The Immortal Code of Conduct

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General Principles

An Immortal on Legend is there to:

  • Improve Legend.
  • Make the experience of being on Legend enjoyable for everyone, not just a select set of players.
  • Respect the players.
  • Represent Legend to the world.

Basic Expectations

It is expected that every immortal on Legend follows the spirit of this code of conduct, as well as obeys The Player Code of Conduct. When one agrees to this code, they also agree to that code.


This is not a comprehensive list of verboten cases for Legend Immortals, but should be treated more of a guideline for behavior. This represents the spirit of the rules. For Immortals, violating the spirit of the rules is akin to violating the letter of the law.

Common Sense

Legend Immortals should always use their head when presented with any situation - they should stop and think before taking any action, whether it sending a tell, loading an object, or warning a player. If an Immortal is not sure if what they're doing is against the rules, they should always check with their department head, or an imp.

Command Abuse

Using Immortal powers to give benefit to any mortal, whether that mortal is an alt of the Immortal or not, beyond the scope of normal Immortal duties, is considered abuse of Immortal powers - this includes using Immortal skills and spells to benefit any mortal.


Examples of things Immortals should not do:

  • Transfer a player from anywhere but OOC unless within the scope of their job.
  • Attack or kill a player by any means.
  • Spy on a player or other Immortal, unless required within the scope of their job.
  • Heal a player.
  • Use Immortal knowledge or commands for in-game benefits.
    • Eg: Telling another player where an item, mob, or player is.
    • Eg: Finding an item, mob, or player with their mortal alt that the mortal would not have been able to find without their Immortal.
  • Steal from a player.
  • Revealing other players alts to anyone.
  • Load or otherwise obtain objects for players.
  • Alter or affect a character's attributes or equipment.
  • Transfer mobs to anywhere that they do not normally belong.
  • Register unapproved descriptions.
  • String items without the required coupon.


An Immortal harassing any player, whether mortal or Immortal in any way has no place on Legend.

Providing Information

  • Immortals may not give out direct information about quests, items, mobs, etc.
  • If a player comes across an issue with something, an Immortal may provide hints, or explain in general terms why something happened.
    • If an Immortal is unaware of why something happened, they should be open with the player they are speaking with, and follow up with their department head, or an imp.
  • Within the above scope, Immortals should at all times be as helpful as possible.
  • The mortal alts of an Immortal are held to the above standard.


This code of conduct is intended to:

  • Encourage trust in the Immortal staff.
  • Encourage the Immortal staff to be creative and take a helpful role in the development of the mud.
  • Encourage a more mature and polite atmosphere on Legend.

Immortal Applicants

If you are reading this page as required by the Immortal application guidelines, and do not feel comfortable with the principles embodied in the above, it is suggested you reconsider proposing to become a member of the Immortal staff.