The Immortal Proposal Process

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All players wanting to become an Immortal on Legend will follow the process outlined here.

If the department head is not available for any part of the process, the imps should be used instead.

Submission Times

Applications can be submitted at anytime.

Before Applying

Prospective applicants should discuss their application with the department head of the department they wish to apply to. The department head will help guide the applicant through the process and provide feedback along the way. This also allows the applicant to verify that their proposal is not a duplication of effort.

  • The character with which you apply must be at least level 45.
  • Be aware that applicants are expected to be available for scheduling time online following their application submission, until the close of voting.
  • There is no guarantee that the application will be successful.
  • Applicants must agree to the The Immortal Code of Conduct, which all immortals must follow.

Application Submission

  • Applicants will submit two applications, the General Application and a department specific proposal.
  • Both applications should be submitted at the same time to the department head.
  • The department head is expected to do a precursory review of the application and may request the applicant adjust the application before sending it to the imps.

Department Specific Proposals

Review and Commenting

The steps outlined in this phase will all occur at the same time.

  • The application will be shared by the imps to the Immortal staff's email list.
    • The Immortal staff will review and discuss the application.
    • Any questions the Immortal staff have for the applicant will be sent to the imps for collation.
  • Applicant character names will be announced on the welcome board, and on Legend's social media.
    • These posts will request players to make private thoughtful comments about the applicant directly to the imps via mudmail or email, and will have a deadline for submission.
      • Submitted comments will be considered Immortal only information and the submitter's name not shared with the applicant, unless the submitter allows.
      • Submitted comments will be shared on the Immortal staff's email list.
    • It is optional for players to submit commentary about the applicants on public boards, or social media, generally this is not considered official feedback for review purposes.


After the deadline for questions by the Immortal staff and comments by players has been reached, an imp will schedule and conduct an interview with the applicant. The questions asked during the interview will be those submitted by the Immortal staff during the review and commenting phase. A log of the interview will be shared to the Immortal staff's email list.


Once the log of the interview has been shared with the Immortal staff, voting will commence using a weighted voting system, wherein department and titles affect the weight of the vote. Eg The head of the building department will have more weight on a building application than an assistant PR Immortal.


Once voting has completed, applicants will be informed by an imp of their results individually - if the application was successful the imp will schedule a time with that applicant to Immortalize them.

Any successful applicants will be announced via the welcome board and on Legend's social media.


Applicants that were not successful are welcome to submit a new application no sooner than 3 months after the rejection, unless otherwise directed by an imp.