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In the course of normal Events, it has occurred that those Inhabitants of our fair World have chosen to inscribe their Testimonials upon these Pages. Peruse them, stranger, and be made to feel Welcome...

Some of the following testimonials were requested by the Mud Connector when Legend was named their Mud of the Month. Others were written at other times. If you are a player of Legend and wish to submit a testimonial for this page, please Contact an immortal.

Dr Richard Bartle[edit]

When someone asks me to recommend a mud, Legend is the one I tell them about!


Legend comprises all the elements of the most successful gaming. It is flexible enough to allow any type of player from those who desire a murderous blood-bath, to those who enjoy socializing and playing in a non-competitive manner. Yet these elements are not exclusive. Legend enables those keen on role-playing to the hilt, and those who enjoy playing in a different manner to spend their hours in wonderful escapism.


Legend has great people on it. They are wonderful at supporting other players. The quests are intriguing and challenging. I find the different areas well done and distinctive. And just when you think you can't go on, other players encourage you!

Julien Graglia[edit]

  • Julien Graglia played a character by the name of Butch. Also note that the review mentions one of the early telnet addresses for Legend.

I am a french student in computer science, a friend showed me telnet 9999 a week ago And i became a MUD addict... I like it .. too much: I spent nights at school playing MUD. Before I made WWW, now it is telnet.

I tell friends to come and play this game.. we make some little groups and even if my English isn't very good I have a lot of fun playing.

The "ambiance" is very good, I mean long-time users help Newbies. Personally, many people help me during 30 minutes, 1 or maybe 2 hours : that's great.

So I am totally happy of this MUD, wish it long time, thanks its creator, and see you soon on the MUD

PS: sorry for my English


I've been playing Legend for sixteen months now, and in that time I've logged over a thousand hours of playtime. In that time I've watched both the game and the community grow. Despite the necessarily finite nature of the game, it remains interesting, thanks to the cooperative nature of its evolution, and the kindness of the people who populate it. I highly recommend Legend to anyone searching for a virtual home.


Why do I like legend? How could I _not_ like Legend? There are quests upon quests upon quests which can reward your cleverness in various ways, ranging from a successful transport to another time period of the historically based world, to an increase in your skill in a certain are, to an increase of your cash supply, to a piece of equipment you didn't believe existed. These are all quests in which the computer-generated people glare at you, ignore you, answer questions, yell at you, take your money and sometimes even help you. They are amazingly responsive; I am not talking about Fizban puking on your clothes when you have no money. The quests take a lot of exploring and thinking and experimenting to figure out, but the rewards are great. Where else can you establish a trade route taking opium to china and bringing tea back to London for massive profit?

Why do I like legend? How could I _not_ like Legend? It is set in various eras of Earth's history that are painfully researched and potrayed accurately, down to the accents and even languages spoken by the mobs. You can explore London, Celtic Ireland, Viceroyal Peru (in the little story above, where killing merchants really can cause you a lot of unexpected pain :) Tortuga Island, Germany, Scandinavia... All sorts of places. I have done lots better at Jeopardy since I started playing ;-)

You are what you want to be on Legend. You don't choose a class, you choose your skills to create your own class... But first you must find the people who teach these skills, if you want to learn them. And those teachers may have an errand or two for you to run for them before they will agree to teach you.

But really, I think one of the best things about Legend is the people who play here... By and large, we have an older, or at least, more mature crowd then most other places I have played. People are there to have fun, and usually are willing to help others out in a pinch. I have made numerous friendships on the mud that have lead to fun get-togethers in real life with the same folks. I watch people come and usually stay for the duration. And I think that says a lot about Legend.


  • Prasetya wanted to be sure that we noted 'Level 50 who spends too much time mudding'.

I love Legend because it is not like the typical DikuMud. The theme, way classes and skill learning is set up are all very UNIQUE. Most of all, I like playing on Legend because of the people and the immortals. There is great role-playing and the people who play are extremely cool! The immortals are great because they are friendly and they interact with us mortals! Also, they come up with very interesting games for us to play and win prizes..


Legend was the first mud I tried and after almost a year, it is still the only mud I play. Its writing is excellent. Its skill system is varied and fun, and its fighting and spell system is challenging and complex. Legend is far above the usual hack-n-slash, dungeons and dragons theme that make most muds seem genre-bound and boring in comparison.

A family of players[edit]

Our family discovered Legend about eight months ago. Since then we have discovered adventure, camaraderie, laughter, heartbreak, excitement, games, friendship ... a wealth of riches. Even after hundreds of hours of game time, we still discover new things. We intend to continue returning to Legend. It is more then a game...we've found a home here.


I came to Legend years ago, after reading about the whole 'MUD' thing in a magazine review. I found the atmosphere amazing. First off, Legend allows, as others have pointed out, a wide range of gaming experiences: from hack-and-slash to simply lounging around and talking. RPing is not necessarily required, but encouraged, with immortals providing many resources to help build a dynamic character. Online seasonal games and contests are set up. One-on-one meetings with mortals occur. I have tried a handful of other MUDs in my time, but no where I have been does the immortal staff work so hard, with such amazing results. This is truly a successful online world, in every sense of the word.