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Posted by Gavvius on November 30, 2000 at 13:39:23:

From the description of 2 kind of mages on the Legend site, it seem that create mage is very powerful *cough elemental cough*. However when playing I found that create mage seem to be totaly useless compare to cause mages. One most importance thing is playing in a group. For a create mage like myself, it seem like we are not wanted because most of our spells is just summoning creatures. Many times I have been rejected in a major group run because "...o sorry too much trouble..." or "...seem to me you are not that useful...". A friend told me that create mages run alone because of our ability to make up a group of charmies. However again when playing, I found that the charmies are weak and pretty much useless. The spell animated dead for cause mage seem even more powerful than create mage best summoning spell :-(. I hope you "creator and watcher" look into this unbalance and fix it, maybe taking out a cause mage ability to get charmies from spell like animated dead would help a little or making create mage's charmies more powerful and last longer. Many experience player who want to play as a mage mainly choose cause because they get more useful and powerful spell. Even myself who is now at level 26 want to just kill this character and make up another one that is a cause mage :-(. Your magic system is very cool, using words to cast a spell, and getting to choose between different kind ofs specialty is also a nice PLUS. But it would be really nice if you guy balance it out. Thank You

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