The Legend Immortal Staff

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The Immortal Staff of Legend is the group charged with the maintenance and operation of the game. Their primary goal is to make Legend the very best that it can be.

All immortals are responsible for upholding the rules. Please see department help files to find out what each immortal can help with. Some immortals can help outside of their department, so if you don't see one in the department you're looking for, feel free to send a polite inquiry about their availability. Department heads have access to all commands.

If you want to contact a specific immortal, mudmail or e-mail are both good options. <immortname> works for all active immortals.

WIZLIST will show you a listing of the current staff.


There are three departments of immortals:

Building [--b] or [--B][edit]

Builders are in charge of all aspects of area creation and maintenance.

Coder [-c-] or [-C-][edit]

Coders are in charge of programming tasks and debugging server code.

PR [p--] or [P--][edit]

PR immorts are in charge of making the mud fun with aspects beyond the game proper.