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From: Lamia         Title: New Feature: Remorting            
                    Posted On: Tuesday, July 23 2019, 07:15PM
You are now given the option of starting anew once you reach level 50. 

For its initial rollout, you must talk to an immortal and receive a flag
in order for a new menu option to appear:

  Accounts options:
    [L] List your characters        [S] Show Bob's stats
    [N] Create a new character using your account
==> [R] Remort this character <== Hellooooooo, Nurse

What happens when you remort your character?

  * You get set to level 1
  * You lose all your skills, spells and cast levels and start with 
    4 practices
  * You lose any unspent experience (regular and era) and redemptions
  * All flags are removed from your character -- this includes 
    explie whois -- talk to an imm if you happen to have these
  * You lose all pre and post titles
  * Your character will no longer be PKEnabled
  * Your configuration will remain the same but some things may be 
    reset (such as your warcry)
  * You will retain all area abilities and unspent points, including 
  * You will have level-50 equivelent rent available (51K + era)
  * You retain all of your equipment (items that have -mv, -ma, or -hp
    will be removed and placed in your iventory on entering the game)
  * Your bonded items will remain bonded and you will be able to use 
    level-limited gear as though you were level 50 (caveat: 
      you cannot bond new gear until the appropriate level)
  * You can choose a new hometown
  * You can re-roll your stats
  * You can specify your stats (you want strength 50? You can have 
    strength 50)
  * You retain your gold, housing rooms and bank
  * You will receive a special whois that you can only get by 

The menu system will guide you through this process and ask for 
confirmation. Until you tell it to apply the changes, you can back 
out at any time.

A couple things to note:

   * When you apply the remort changes, you will be kicked out to the 
     main menu and forced to log in again. This is necessary to make 
     sure everything is correct.
   * When you go to pick your own stats, you may adjust the first three
     in your selected stat order. The other three will auto-adjust based
     on what the first 3 are. This will take a little explaining about 
     how Legend's stat selection works:
       1. You choose your stat order
       2. Your stats are paired -- the first with the last, the 
          second to the second to last, the middle two together
       3. The sum of these pairs is 66. So if you roll a 50 for your 
          first stat, the last picked stat will be 16. 
       4. The first stat will always be equal to or greater than the 
          second stat, the second stat will always be equal to or 
          greater than the third stat. This means that if you chose 
             STR, DEX, CON 
          as your first 3 stats and you decide to set CON to 50, it 
          will set both STR and DEX to 50 (and adjust their pair stats
          at the same time)

       5. No stat may exceed 50
       6. The sum of all of the stats is 198
    * Did you level to 50 again? Guess what? There's no limitation on 
      how many times you can remort.