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Posted by Gristletwist on December 16, 1996 at 05:03:22:

Just found this, and I'm going to use the space to list some things about LegendMUD that are superlative and that are rather poor, in my view. I can hear the immorts groaning now as i've been doing this since the MUD started. Anyway, here goes:

MINMAX GEAR & STAGNANT ATTRIBUTES: Two sides of the same problem, and my worst problem with the game. "Clothes make the Man", the usual "Transformer" characters and a total dependence on stat boosters. yech in general. I'd vastly prefer a system where attributes could be raised permanently, instead of relying on certain items and such. It hurts roleplaying too, as you can't really wear what you want, can you? At least not if you want to succeed. Summary: Minimize statboosters, give a means of raising attributes within the character. This would solve tons of problems, and allow customization.
CON/STR/DEX FIGHTERS: Ugh, this is severely unrealistic. Con should help with HPs, STR should aid damage, wielding heavier weapons and armor and DEx should increase the ability to hit/dodge. Just make the bonuses provided equally desirable.
DEAD INN/SHOPKEEPERS: People kill them for 2 reasons, they give great exp and are good for bragging rights. Personally, I hate finding them dead as it's always when i need to buy/sell or rent. My solution? Lower their level, and just make them close shop and "flee into a backroom" until they heal up. That way, there's no reward for attacking them, really.
HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES 'TIL LEVEL 10: Used to make sense until you put in the stat equalizer, now it's really unnecessary.

Despite the complaints, I have to add that I love the skilltrees/HPs renovations coming up, the gameworld is superb, the character creation system original (I like the stat equalizer) and the spell system is excellent. It's also the only MUD i come back to over and over again.

Hope my input was of some aid for once :)

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