Legends of the Past

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Legends of the Past is groups of MOBS, where we recreate those characters that have passed on and given to Legend's history, in order to preserve their memories.

Without the players, LegendMUD would just be a bunch of code. Their characters are the citizens of this world -- they live here, die here... and are remembered here.

The players and their characters give LegendMUD traditions and history. Traditions live on, many times with us not knowing why we carry them out or who started them. Too often our history, chronicled in the Legendary Times to an extent, is remembered by a few here and there, or, sadly, is forgotten.

In an attempt to not only retain pieces of our history, but to also honor those who once roamed our lands, Legends of the Past was created so that all could share in our past and learn of the parts of our history we have been able to include here and honor those considered 'Legends'.

The following individual biographies can be used as reference to further express the history of the characters within. Those not listed have no biography on file at this time.:

For more information and the application for consideration as a replica, please visit: LOTP Application