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LegendMUD has over a hundred distinct moods and several hundred available "speech tags" which modify your socials and speech with particular attitudes.

The following are moods available to you.

normal         ?              abashed        absentminded   admiring       
adventurous    aghast         agonized       agreement      amazed         
amused         angry          angstful       annoyed        approving      
arrogant       ashamed        bewildered     bitter         bloodthirsty   
bored          brave          brooding       callous        careless       
casual         cautious       cheerful       childish       childlike      
clinical       cocky          cold           compassionate  condescending  
confident      confused       conniving      content        courtly        
coy            crude          cruel          curious        cynical        
dashing        dazed          dazzling       defensive      depressed      
destructive    devious        diabolical     dimwitted      diplomatic     
disagreeing    disappointed   discreet       disgruntled    disgusted      
dismayed       distracted     distraught     doubtful       dramatic       
dreamy         drunk          eager          earnest        ecstatic       
embarrassed    emphatic       encouraging    enthusiastic   evil           
exasperated    excited        exuberant      fanatical      festive        
flirtatious    foolish        forgetful      forgiving      frustrated     
gentle         giddy          greedy         grim           grumpy         
guilty         haggard        happy          harsh          helpful        
heroic         honest         hopeful        hopeless       humble         
hungry         hurt           hysterical     impatient      imploring      
impressed      incredulous    indifferent    indignant      innocent       
insane         insulted       interested     intrigued      irritated      
irritating     jazzy          jealous        joyful         kind           
knowing        lazy           lofty          lonely         loud           
loving         lustful        majestic       mean           meek           
melancholy     militant       mischievous    morbid         musical        
mysterious     mystified      nervous        neutral        obedient       
offended       optimistic     pained         paranoid       patient        
pedantic       pensive        pessimistic    petulant       philosophical  
pious          pitiful        pitying        playful        polite         
pompous        pouting        precocious     protective     proud          
provocative    puzzled        quick          quiet          rebellious     
regretful      relaxed        relieved       reluctant      resigned       
resolute       respectful     restless       romantic       rude           
sad            sarcastic      scared         scolding       scornful       
secretive      seductive      serious        shameless      shocked        
shy            silly          sincere        sleepy         slow           
sly            smug           snobby         soft           sorry          
spiritual      spiteful       spooky         stern          stubborn       
stupid         subject        subtle         sullen         surprised      
suspicious     sweet          taunting       teasing        terrified      
thankful       thoughtful     timid          tired          tolerant       
uncertain      understanding  unhappy        unloved        unnoticed      
unwilling      vengeful       victorious     warm           whiny          
wicked         wild           wise           wistful        worried        

Syntax to set your default mood: <moodname> or: mood <moodname>