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    A reputable Journal has been in Publication for some Years now, catering to the Reader who wishes to Learn more of Social Happenstances, of Gameplay Techniques, and of recent updates and alterations in the World. Elements commonly found within the August pages of the Legendary Times include Fictionalizations of events of Roleplay, social Reportage, articles on Tactics, information on new Code and Areas, and the Annual Expies Awards, given in Various Categories to players and immortals Alike.

    The Legendary Times is currently Edited by Huma, who may be contacted for information, subscription assistance, or submission of Articles at, the general Contact address for all Legendary Times affairs.

    Below, please find an Index, which contains the Voluminous pages of past Issues carefully ordered by Date and Volume. To read an Issue here, simply use the Index. If you prefer Home Delivery of the texts, you may use add your name to our subscription list.

Chinese divinations from the Shang dynasty (1500-1200 BC) inscribed on the underside of a turtle shell


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The Legendary Times Current Issues

LTv13n1 January 9, 2006
New Forums! - Reimbursal Status - The PK Front - The LegendMUD Calendar of Events - Recent Updates

LTv13n2 January 23rd, 2006
Expie Nominations - Recent XP Milestones - The PK Front - A Tourist's Diary - The LegendMUD Calendar of Events - An Unforunate Escape?

LTv13n3 February 14th, 2006
The Editor's Note - New Editor! - New Area - Dartmoor! - Recent Updates - Valentines Day Wishes - A Tourist's Diary II - San Francisco Hometown: What people really think.

LTv13n4 March 1st, 2006
The Editor's Note - New Hometown: San Francisco! - Massive Game-Changing Code update - Era Expie - Recent Updates - Legendites - Expie Award Results -

LTv13n5 March 17th, 2006
New Area - Silk Road! - Cucina di Milano Part V - Merry Moments and Dark Corners - Recent Updates - Knights of Legend - Instilling fear in our youth? - An Interview - The LegendMUD Calendar of Events

LTv13n6 April 11th, 2006
Vote For Legend! - Recent Updates - Seven Circles sponsers an Event - Nadia comes to a Realization - The LegendMUD Calendar of Events

LTv13n7 May 12th, 2006
Downtime! - Recent Updates - New Feature: Web Forum Browsing in Game! - OTS Poetry Contest - The LegendMUD Calendar of Events