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To All Concerned:

What follows is Sir Gwystel's excellent Code of the Knights of Legend. In these Troubled Times I find this manuscript and what it stands for as valid and important today as ever it was in Years Past. Taking note of the multiple revisions made to the Code over time, the question may be raised of its Purity. I would assure all that the Code has been changed but slightly since its first draft so many years ago. Indeed, my own changes were made chiefly to reflect Game Code Changes here or there (such as regarding clan tokens, which no longer exist). It should be noted that the realm of Legend is a dynamic one, ever changing and Fluid. That being so, allowances must be made to make small alterations to the Venerable Code when the issue is one concerning game dynamics. But the Spirit and the rules themselves must be left in their original and uncorrupted state so that our clan may do the same.

Sir Ganymede June 15, 1998 The Knights' Code By Sir Gwystel, with help from Sir Khelleck Revisions by Sir Crowe, Sir Dominic, Sir Ganymede

Fellow Knights, We have oft expressed a desire to see a 'code' for our conduct. As a deputy guild-master, I have taken it upon myself to pen my thoughts on the Knights, and the way we should conduct ourselves. It will also further the definitions of honor, valor, loyalty and such as it seems to be to me. One thing further of note is that for some reason here, there are persons to which death has no meaning at all. They are not diminished by it, they suffer not at all from it. But there are others. The former are commonly known as mobs. They return time and time again after death, suffering no ill effects. This discussion is for the rest of the inhabitants of Legend.

Part 1 On Being A Knight

I believe the discussion should begin with honor. This is a most touchy subject as it applies to us here in Legend. Many would use it to browbeat us, attack us, or force us into unwise actions.

RULE #1: Honor does not equal stupidity.

Honor is something that is a part of your internal character. It can be learned, and it is expressed in your actions. Being a Knight does not make one honorable. Honor is something you fight for each and every day with each and every action and decision you make. Honor doesn't mean you have to act to please others. If you believe that to have an honorable battle means to show up and beat on your opponent until one of the two of you dies, I will mark your grave on every anniversary of your passing. Honor is choosing to act rightfully, cheerfully, and for good in your actions. Honor is keeping your word, paying your debts, giving credit to those you may not like, but are worthy in their own right. Honor in battle in Legend is not so tough to achieve, but many have a different interpretation than we.

RULE #2: Use your heart to select your actions and stands, use your head to see you through to the outcome of your actions.

When presented with options on actions, or a question of what to stand up for, use your heart. It will tell you what is the right thing to do. Once you are commited, use your head to see your decision through. Accepting a battle challenge is honorable, and once committed, use everything at your disposal to see your combat through. Use fade person, use see invisible, use sneak, hide, and all of your skills except those that are clearly wrong. Backstabbing, poisoning and such are cleary unconsionable to anyone worthy of the title Knight of Legend. Accepting a challenge from a superior foe, while courageous, and possibly honorable, is mayhap not brilliant. Some would call you coward, and slur your 'honor', but again, honor doesn't mean stupidity. If you feel strongly about your stand, as I did in my battle with DeathStalker, then maybe proceeding is what you must do. But in the face of adversity, follow your instincts as to what actions are truly dis-honorable and cowardly, and care naught for what others may think of you. Your actions do reflect on us, yes, and maybe there is a need for additional guidance, but, once you have made your decision, STICK WITH IT. This too is also part of being honorable. I can't recall ever hearing, "He is wishy-washy in act, thought and deed, but we look up to him."

Loyalty is another attribute of favor among the Knights. We pledge in fact to assist our fellow Knights in their endeavors, and our blades when trouble arises. We MUST stick together. We are one of the most powerful clans in the realms, and as such, we draw our flock of detractors. We will be judged by standards and expectations beyond that experienced by any other group, for We are the Knights of Legend. We help those in need, and our compatriots as is our duty, and because we would anyway, because that is part of what sets us apart, that compels us to become Knights to begin with.

Courage and Valor. These are quite likely the two hardest things for a person to live by, for they are like quicksilver, flowing this way and that, forever changing by the dictates of the environment. A Knight must be courageous, yes, but what does that really mean? Accepting any challenge or quest no matter the folly of it? Not ever. Sometimes, the most courageous thing a person can do is nothing. Courage comes in many forms, but the most important, is doing what is right, no matter the cost. Courage and honor go hand in hand in most things. Our sense of honor will set us upon a course of action, one that maybe we do not like. Courage is that quality that will see us through to the end, providing we keep our wits about us.

So, now that we have honor, courage, and loyalty, what do we DO? We now begin to delve into the 'code' by which we must live. We do what we choose to do, according to our nature. But, there are some rules to be observed.

Part 2 The Code

This is a military order. We have leaders, and are expected to carry out their dictates. There may be many who hold a given grade, such as deputy guild-master, but ONE will always be of greater rank. We discuss things to get opinions, and attitudes and ideas from members, but all decisions are absolutely the realm of the Guild-master himself. The Guild-master's word is final. The deputy and other office holders act with authority in the Guild-master's absence.

Here are rules for our conduct as Knights:

1) You must always act with honor and courtesy to ALL you meet.

2) Your word, once given, cannot be broken.

3) A hallmark of our clan is fellowship. This means that you should give high consideration to the needs of other Knights. Assist them with corpse retrieval, or other dire situations. Help them with equipment and information. Offer the help freely, and assist when asked. Group with other Knights for fun and xp as often as you can. Leave excess gear in the clanhall.

4) Service to needy non-members is another high ideal of the Knights. Whenever you can, assist newbies, help people reequip, assist in random corpse retrieval. Make new citizens feel welcome to the lands.

5) Have a thick skin. Many people insult our clan or disparage our ideals. Ignore them. We do not care what such people think. You may explain your beliefs and values, or explain and defend your actions, but do not engage in insult trading or shouting matches. If an insult is so grave that it requires action, issue a challenge for a duel or discuss the matter with the Master or Deputy without responding in kind.

6) Knight of Legend MUST appear in your title. Take pride in your position.

7) Any combat you undertake must be declared before the start of battle, and must be declared to be personal, or in the name of the Knights. Attacking without prior notice of the conflict is forbidden (though, once announced, the enemy is thereafter on notice of the conflict).

8) The Guild-master reserves the right to start a clan war, form clan alliances, or mark a player for perma-death. However, in matters of perma-death marking it is strongly suggested that the Guild-master gain input from fellow Knights beforehand.

9) Looting a corpse of a player you have killed is FORBIDDEN, unless that player is targeted for perma-death. Don't take even one token without authorization.

10) Killing an unarmed player low on hp, (ie to kill them again when they come back for gear) is FORBIDDEN, unless that player is targeted for perma-death.

11) Hiring a member of the assassins' guild, or any other person who is for hire, for the purpose of pkill or any other aggressive act, is forbidden. No task or battle you cannot or will not carry out yourself or with the help of friends is worth it.

12) Don't use dishonorable combat tactics. Backstabbing is strictly prohibited even against mobs. It is your personal choice whether to associate with those who do backstab mobs. Use poison only under two circumstances:

  a) when is it part of the extra damage from a weapon (eg the katar), 
  which requires that you face the enemy directly or 
  b) when you have arranged a duel that will include the use of any 
  spells or potions, and your enemy is warned. Poisoning mobs to 
  prevent healing is fine, if you will be fighting, but poisoning 
  mobs to death without combat or with little combat is discouraged.

13) Your conduct speaks for you at All Times in the eyes of your peer Knights as well as the general public. A Knight who does not act his part is a stain upon our clan's Good Name. For this reason, should Three Knights or More together feel that another of the clan has acted Questionably, they may then ask the Guild-master to place that Knight under Probation.

14) Probation of a Knight shall last for a period of One (RL) Month. During this Time, he or she shall lose the right to Vote in Clan Matters, and to Sponsor a prospective New Clan Member. At the End of this Period, should the Knight's actions prove Honorable and True at All Times, the Probation shall be lifted. If not, that Knight shall be Outcast from the clan by the Guild-master.

Part 3 Miscellaneous

1) Membership. To join, a candidate must be pkill enabled and use the SEEK command to confirm his or her intentions. He/she must have completed the Ritter quest in Klein, and must have at least one other Knight sponsor them as a Squire to assure the clan of good character. The Guildmaster will then induct the new member and help that person with induction information.

2) The locations of Knight Guild-halls must be given to no one who has not been identified by the Guild-master as a Friend of the Clan. Further, no one should be given admittance into any Knight hall without permission from the Guild-master or the Deputy Master, and halls must be kept Locked at All Times.

Version 2/17/99