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No need to emote sitting in the fountain in Arabia. You can sit on chairs, sit down at tables, under trees, in front of artwork, or behind counters. You can sleep in beds too.

Guns and other missile weapons

Legend has a full missile weapons system, permitting firing out of the room, with a fatal shot chance determined by skill, a full range of different caliber ammunition, and support for everything from cannons to crossbows. You can also throw certain items at each other if you so desire.


Legend supports mounts... and cars... and trains... and tanks (with working guns) and bicycles and submarines and canoes and clipper ships and chariots and biplanes and...

Recall Tag and other amusements

Periodically Legend is the home of Games and Events such as trivia contests, flag hunts, debates, discussions, jam sessions, role-play weddings, and many other things.

History Helps

Every area on Legend is researched. This means that there's a lot of pedantic historical info left over when we finish building the area. A few areas have had this info gathered into 'history helps,' which are just ways to pass along the info. HELP PICTS for example should fill you in on the basics of that culture.

Auction System

We offer a global auction system complete with reclaimable merchandise, an auction channel, and a system of increasing bids with time limits.