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From: Rufus         Title: Code Update 5/15/2019                    
                    Posted On: Tuesday, May 14 2019, 10:06PM
New Command

* 'queue' command that shows you what commands you have queued up

Bugs Fixed

* If you have negative hitroll and you're sitting, you no longer get 
  better at hitting things
* Insane numbers of hit points on dancing sword charmies has, uh, been 
  nerfed into oblivion. Seriously, anyone who thought this was 
  intentional needs their head checked.
* Damroll is fully applied to secondary attack weapons. Go forth, 
  cheese monsters, and break the game... even more than you already 

Resurrection addition:

* Casting it on a player to bring their corpse to them remains the 
  same feature you love to hate with the same material requirement 
  and such
* You may now cast resurrection on a corpse as well as on a player
* Casting it on a corpse doesn't require the caster to have any 
* If the owner of the corpse has a death shroud (see below), they will
  get a resurrection attempt affect for 1 minute and a message about 
  how to respond.
* By responding with the 'resaccept' command, the owner of the corpse
  will be transported to the corpse (and affected with resurrection 
* A corpse can have two resurrections cast upon it. Even if the owner 
  of the corpse declines the resurrection, the counter will go up.
* Resurrection on a corpse can only be cast within 1 hour of the death.

* Upon accepting a resurrection, the shroud goes away. 

Death Shrouds

* Death shrouds are negligible in size and weight, and rent for 1

* Death shrouds are available at Douban (currently) for the low, low 
  price of 9250 gp ea. More vendors to come.
* Death shrouds remain with you after you die (soulbound)

* You may only possess one death shroud at a time (you can however 
  load your house up with them if you so desire)

Bash Changes

* You can tumble out of a failed Bash

Kick Changes

* Kick is quite a bit more accurate

Bastion Changes

* Bastion preventing turns should now work ~85% of the time with the 
  same caveat as before ... if the mob is coded to turn based on 
  something other than the automatic turn code, it's still gonna 

* Bastion preventing turning will work when you aren't awake (stunned, 
  paralyzed, etc). However, you will only get the prevention message 
  when you're awake. Trust us, it's still working. Also, c'mon, 
  sometimes that uppity rogue type needs to get smacked around a bit.
Anatomy Changes

* Anatomy is available to all hometowns

* There is no longer a spirit requirement and the mind requirement 
  drops by 5 points
* Anatomy improves chances to land a backstab and increases chance 
  to paralyze with a backstab
Backstab Changes (again, jeesh!)

* Backstab is even more perc based now. Seriously. It requires a 
  dex weapon, but it no longer tries any fancy stuff with the hit 
  table and whatever. It's also more accurate.

* You get a bonus for hiding, sneaking and invis (vanish as well) 
  to the chance to hit
* You have a penalty if you're backstabbing something that's already
  in combat (this hasn't changed), but...

* The bonuses for hiding, sneaking and invis now apply even in that 
  situation, and...
* The bonuses for hiding, sneaking and invis apply against mobs that 
  are fighting, even if those bonuses wouldn't apply normally
  (So let's say normally a mob can see sneaking and hidden... you sneak 
   and backstab, but because this hyper aware mob can see you, you 
   don't get the bonus. However, if Brutus your Bastion-Enabled 
   Tank Buddy <tm> engages Mr. Mob, you do suffer a penalty, but that
   penalty can be counteracted by sneaking and hiding)

* Backstab takes into account deadly precision in all cases now instead
  of just most.

* Backstab improves both para chance and landing chance at 105 
Shooting Changes

* You can shoot in under water rooms.
Chant Changes

* The formula for spell failure has changed dramatically

* When you first learn a spell, you have a 25% chance to fail that 

* Every level you gain beyond chanting that spell (or every casting 
  level you gain through practice) decreases that by 5% down to a 
  minimum of 5%. Yes, this means that level 50 people will probably
  fail a spell more often than they do now.

* If you fail a spell and cast the same spell again, it reduces your 
  chance of failing by 5%. This is applied after the cap above. This 
  in general means that someone who has 3 cast levels on a spell should 
  never fail it twice in a row. There are caveats (see below)

* plus (or minus) Concentration affects are applied after the cap 
  above as well. 
* Raging increases your chance to fail a spell (this is actually 
  unchanged... betcha didn't know that?). If you rage and cast spells, 
  you may want to snuggle up to your favorite druid for some sweet, 
  sweet, concentration buff love.

Vivification changes

* Tier 1/2/3 healing changes are no longer percentages,
  and recycle times reduced based on tier:

    Tier 1: heal = 400, cooldown = 120 minutes
    Tier 2: heal = 500, cooldown = 90  minutes
    Tier 3: heal = 600, cooldown = 60  minutes

* It now costs 50 mana/50 mv, but lack of those will not
  prevent the vivificate from working (it will set you to
  0 in that case)

* You can vivificate anyone in your group - they need not be
  sleeping. You can even operate on fighting people.

* You can vificate fighting people at reduced efficiency
  (80% heal)

* The skill lag is reduced to 3 rounds (rather than about 7-8
  depending on when you caught the pulse just wrong)

* It no longer stuns your patient.

* It places a 1 combat round (not a 90 second) disorient
  check on the patient.

* it no longer has a chance to fail if you are disoriented or
  having spasms (because, hey, it's an era ability).

New Feature: Soulbound Items

* We are now able to flag items as SOULBOUND. 

* these items stay with you (like boats and lights), even if you die
  and even if they're in bags (they'll move to your inventory) 

* There will be at least two, both weapons, when the feature goes live
  (and death shrouds)

New Feature: 

* Player-Unique items: You may possess only one of these at a time 
  (similar to unique, where you can only wear one at a time). You may 
  have many in your house, but you may only be carrying one at any 
  given time.
  NOTE: Please report anything fishy... this rewrites some fundamental
  bits of code that moves objects from one person to another. It 
  should have a failsafe of simply dropping the item on to the ground 
  but there are likely places where we should catch and refuse (such 
  as when you're giving an item to someone).