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Posted by Rusalka on August 21, 1999 at 11:46:47:

In Reply to: A few suggestions posted by Tamburlaine the Great on June 12, 1999 at 05:32:00:

: Just a few suggestions, in no particular order. Please comment and elaberate on them.

: 1)The elizabethan London Bridge was a
toll bridge...

Yes, and I considered making it that when I first
built the area. I decided not to because of the
annoyance factor, but it's a thought. Right now,
I get a lot of complaints about the doors closing
(hey, they used to _lock_ when they closed ;):
I'll certainly give your suggestion some thought.

: : 2)How about some plays to be performed at the
: - Perhaps a quest involving one: must buy or
get printed a script at the printers; have to
speak lines at right time.

I've got an idea for some future stuff that
incorporates some of what you suggested (not sure
what the time frame would be; it's still vaporware
right now); thanks, I'll give those some thought
too :)

: - Also someone might be interested in organise
plays for role playing, say a once a (real life)
week performance. The Scooby-Doo ending to Hamlet
might not be a bad start (its posted on the
message board in London). Such role playing
should be open to every one who wants to
participat and widely advertised.

I'd _love_ to see this. I held a rp competition
at the Globe once; we had folks rping scenes from
Hamlet in Star Wars mode. Very funny stuff :)

: 3)How about appropriate currency to each region
and time zone? Most coins would be useable in
various time-space localities, but paper cash can
only be used in industrial areas. Industrial areas where there is a nation-state would only accept their own money. The British pound would be
: accepted throughout the empire.

Hmm..this would probably work more smoothly in
the Industrial era. I'm not sure how many English
coins were accepted on the Continent. Money
changers that would exchange your money (at
awful exchange rates) could be a possibility,

- Rusalka

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