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Herein you can find all manner of information about the community that is Legend. Below is information on the immortals for the mud, links to player websites about characters and about playing Legend, a listing of the current player-run clans within the game along with their respective themes and websites, the archives for the Legendary Times, the mud's long-running and widely read newsletter, transcripts of events in the ongoing Lecture Series, including logs of question & answer sessions and special events.

  • The Pantheon, who construct the firmament upon which the sagas of life and death unfold.
  • The Players, for whose joy and merriment these lands are made.
  • The Characters who populate these lands and about whom stories are told.
  • The Clans, who combine the strength of the players, to aid each other in what obstacles must be overcome, and to improve and shape the environment they share.
  • Legends of the Past, where traditions and legendary characters and their history live on and are honored.
  • The Legendary Times which serves as a weekly update for the news of the realm, both common and dramatic.
  • The Lectures cover a wide variety of topics, some are directly related to Legend, others are of more general interest.
  • The Expies are awards given to members of the community for lasting contributions.
  • The Welcome Board Archives are where you can find the archived announcements from the Immortal staff throughout the years.