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Nosferatu's Score

Nosferatu Score.png

Nosferatu's Equipment

Final eq list...
Finger - empty
Finger - empty
Neck - kestrel
Neck - kestrel
bon body - empty
head - uey-tlatoani's headdress
face - visage of a bunyip
legs - deerskin leggings
feet - moosehide moccasins
hands - empty
arms - deerskin sleeves
about body - empty
waist - turquoise belt
wrist - leather bracelet
wirst - watch with a silver band
held - abacus
held - statue of vishnu
held - statue of vishnu
ear - earring of morrigan
ear - earring of morrigan
arm - shield of the karna

Thoughts and Strategy

I probably could have accomplished this much quicker had I quested more but I fell back into old habits.

3c cause mage. Started Agrabah, obviously, gained first few levels there. Did the +3 perc, str, and mind quests. Grabbed 2 earring of Morrigan for spirit. Then grabbed some rat turds for con. At that point I had the stats to learn all 2nd circle words.

First spell I learned primarily was evil thoughts. So in order to do that I did the Warg quest to be evil. Once I was evil I killed a lot of the swordsmen in Crusades. Once I hit 20-ish I moved on to Sumer, killing the women and citizens. I actually stayed there mostly until level 36. I collected 26 pieces of stolen jewelry so around level 33-34 I turned them all in to hit 36. At 36 or 37 I finally found a meteorite so I could learn rudh.

After learning rudh I was pretty set to go. I had picked up a couple of kestrel charms and did the +10 stat quest as well so my mind was around 80 or so at that point with brainpower. Picked up the rest of the eq needed to get to 100 mind and I was off on the normal xp mobs. Crusades, Tara, Casablanca, India, Carthage, FI War. I would run most of those and by then I was ready to take a break and wait for some repops.