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Games and events are a fun part of the Legend experience. You can meet new people, learn new things about areas in the mud, expand your role-play, or simply take a break from the game.

Common Games

Flag Hunts

Flag hunts are very simple to learn to play -- all you do is walk around the mud, looking for an item which looks like a flag. This game becomes more interesting and less luck-based with its variants, which include:

  • Places which follow a theme
  • Places which you can't see just by walking in the room
  • Renaming the flag to look like something less obvious


Recalltag is just like the tag games you might have played as a kid, except everyone is "it" at the same time. You move around the game zone, and when you see someone, you try to tag them before they tag you. This is accomplished using the "tag" social. Triggers and alias use during game play are against the rules. Tag comes in a few different flavors, with two ways to compete and two ways to win.

Normal Competition

Competitors are barred from using skills, spells, magical items, or tools.

Darwinian Competition

Competitors are invited to use any skills, spell, or item they want.

Winning in Custer-Style Tag

Custer tag is last-man-standing. If you're the last one in the zone, you win.

Winning in Medici-Style Tag

Medici tag is a matter of record-keeping. If you tag the most people, you win.


Exotic Games


Scavenger Hunt

Pirate Treasure Hunt


Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day

April Fool's Day




Occasional Events

Comedy Club


Level to 50