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The Expies were an annual award ceremony, with candidates nominated and voted on by the players of LegendMUD. They are generally held around the mud's birthday, February 14th. For more info and a list of past winners, please visit our Expies page at: https://archive.legendmud.org/Community/expies.php

The expies are based on happenings from the year beginning Jan 1 and ending December 31. Any events happening after this time are carried over to the following year.

The EXPIE channel can be used for nominations throughout the year. To use it type EXPIE [category] [person/event/item being nominated] [extra data].

Please do not nominate yourself or your alts. Please avoid spamming the channel by nominating the same person for the same category over and over.

Please read HELP CAMPAIGN on the restrictions around campaigning or using bribery to secure nominations and/or votes.

Current categories are:


  • Best Mud Citizen (Male & Female)
  • Most Helpful
  • Most Helpful to New Players
  • Best Roleplayer (Male & Female)
  • Best RP Event/Story
  • Best Pkiller
  • Most Valuable Participant in an RP Event
  • Best Hack 'n' Slasher
  • Best Healer
  • Best Explorer
  • Best Run Leader
  • Best Clan
  • Best Guildmaster
  • Most Likely to Succeed
  • Best Description
  • Slander Memorial Award: Character who had difficulty as a newbie
  • Best Equipment Theme
  • Best Strung Item
  • Most Fitting House of Clanhall
  • Best Death
  • Best Warcry
  • Best Illusion


  • Best Poof
  • Snazziest Dresser
  • Coolest Head in a Crisis
  • Best Builder
  • Best Admin
  • Best Mediator
  • The Sadist: Award for the Best Coder
  • Best Bug
  • Best Player Relations Liaison
  • Best Gamesmaster
  • Immortal you are most likely to ask for help


  • Best Code Project: Large project
  • Best New Code Feature: Small feature
  • Best Code Improvement: Update to pre-existing code


  • Elessar Memorial Award: Best History
  • H.G. Wells Medal: Place you'd most like to visit if you could time travel
  • Best Room
  • Best Item
  • Best Writing
  • Best Area (overall design)
  • The Vampy for Best Mob
  • The Lampy for Best Quest
  • Best Special Effect
  • Best Deathtrap
  • Golden Squirrel Trophy: mob in the spirit of the vorpal squirrel
  • Best Area Update or Best Maintained Area
  • Best Housing in an Area