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Player-Killing, also known as PK, or pkill is the ability to engage in combat with other characters in game. When you create a character, you do not automatically have this ability. You must decide to become a member of the PK community, with the help of an immortal.

PK Rules[edit]

You may have multiple PK characters up to a maximum of 5 characters.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you will be required to have an account. See 'Help Account' for more details on creating an account.

  • Only one of your PK characters may be in a PK clan. There are NO exceptions to this rule. It is also advisable to not gather many (if any) clan friendships with a character who is not in a PK clan when you have one that is.
  • You may PK-Enable at any time after level 10. This includes level 50+ characters.
  • Your PK character will be limited as to when they can log on. You must wait ONE hour between switching from PK to PK character. (You can, of course, log the same PK character in and out all day) Code will attempt to enforce this. Getting around this restriction will not be treated lightly.
  • If you are on as a non-PK or a PK character and some action happens, do not switch to your PK character and join in the fun. Non-PK characters are not to be used as scouts, etc. Although this will not be enforced from a cod standpoint, it is highly recommended that you wait at least 15 minutes in between a non-PK character logging out and a PK character logging in.
  • You may not, alerted to a pk situation through one character, switch to another character to assist. This is considered destructive cross play. Though cross-play is considered only a breach of etiquette normally, destructive cross-play in PK is not permitted.
  • The first time you decide to have multiple PK characters, you must speak to any immortal who has the PK-Enable command to have the second character enabled.
  • If you have been PK-Enabled for at least 3 months and are still below level 50, you may request to opt out of PK from any immortal capable of PK-Enabling. After level 50, you can redeem out of PK at any time via a redemption point.
  • If you leave PK via an immortal, and decide you want to rejoin, you may do so after waiting for 3 months.
  • Do NOT use steal in PK. Do NOT steal from a house. Do NOT steal from another player. Do NOT steal from a PC corpse. This includes charmed NPCs, as well.

PK Interference[edit]

Characters who are not PK-Enabled may not interfere with PK. See 'Help Interference' (in-game) for detailed information on PK interference. You will be held responsible for any interference you cause, even if you do not read this text. Be prepared to be PK-Enabled at the cost of any other PK characters you might have. If your character is level 50 and not able to redeem into PK by these actions, be prepared to lose that character. Worse yet will be the penalty for those who attempt to lure non-PK characters into interfering intentionally.


Please recognize that regardless of how much code we try to the contrary, that the ability to grief in PK is going to be there in some form and the temptation to skirt the rules such as cross-playing and the like are very tempting. We will be taking a very hard-lined approach to cross-play when it comes to PK and will not allow it in ANY form. Destructive cross-play in PK is NOT permitted.

See the in-game help system for more information.