The Player Code of Conduct

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All players are held responsible for understanding and following the rules set
forth below. For additional information, see individual help files or 
immorts with the 'PR' flag.

The following activities have rules associated with them:
     1. Multiplay: See Also: HELP MULTIPLAY for details.
     2. Account Management: See Also: HELP ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT for details.
     3. Harassing other players is prohibited. See Also: HELP HARASSMENT.
     4. Sexually explicit language, cursing, and slurs are not permitted
        over public channels or in public forums. See Also: HELP LANGUAGE.

     5. Characters who are not pk enabled are prohibited from interfering 
        in pkill. See Also: HELP INTERFERENCE.
     6. Asking or getting immorts to reveal or change your stats is not
        permitted, nor is getting or asking them to load items or mobs for
        you or to confer any other unfair advantage.
     7. If you find a bug, you must report it by using the BUG command,
        mudmail to an immortal or email to [email protected] Taking
        advantage of a bug or using it to crash the mud is not permitted.
        See Also: HELP CHEAT.
     8. Attempted or successful use of a command announced as disabled due to
        bugs is not reimbursable.
     9. Intentionally placing a character over rent is not permitted.
    10. Experience may not be 'given' away by characters permitting
        others to pkill them repeatedly.

    11. In-game information (such as mob or item stats, quest solutions,
        etc.) is not permitted over public channels or in public forums.
       See Also: HELP CHEAT.
    12. Do not attempt to take on someone else's identity without their
        permission. If you are involved with a roleplay plot, you should
        identify yourself to others if asked. See Also: HELP HARASSMENT.
    13. Making false accusations under these rules is a punishable

    14. Never lie to an immortal; always be fully co-operative with them. 
        Do not assume they have all the information they need, and be as 
        helpful as possible to them so that they can respond appropriately.
        If an immortal asks you to do something (such as moving a
        conversation on chat to a conference), you should follow their
        instructions. If you have a problem with what you have been asked to
        do or have questions about it, take it up with that immortal in 
        private or the implementors at a later time.

    15. Attempting to circumvent a ban for any reason, no matter how well
        intentioned the circumvention, eg: to prove that you're well behaved
        and don't deserve a ban, or to discuss with an immortal the reason
        behind your ban (this should be done by email to [email protected]), 
        will extend the ban by 3 months per successful circumvention. All
        characters involved with circumventing a ban may be deleted upon sight
        with no reimbursement.
        If a ban is lifted, for any reason, the extension of the ban may also
        be lifted at the Implementor's discretion.

    16. There are also several rules that we have cataloged under
        'etiquette.' Violations may result in penalties.
        See Also: HELP ETIQUETTE.
    17. Certain types of botting are not permitted. See Also: HELP BOT.

    18. 'Spamming,' is not allowed. See Also: HELP SPAMMING.

    19. If you can't be decent, you may not be welcome.