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( 4) From: Rufus         Title: Upcoming Code Update                     
     Appends: 1          Posted On: Saturday, March 24 2018, 12:25PM
Here are some of the changes *possibly* coming down. As always, nothing is 
final until we push live.

If you have feedback, please post to the discussion board.

- Gust of wind will cause a 1-round lag if the victim isn't 
  already sitting (victim or the attacker must be an NPC)
- When a worn object burns down, it reduces ac appropriately

- Riposte does more damage on average now

- Recycle time on Furious Rage is now 30 minutes instead of 45

- You can first aid while resting

- Crit/Cripple strikes

  o for weapons less than or equal to 10kg weight, nothing changes,
    if you crit it's an extra 15% damage
  o for weapons greater than 10Kg weight, you no longer do a 
    'critical hit' but instead do a 'crippling blow' which adds
    30% extra damage to that strike
  o for 2-handed weapons greater than 10Kg weight (and by 
    2-handed, I mean weapons that have the TWO-HANDED flag, not 
    because you're not strong enough to wield it with 1 hand), you 
    do crippling blows that do 40% extra damage

- You can initiate a fight with the rage skill:
   rage <target>
   If you use rage without a target, it behaves as it used to. 
   You cannot engage a new target with the rage command if you're 
   already raging. It will simply rage you and you will continue 
   fighting your current target.

Appends: ( 1) From Rufus on Sunday, March 25 2018, 05:35PM

( 4) Append 1 of 1 from Rufus  on Sunday, March 25 2018, 05:35PM
     RE: Rufus          Title: Upcoming Code Update                     
These changes are now in.

We will be monitoring the percent increase of crit/cripple/etc and adjusting
them as necessary. Please don't get too attached to the numbers just yet.

Also, one additional bug fix:

- When you cast evil thoughts on a sleeping mob, it now wakes them up