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From: Lamia         Title: Code Updates (06.09.19)                  
Appends: 1          Posted On: Sunday, June 09 2019, 10:19PM
Code Update (06.09.19)

Small Things:

* The novice channel is no more. New characters are subscribed to 
  chat and info

* Flashing blade will count towards weapons whose fighting stat 
  differs from the fighting stat of the weapon's primary damage type

* Attempting to kill something more than 4 levels above you will 
  stop you and give you a warning. You can turn this off with 
* The self-refreshing spell has been toned down a bit. It will still 
  go off just as often, but the effect has been pulled back a little 
  bit to be more in line with the self-healing spell on another 
  famous weapon
* Locate person only works on players under 2 conditions: if you are 
  grouped with a person or if you are able to engage in PK with that 
  person. It is still able to be used on mobs without issue.


JOURNAL AREA <keyword>
JOURNAL <name of journal entry>

The JOURNAL is new way that the game can track quests. We had a partial
journal code in a for a while but's been ripped out and completely 
replaced. It is in addition to, and does not replace, whois.

Typing JOURNAL will give you the current unfinished (incomplete) 
journal entries and also note how many there are complete. JOURNAL 
INCOMPLETE gives the same information (as does JOURNAL I).

JOURNAL COMPLETE will show you a list of completed journal entries. 

JOURNAL AREA <keyword> will show you all the quests from that 
area (based on the keyword). Both complete and incomplete.

JOURNAL <name or partial name of journal entry> will list the 
description and stages (or steps, if you will) to complete that 
journal entry. If a quest is still in progress, it may show some 
stages as complete.

Old quests may or may not be migrated to this format. This format 
is actually orthogonal to the old quest system, and it's designed to 
be used side by side with the existing one. Even after older quests have
been updated, people who have already completed the quests will not 
show them as completed or be in the journal at all (more likely than 
not, that is). 

You will be notified when things are added to, removed from, updated in 
or completed in your journal. Journal entries which have been updated 
recently will show in a highlight color (U35, or the xp color)  in the 
journal for 5 minutes after they are updated. If you rent out, this 
time stamp may be lost.

The only quest that shows in the journal now is the India hit point 
quest. It will not show for people who have already completed it. 
Expect the journal to be used more in newer areas.

Append 1 of 1 from Lamia  on Sunday, June 09 2019, 10:25PM
RE: Lamia          Title: Code Updates (06.09.19)                  
JOURNAL helpfile update will show up sometime. Just keep referencing the post for now, please.