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( 4) From: Cap           Title: Area Updates 03/25/18                    
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Sunday, March 25 2018, 03:42AM
Heroic Gear:
- Hephaestus now repairs strung heroic equipment with out eating the string
- The Model 1895 Winchester rifle is now correctly recognised as TWOHANDED

Boston, Mass.:
- Fixed an issue where the one fork of the main quest could break permanently
if the player was aggro'd on by the indians

London Port and Rome:
- removed the play and eloquence player requirements to learn the calm skill

- Typo fix

- Various typo/bug fixes
- Tweaks to two pieces of EQ

- The criosphinx will no longer freeze the mud under certain conditions

Appends: ( 1) From Rufus on Sunday, March 25 2018, 05:34PM

( 4) Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Sunday, March 25 2018, 05:34PM
     RE: Cap            Title: Area Updates 03/25/18                    
- Bane's AOEs will echo to the adjacent room so you don't have to guess 
  when to come back in to avoid AOEs
- Bane also shares exp with the entire area, rather than just his room