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Hello Legend,
A couple imms have told us that there are a bug or two that have been found in
newer areas (that we are actively fixing as we can).

Thank you all for reporting those bug to us. We truly do appreciate it.

With that said, be aware that we have rules against actively reusing any bug
for any reason, whether it's for XP, items, or 'testing'. Keep in mind that
the rules for bug abuse are very extreme - often not just a warning, it can be
character deletion.

We've also heard that some players expect the imm staff to tell them when to
stop reusing a bug. Expecting us to ask you to stop using specific bugs would
be akin to expecting the police to tell you to not break and enter each
individual house - the law is written (and our rules are written) to cover all

Though we want you to continue questing, and experimenting, looking for
different responses, etc, once you think something might be related to a bug,
do NOT use it (and do report it). Also, please don't claim you didn't think it
was a bug, when it's obvious that it is, that's just an insult to everyone

Thank you,
The Imps