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This page has different sorts of links:

  • links useful to those interested in mud and online world design specifically.
  • links that are about game design in general.
  • links directly related to playing Legend or from Legend players

Generic Links

Studies and histories of specific online worlds

  • Rider University once hosted Life at the Palace: a Cyberpsychology Case Study which was an extensive and detailed study of the graphical chat space The Palace
  • Wired once hosted Killers Have More Fun an article by Dr Amy Jo Kim about Ultimate Online.
  • On his site, Richard Bartle has a page of links to material about specific muds.

Papers, essays, references, and other research materials

  • Richard Bartle's homepage has a multitude of good material on it. Some of the more notable material includes:
    • The Arch-Wizard Archives contains Michael Lawrie's "Confessions of an Arch-wizard" which is a seminal document on how to administrate muds.
    • Howard Rheingold's Brainstorms has a few items of interest to mud designers:
    • A chapter from Virtual Communities that deals with muds
    • An essay entitled "Virtual Communities, Phony Civil Society?" which has interesting implications for those interested in virtual societies.
    • Another essay, by Jan Fernback & Brad Thompson, entitled "Virtual Communities: Abort, Retry, Failure?" that covers similar territory.
    • The fantastic Papers - [ Synchronous Communications | VR | 3D ] page indexes and lists abstracts for a virtual mountain of important papers on muds, including work by Elizabeth Reid, Julian Dibbell, Richard MacKinnon, Richard Bartle, Amy Bruckman, Pavel Curtis, and others.

Mud design links

  • Marian Griffith's Roleplaying page includes her !Overlord Project, which is a collaborative design for a roleplaying-focused mud.

General game design sites and documents

  • Items by Chris Crawford:
    • His seminal book The Art of Computer Game Design
    • Various writings of his on game design
  • GameDev's library of game design links.
  • Gamasutra is a game development industry hangout that often features game design articles.

Immortal Applications

The Immortal Proposal Process