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From: Rufus         Title: Freiburg install! (and a small code updat
                    Posted On: Friday, August 07 2020, 12:09PM
Introducing Freiburg

Freiburg isn't an area like you typically think of an area install on 
Legend. There's nothing to kill, really. There's an inn, a bank and 
some vendors, an easy-to-learn layout and lots, lots, lots of rooms 
for housing.

Freiburg is located off of "A Dusty Road In The Forest" in the Black 
Forest area between the Abbey and Klein. A short jaunt south from that
room will get you there.

Freiburg boasts three main housing options: Stalls (1-2 rooms), Shops 
(slightly larger) and Manors. You'll find shops and stalls more toward
the interior of the town and manors more toward the exterior. 

The vendors in Freiburg will have many of the normal thing you'd find 
in a hometown, but as more tradeskills are released, Freiburg will be 
the central location for a good portion of tradeskill-related materials 
and knowledge. In addition, due to the abundance of said knowledge and 
trade activity in the city, the area is ripe with inspiration. 
Tradeskill activities in the city itself or houses built 
in the city boast a bonus to both success rate and skill gains. 

We have some further plans in the works for this city, but for now we 
will have to keep those a bit on the hush hush side.

Our hope is that Freiburg becomes a centralized location for many 
player shops and a tradeskill outpost. Right now it will be, obviously, 
a little sparse, but we also ask that if you decide to take up residence, 
please limit yourself in the short term to no more than 2-3 houses 
across all of your characters (this will open up in the future). We're 
doing this on the honor system as opposed to additional code or a 
flagging system for the houses, so if you choose to take part, please 
help us out in helping this area grow.

This area is a collaboration between the work of a number of imms, but 
please thank Emrysia and Nestor for really bringing it to life in terms 
of getting it in game. 


- Inn, vendor, water source
- Simple layout
- Plentiful player housing
- Easy to find player housing/shops (names at attached rooms)
- Tradeskill vendors
- Tradeskill buffs (increase chance at success, increase chance 
  at skillups)
- Increased Regeneration in the Inn and Center of Town


- The Fury era ability no longer works when you have a gun because it 
  crashes the mud. I'll try to make it work in the future, but this era 
  ability is pretty particular about using it with multi-attack weapons.
- Fixes another crashing bug if something like what happens with fury
  happens somewhere else in the code.
- Victims should really not be able to be stun-locked with gun-based 
  stuns (can't stun an already stun target). For real now. Probably. 
  On the flip side, this may mean we might be able to increase the stun
  chances in the future. 
- Gun shots decrement the stun counter appropriately. Before it was 
  only ticking down when it called the 'can it rush' code
- HERBLORE has been updated to show what potions, powders amulets 
  and oils things maake including what spells and effects these things 
- identify object shows resistances/damage mods
- returns the old formula for determining cast level on brews. NOTE 
  that this will be changing again in the future but some work needs 
  to happen on some of the individual buffs