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The following are socials available to you:

abuse        accuse       ack          afkchk       ahem         apologize    
applaud      argh         backrub      bat          beam         bearhug      
beckon       beep         bite         bkiss        bleed        blink        
blush        boggle       bonk         boogie       boop         bounce       
bow          brandish     burp         cackle       caress       cartwheel    
ccross       cheer        chortle      chuckle      clap         comb         
comfort      congratulate cough        count        cover        cower        
cringe       cry          cuddle       curse        curtsey      dance        
defend       desire       disagree     dismiss      drool        duck         
dust         eek          embrace      enthuse      envy         eyebrow      
eyepoke      eyeroll      face         facepalm     faint        farewell     
feel         fiddle       fidget       flex         flip         flirt        
flop         flourish     fondle       french       frown        fume         
gasp         gauntlet     gclap        giggle       glare        glower       
gnod         goodbye      grimace      grin         groan        grope        
grovel       growl        grumble      gulp         hail         halo         
hang         harem        hstand       hear         hello        hhand        
hiccup       high5        hiss         hkiss        honk         hop          
hug          hush         ignore       jump         kiss         lag          
laugh        leap         lick         love         luck         lurk         
massage      melt         meow         moan         model        modem        
mope         mourn        mutter       nibble       nod          nudge        
nuzzle       pace         panic        pant         pat          peck         
peer         pet          phew         pillow       pinch        point        
poke         polish       ponder       pounce       pout         prance       
press        prod         prop         pshrug       puke         pull         
punch        purr         push         puzzle       question     quiver       
quote        raise        ready        reassure     rhug         rofl         
rose         rpoke        ruffle       rummage      sacrifice    salute       
scare        scowl        scratch      scream       scuffle      seduce       
shake        sharpen      shiver       shrug        shudder      shun         
sigh         sip          slap         slurp        smell        smile        
smirk        smooch       snap         snarl        sneeze       snicker      
sniff        sniffle      snore        snort        snuggle      spam         
spank        spin         spit         splash       squeal       squeeze      
squirm       stagger      stare        startle      step         stir         
stomp        strangle     stretch      stroke       strut        sulk         
swing        swoon        tackle       tag          tap          taunt        
tbite        tduck        tease        thank        threaten     thump        
tickle       tip          tkiss        tongue       tug          turn         
twiddle      twirl        twitch       umbrella     vow          wait         
walk         wash         wave         welcome      whap         whimper      
whine        whistle      wiggle       wince        wink         wipe         
wish         wobble       worship      wrinkle      yawn         zone