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LegendMUD's clan system allows players the ability to freely form and disband clans, as well as induct and cast out members without immortal intervention.

Each clan also will be able to freely elect a GuildMaster or GuildMistress by pledging their loyalty to other clan members. The member with the most loyalty is automatically named GM.

Characters of ALL levels are eligible to join a RP clan. However, to join a PK clan, the character must be already pkenabled. Clans may switch from RP status to full PK status.

Players may only have one character in any given clan at a time. You may have more than one clanned character, but only as long as the characters are in different clans.

Clans that are inactive or without a GM for an extended period of time will be removed, and any and all remaining members will be removed from the clan.

All clans have a limit of 20 members and a minimum of 3 members to keep the clan active.

Clans are an excellent way to Role Play, see the Code of the Knights of Legend for an example of a document created long enough ago that 20 years ago there was en edit made.