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     From: Lamia         Title: Code Updates (07.23.2019)                
                         Posted On: Tuesday, July 23 2019, 07:11PM
- REMORTING - Once you reach level 50, you can opt to remort your 
  character and start again at level... with a few perks. See REMORTING
- PETITION System - Get you strings done without having to hunt down 
  an immortal. See the PETITION system below

- VISITED - The mud will now keep track of the rooms you've visited and 
  show which rooms you've never visited in your exits command. See 
  VISITED below for what this entails.
- NEW REGENERATION SYSTEM - The way regeneration, position, etc 
  works has completely been revised. See below for details

- Character levels now show in WHO and WHOSHORT for anyone
- You can see stats at level 1 in both score and the menu
- Skill lag on casting spectral scout is reduced
- Dual wield - primary weapon can be up to 15 max damage. Secondary
  is capped at 10 -- Be aware that we'll be monitoring this one 
  pretty closely to see how it balances out over the long run. 
- Even if attached to an account, characters must exist in game for 
  30 minutes or be level 2 before they will save
- Stats can now go negative. All skills now have a minimum stat 
  requirement of 1 in every stat (at least). Some notes:
     * If you have a stat that is exactly 0, it will show as -1. This is 
       to prevent crashes until we can root out all the instances where 
       we might divide by 0
     * Consequently, we've reduced some stat requirements for some 
       skills (things like a 5 spirit req are now a 1 spirit req).
     * there are no longer hitroll and damroll penalties for low 

- Weapons that specify which stat to use will now use the specified 
  stat to determine hitroll
- Full drink containers show as 'full', not 'more than half full'
- Going through NO HUNT rooms now clears your hunt target (yes, yes, 
  I know, I can feel the boos from here)
- You can no longer monetize oils, potions, or powders
- You can use 'pause' in any position