What I like about this place--intended or not

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Posted by Harold on December 16, 1996 at 15:05:26:

1. Rent: by not having to pay coins everytime you log in/out, it allows me to
play even if i only have 30 minutes to spend.
2. EQ-based stats: though it will be less feasible under skilltrees, I like
transformer characters, and the fact that some mistakes
maybe reversible.
3. Classlessness: lack of classes help customize a character greatly, and
makes the mud more solo-able.
4. Grouplessness: By not offering significant advantage when grouped (in the
earlier lvls) I can play erratically, and still not be much
behind those that play for prolonged periods of time per pop.
This lack of advantage is mostly due to classlessness and the
aim to make one character as self-sufficient as possible,
creating overlaps in abilities that go wasted.
5. Optional Pkill: it is nice to just log a non-clanned char and sleep in the
middle of the street, chit chat with friends, etc.
6. Optimal solo-atmosphere: with the wells, sancs and lack of grouping advantages
this mud provides with an atmosphere in which lone-wolf
type chars can excel just as well as the gregarious types.
7. Immortal staff: since they still play, know the system, and work hard, the mud's always
evolving--tho not always to my liking ;)
8. Historically based: helps intuitive exploration to some degree
9. Xp-rooms: Nothing better than this. Love stepping into a room to lvl.
10. Quests: Love the fact that they are always there (unless somebody else is doing/done
it) and the fact that there are plenty for even low-lvl chars.
11. Con/Dex/Str fighters: having a proficiency in different weapon types is great, so ppl
dont simply change from wielding a dagger to wielding a war axe.
12. No guilds: I like the fact that you can lvl whenever you hit the xp req.
13. Skill teachers: they are scattered about, which makes them fun, tho some possess skills
they probably shouldnt really know.
14. Killable shop/innkeepers: adds to realism, imho.
15. Fight system: kinda like the fact that nothing's really easy to kill in the beginning,
and that you see significant improvement after a while, though there seems to
be a wicked curve in toughness, as at lower and higher lvls, it is much harder
to kill stuff, and most people kill the same mobs they killed, and can't kill much
more than, the mobs they killed around lvl 20-35

well, see you guys jan. 20th

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