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From: Lamia         Title: Area & Helpfile Updates (07.23.2019)     
                    Posted On: Tuesday, July 23 2019, 07:11PM
Area Fixes & Tweaks
- The staff of the Nile weight fixed
- The Titan Coeus's quest now works
- Fixed the Aswang's death act so she properly awards ... something
- Fixed Childe's death act so he properly awards ... something, too
- There's a new mob in medseas!
- The stunted druid now sets all Home Rooms to The Royal Stag post-trans
- The baton from Abilene now has 15 maxdam
- Someone finally got around to spaying and neutering the cats in Klein
- The Customs jerkface Malta has been... adjusted
- The Nazcan zombie's respawn has been adjusted
- A whois was added for the "Level to 50" event
  - More details to come, all of them from Huma.
- Hel won't be as repetitive while lauding on info.
- Gungir's weight has been adjusted

London Port
- NPCs lvl 10+ have acts that prevent chars under lvl 5 from attacking them
  - New code from Rufus prevents low-level characters from attacking
    high-level mobs by mistake
- Key mobs in town now converse and guide low-level characters
  (experienced players can skip)
- All basic weapons skills taught by the Outfitter
- All basic fight skills taught by the Outfitter
- Outfitter sells newbie weapons that are a good upgrade from starting ones
- Nurse heals players under lvl 3

South Seas
- Wu Chen and his infamous crew of pirates have regained strength!
  - They have captured innocent travelers who need to be saved!
- Wu Chen's junk is now a L35-45 leveling zone with new surprises
- Wu Chen's chop has had its slot corrected

- A "Perma Booth" has been established in the cellar
  - If you're not level 10 or higher, it won't work for you

Item Weight Adjustments
The following files have had their OBJECTS adjusted to the new type of WEIGHT (x.yz instead of x).
Much like before, if things seem weird, let us know. Lamia know. Via mudmail.
- Bengal    - Generic Birds    - Carnival 
- Mansion   - Anc Greece       - South Seas

Help File Updates
- Many, many, many helpfiles have been updated to include updated URLs
  - They've also had some slight verbiage adjustments
- New File: Skilltimers