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* Armslore should be fully fixed
* Crashing bug with Wave of Nausea. Thank you, Merlock, for demonstrating
  that one over and over again
* Single-letter directions for pick lock should work again 
   (pick 'e', pick 'w', etc)
* Dots should always credit the caster with a kill now
* Bastion
   * Imparts a 1-round instead of a 2-round skill lag
   * effect lasts for 4 fight rounds, not 2
   * success chance has increased significantly
   * the formula for success no longer takes into account agg/wary 
     settings. Be full agg and use it until your heart's content
* You should be able to go OOC from player housing (let us know if 
  this doesn't work)
* Passwords should now be case-sensitive again
* Attuned charms will bamph to you if they're awake. This means they'll
  come while sitting. If you need to leave them behind, make them sleep 
* some fixes to address network/new connection slowdowns
* More fixes for group bug crashes

Also note:

* there are two new skills that may show up on your allskills: offensive 
  prowess and defensive prowess. These are not available in-game from a 
  teacher yet.