A Guide to Quests

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Quests are a fun and challenging part of LegendMUD, but finding and completing them can be difficult. This guide is intended to help you get started with quests.

Finding Quests[edit]

Keep your eyes open. Builders often put clues for quests in the descriptions of rooms, objects, and mobs. Ask mobs about things you notice. For example, you might ask a mob who looks angry about his anger, or a child who looks scared about his fear.

Keep your ears open. If a mob is yelling about a lost piece of jewelry, crying about a dead friend or asking you to help them, ask the mob about it.

Know what to expect. All areas have quests, almost all of them have many quests. In areas near hometowns or which are filled with lower-level mobs, you can expect quests which are easier to find and solve.

Notice other players. Typing "whois (player)" will give you a list of a particular player's accomplishments -- if you notice that someone has done a quest for the druids, and you know where the druids are, you can wander among them and ask questions. If you see people coming in and speaking with a certain mob frequently, ask them what they are doing.

Ask for help from other players. Try something like "I'm brand new and want to start doing quests. Can anyone help me get started? I'm in (location)." Be polite, descriptive, and a little persistent -- someone is bound to come to your aid.

Completing Quests[edit]

Keep track of what's being said to you. Once you've started on a quest, mobs will guide you through the steps. If you get stuck, review what you've been told.

Explore a little. If you can't find the next mob, object, or place that you're looking for, take some time to learn a bit more about your surroundings. Most quests will keep you within one area, but for others you may have to wander quite a bit.

Think about the various quest paradigms which builders often employ. Most quests include some kind of transaction -- the carrying of items or information between people or places. You may need to find, purchase, or ask for the items or information. Other quests may require certain feats, such as the killing of a particular enemy, or the solving of a puzzle or riddle.

Finally, check out LegendHub for some player collected information about quests and other things!