hunter_Rose

PUBLIC RELATIONS : Chimera, Clutch, Herbert, K'mala, Northstar,
Oandlig, Particleman, Petal, Sabella, Stile,