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From: Lamia         Title: Area Updates 06.01.2019                  
                    Posted On: Saturday, June 01 2019, 09:09AM
Area Updates (06.01.2019)

 - You may only go OOC from a room in which you can rent -- either an inn, or
   a housing room where you can rent. This means you can't just go to OOC 
   from any house on the mud, you have to be able to rent there -- be the 
   owner or the friend of the owner.

 - There was one small typo/verbiage adjustment.

London Port:
 - The vampire is not as hungry for sweetbbyNewbie blood.

 - druid-created blue-violet potions now have both blue and violet keywords.
   - All hyphenated potions now have extra keywords. This does not apply to
     potions already created nor does it apply to ones that might be for
     sale in areas. 

 - Gae-bolg has new (lower) rent profile and some stat changes. It's not 
   templated, so go get yourself one.
 - Honestly, Lamia has no idea what changed but Nestor said it was important
   so here we are.

  That teaser from Instagram/Facebook/Discord? It's live, now.
  See Nestor's post about it. <3
Misc Updates

Score Formats:
 - There's a new score format (lams) that shows some of our 'newer' attributes
   - Updates/additional new formats that contain such info are in the works
Helpfile Updates:

New Helpfiles:
 - Death Shroud (deathshroud? Idk. Figure it out if you dare.)
 - Player Unique (or playerunique? I should really look into these things.)
 - Queue
 - Soulbound
 - Spell Failure (spellfailure? concentration? We live in this world and the
   whole world's a mystery.)
 - A whole bunch of others in regards to all of Rufus' cool code stuff.  
Updated Helpfiles:
 - Vivificate
 - Bond
 - Consider
 - Gun
 - Hitroll
 - Resurrection
 - Shoot
 - Anatomy
 - Backstab
 - Bastion
 - Rage
 - Chant