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From: Rufus         Title: IMPORTANT: Submitting Bugs, Typos        
                         Posted On: Wednesday, April 05 2006, 03:34PM
Hi folks,
I'd just like to take a minute to address something that is beginning 
to be very disturbing.
We get bug reports, typos and ideas constantly. Hundreds of them a 
week. In general, we try to address as many as quickly as possible, 
but sometimes the fix or the change requires a substantial amount of 
development. In fact, the last two weeks of code updates have been 
drawn almost exclusively from the idea and bug files. However, some 
ideas are simply not a direction we want to go. However, we do make 
every effort to evaluate every idea, bug and typo that is submitted. 
And we are also working on a method for allowing everyone to browse 
the current bug reports and such and see their status.
A disturbing trend lately, though, has been a massive upswing in 
people, a wide sampling thereof -- not just limited to one or two 
individuals, becoming downright and absolutely rude in bug, idea and 
typo reports. Submitting the same report multiple times (30-40 via a 
repeat key or command), using ALL CAPS, cursing...
The folks who read these report files are working hard to make sure 
these changes get evaluated. It's very disheartening to have to read 
through yards of trash talk in order to get to the real issues. 
So from here forward, bug, idea and typo entries that are submitted 
with rude or inflammatory language, profanity, or submitted many times 
in rapid succession, etc. will simply be discarded. The people who 
take the time to evaluate these issues and put them into the to-do 
lists deserve a level of respect for the actions they perform in 
regards to these files.
I am asking specifically, when discussing issues with the game 
through these files, to leave attitudes at the door.